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Sex & Nudity

  • Contains moderate sex
    • Unlike other Poirot films, this one opens with a brief sex scene. The man is shown on top of the woman, and while they are under covers, he is clearly thrusting. They stop their intercourse and talk for a second. We see his bare back as he thrusts and his chest, and she is wearing a top. He then lays back down on her, and the scene cuts away. The whole thing lasts for about a minute, and although it is implied the young man is naked there is no explicit nudity.
    • A man is unusually physical with his mother (kissing her frequently, holding hands constantly), and his rebuff of the advances of another woman imply that he may be in an incestuous relationship with his mother (who then leads him away into her bedroom).
    • Through a misunderstanding it is suggested two characters have spent the night together, however it turns out one of them was just recovering in the other's bed from being wounded via a bullet in his leg the night before.

Violence & Gore

  • Contains moderate violence and bloody images
    • Brief bloody violence, including stabbing and shooting during flashbacks.
    • Two people are shot onscreen, and one person commits suicide.
    • All of the violence in the film features brief spurts of blood. There's a fleeting look at the face of a dead woman, with a hole in her neck through which the bullet had gone (some gruesome imagery). - You also see the bloody body of a dead woman who has been repeatedly stabbed.


  • Contains mild language
    • Infrequent mild expletives
    • Contains some dated attitudes and expressions towards non-white people, though these clearly emphasise the 1930s setting and are not condoned.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Contains smoking scenes, alcohol consumption and alcoholism theme
    • Frequent smoking within the context of the 1930s setting.
    • A woman is depicted as an alcoholic. The issue is handled sensitively and her illness and subsequent behaviour is shown to be a cause of unhappiness to her daughter.
    • Adults drink alcohol.
    • References to a sleeping drug put in a man's wine glass.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Contains some grisly crime scene images
    • Injuries from shootings and stabbings are occasionally shown.
    • A suicide scene involving little detail.
    • A woman is nearly killed by a falling boulder.

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