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Hayley and Steve find themselves stranded in a suburban neighborhood.

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The Hand that Rocks the Rogu

Steve babysits Roger's ex-tumor, Rogu, to prove to Francine that he's ready for the responsibility.


23 Feb. 2015
Haley and Steve join an all girl Rollerblading team, while Stan and Francine get a visit from an all knowing gardener.
2 Mar. 2015
Morning Mimosa
Steve seeks his independence from Francine by becoming an online video cooking sensation.
9 Mar. 2015
My Affair Lady
Hayley considers having an affair with a married man, but what about Jeff?
16 Mar. 2015
A Star Is Reborn
Stan and Francine travel to Hollywood for vacation. An aging movie star believes Stan is the reincarnation of a Hollywood legend and uses him to make one last film.
23 Mar. 2015
Manhattan Magical Murder Mystery Tour
Francine becomes a successful self-published mystery novelist and the family travels to New York to attend a convention.
30 Mar. 2015
The Shrink
Stan is traumatized by a random act of violence and seeks to establish a sense of control by creating a miniature version of Langley Falls.
18 May 2015
Holy Shit, Jeff's Back
Jeff has escaped from space, or has he?
25 May 2015
American Fung
A Chinese billionaire purchases the "American Dad!" TV show and remakes it as he sees fit.
1 Jun. 2015
Seizures Suit Stanny
Stan suffers the drastic side effects of taking a seizure medication.

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