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(2005– )

Scott Grimes: Steve Smith, Midget Assassin, Frat Guy, Steve Smith as S, A Wolverine, Cheesy Guy, Convention Attendee, George Kidney, Jockey with Goatee, Kid on Plane...



  • Stan Smith : You know, son, the great thing about First Love is that it's the first of many

    Steve Smith : But how will I forget my feelings for Akiva?

    Stan Smith : Well you see son, as time goes by you'll find- Amy! Amy why won't you love me! Bwah-ha-ha! I don't wanna live!

  • Roger the Alien : [real estate scam]  Oh look, another serious buyer.

    Husband : But you're so young

    Wife : How can you possibly afford this house?

    Steve Smith : Remember the kid from Jerry Maguire?

    Husband : Yes.

    Wife : Of course.

    Steve Smith : Well, he pays me to call hotels before his arrival to ensure they have pillows that can support his massive head. I do quite well. Which is why I'm prepared to offer you $99,000. And not a penny more.

    Roger the Alien : Oh, yeah? Let me see the cash. I don't need to see the cash. Well, Hannigan, what's it going to be? You gonna offer me 100 K, or are you going to let Jonathan Lipnicki's bitch make you look like a punk in front of your hot wife?

    Wife : Well, are you?

  • Steve Smith : Why are you always so mean to me?

    Avery Bullock : I ENVY YOUR YOUTH!

  • Stan Smith : It's High School, Steve, it doesn't matter.

    Steve Smith : You said that last time, when's it start to matter?

    Stan Smith : Never.

  • Klaus : If they cut your head off, try to blink your eyes for as long as possible. I have a theory to test...

    Steve Smith : Jeez Klaus, how can you be so terrible?

    Klaus : I'm German! It's what we do.

  • Steve Smith : Flap Flap a-zap-zap!

  • Steve Smith : I don't know, friends with Half-Turtles when there are Full-Turtles?

  • Steve Smith : I think I'll hit the sack. And then I'll go to bed.

  • Steve Smith : Something I've noticed is that Real Life often sucks.

  • Steve Smith : Maybe next Christmas no-one will die.

    Hayley Smith : Yeah, right!

  • Steve Smith : You are wasting your Charizard!

  • Steve Smith : [Flashbacks to an Italian Childhood he didn't have]  What the Hell is in that Pasta Sauce?

  • Steve Smith : You guys are weirdos, not murderers!

    Hand and Nester : We're about to be both!

  • Steve Smith : I'm going to go into town and try and work out how the Piano Store stays in Business.

  • Steve Smith : I think I'm broken.

  • Steve Smith : All there is here is Sand Which is There!

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