El Crimen Perfecto (The Perfect Crime) (2004) Poster

Guillermo Toledo: Rafael González



  • [when trying to pay for the movie "Perfect Crime," the code says "Ferpect Crime"] 

    Rafael : It's "Perfect", with a P... and there it reads..."Ferpect", with an F.

    Clerk : Yes, but the price is right, isn't it?

    Rafael : It's "Perfect", but it reads "Ferpect." Why?

    Clerk : It must be a typo.

    Rafael : Fuck. "Ferpect Crime."

  • Rafael : Ours is not a Sunday afternoon quickie. It's murder!

  • Rafael : That would slowly became a game with only one rule: If I don't do whatever she says, then she'll call to the police.

  • Lourdes : You ain't goin' to go anywhere.

    Rafael : You are... threatening me?

    Lourdes : Yes.

  • Don Antonio : What you really have to do is kill her once and for all.

    Rafael : Don Antonio, this is not right at all. You are dead, you can't chat with me.

  • Rafael : And... I try to be humble. But I just can't!

  • Lourdes : Say that you love me.

    Rafael : Eh?

    Lourdes : SAY... IT... NOW!

    Rafael : I love you.

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