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MPAA Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violent action, sexual content, partial nudity and brief language

Sex & Nudity

  • A lot of female cleavage is seen.
  • a woman that is only wearing her underwear gets wet, which results in the woman's bra to be see through which shows her nipple (this is seen for over 20 minutes, as it is shown during an action sequence)
  • A married woman under the influence of alcohol tries to come onto a man who is not her husband but he stops her.
  • The main villain is shirtless for several scenes and his assassin girlfriend is in lacy underwear and various forms of undress THROUGHOUT the film. In one scene she is shown lying naked on a bed on her front with her butt covered by a blanket and her left breast obscured but slightly visible.
  • Female assassin is shown in revealing bras and underwear bra for most of the movie. There is a long shot of her lying in bed, her butt is covered but you can see the side of one breast and a nipple. You can see her butt for a few seconds.
  • A woman mentions the pleasure that she could have with a man and licks his face.
  • Other characters are seen briefly in bikinis.

Violence & Gore

  • There's a large car chase where many cars violently crash and lots of destruction and shooting is present.
  • A woman shoots at several cops in a street.
  • Frank fights several cops in a house, and handcuffs them together.
  • A man fights and disarms two other men in a room, and throws a scalpel into one's leg.
  • A woman shoots a nurse and doctor, both offscreen.
  • A man and woman fight in a room. Both fire guns which destroy several objects, and then they fight hand-to-hand, with the woman swinging from beads an kicking the man. He kicks her into a wall of spikes, and she's impaled and dies (no blood visible).
  • A man trains with several other men in a yard in the beginning, fighting them all off.
  • Frank fights a group of carjackers in the beginning, quickly defeating them all (not brutal or violent).
  • A man with a bomb under his car flips his car through the air so that a nearby hook catches the bomb and detaches it. The car lands, and the bomb harmlessly explodes.
  • Frank fights a group of men, kicking a gun into one man's head. He grabs a fire hose and fights the men with that, beating all of them.
  • Two men get into a long fight. One punches and kicks the other, using watermelons as boxing gloves at one point, and the other slams him into a table and smashes him into objects. Both hit each other in the face with objects, and one is finally crushed by a falling boat.
  • Frank beats up two cops in a hospital room.
  • The hospital shootout scene is very intense, and there's lots of shooting. Explosives detonate, and a large fire starts. Two men fight Frank in a room and tackle him through a wall, but he beats them and flees from a woman who fires guns at him. He ignites a gas tank, causing a large explosion.
  • There's a large fight between Frank and a gang with many weapons. He punches and kicks many of them, before using a pipe and hitting them. He then knocks and flips them into a garbage bin.


  • 1 racial slur
  • 1 middle finger
  • 2 uses of 'f**k', 6-7 uses of 'shit', 2 uses of 'bitch', 1 use of 'ass', and at least 1 use of 'Jesus'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man drinks alcohol in a plane, and offers some to another man.
  • Beers are seen in a fridge.
  • A man is appears to be drunk and is holding a bottle of whiskey.
  • The villain is a drug lord.
  • A woman admits to being drunk.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • It may be hard for some viewers to watch the virus spreading and killing people.
  • A young boy is kidnapped, but you don't see anything violent.
  • The hospital scene is intense.
  • Some fighting can be intense.
  • No frightening scenes.
  • Younger folk would find this violent at some bits and some folk could find this racist.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • One character unbuttons her shirt while she is drunk and tries to come on to Frank but he pushes her away.

Violence & Gore

  • Two men fight in a plane, and they struggle over a gun. The pilot is shot in the head by a stray bullet (not graphic). The plane crashes into the ocean, and the two continue to fight, but one incapacitates the other.

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