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How realistic are Hollywood’s stunts?

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Have you ever wondered if it’s actually possible to survive a nuclear explosion by hiding in a fridge? If it’s really possible for an amputee to jump from a crane into a burning skyscraper? Or for a superspy to kitesurf to safety following an avalanche? The folks at Betway have!

In their quest for answers they’ve broken down some of Hollywood’s biggest and best stunts to determine whether or not they could happen in real life – with a little help from industry experts, including a pilot, stunt woman, plastic surgeon and ex-army officer!

The films included are:

Skyscraper (2018) Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018) Mechanic: Resurrection (2016) Fast & Furious 7 (2015) Saw VII (2010) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) Live Free or Die Hard (2007) Transporter 2 (2005) Bad Boys 2 (2003) Kill Bill Vol 1 (2003) Die Another Day (2002) Face/Off (1997)

The guide below includes information about how each scene was filmed, to explain how the use of prosthetics,
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Director Louis Leterrier going on a Monster Hunt for Lionsgate

The Wrap is reporting that French filmmaker Louis Leterrier (The Incredible Hulk) has signed on to direct Monster Hunt for Lionsgate.

Plot details for the film are being kept under wraps, but it is being described as “a rural Men in Black action comedy centred on two brothers. The project has apparently been in development since 2013.

Hasbro is producing Monster Hunt with Peter Berg (Deepwater Horizon), and the search is currently underway for writers to pen the script.

In addition to Marvel’s The Incredible Hulk, Leterrier’s C.V. includes The Transporter and Transporter 2, Unleashed, Clash of the Titans, Now You See Me and Grimsby. He’s recently been directing episodes of Tycoon, and is also attached to Netflix’s The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

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What celebrity has your dream car?

It’s no secret that Hollywood stars love their cars. They love to collect them, drive them and ride around in them and there are more than a few celebrities that have cars that any one of us would die to test drive. If you’re a car lover, or just a big dreamer, here are a few celebrities that own the car of your dreams:

Patrick Dempsey

Over the years, Patrick Dempsey has managed to put together an impressive collection of cars that anyone would be jealous of. The race-car-driving actor has owned a silver Mercedes-Benz Sls Gullwing, a 1969 Mercedes-Benz 280Se, a black Porsche Gt3RS and a 1963 Porsche 356. Amongst his collection, however, there seems to be one car that he particularly favours and that is his turquoise 1972 Jaguar E Type V-12 convertible. This car is gorgeous and the performance isn’t too bad, either. It can hit 0-
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Taken 2 Director Set to Helm a Sci-Fi Version of Spartacus Called The Champion

Director Olivier Megaton is set to direct a sci-fi action film called The Champion. The movie is described by THR as being in the "vein of a futuristic Spartacus, Champion tells of a man falsely imprisoned for an act of terrorism who must battle through the prison’s gladiator program to regain his freedom."

Megaton has a solid resume of action films that include Taken 2, Taken 3, Transporter 2, and Colombiana. He will be directing the film from a script being written by actor-turned-scribe Hal Ozsan (Dawson’s Creek).

The Champion sounds like it could make for a really cool action film. Who doesn't like gladiator movies?!
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IFC and Dick Vitale Are Turning March Madness Into a Movie Lover's Dream

Read More: IFC Films Picks Up Sundance Next Favorite 'The Land' Do you like action? Do you like sports? Do you like to be entertained? IFC has got you covered this month, and is putting a movie-related twist on comparing brackets, betting and reviewing play-by-plays. Sports fans are sure to be familiar with the intense enthusiasm that Dick Vitale brings to his commentary, and now IFC has decided to team up with the veteran newscaster to bring audiences a month full of Vitale's play-by-plays, movie-style. The slew of films included in this new spin on March Madness include highly entertaining features like "Scarface," "Transporter 2," "Crank: High Voltage," "Parker," "Kickboxer," "Commando," and "The Matrix," "Jaws," and "Rocky" anthologies. Vitale will provide commentary for each film via brand new clips, created just for the event. Change your channel to IFC and be sure to...
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Louis Leterrier And More Up For Fast & Furious 8 Directing Job

Louis Leterrier And More Up For Fast & Furious 8 Directing Job
Just last week, Vin Diesel was using his Facebook foghorn to counter reports that the eighth Fast & Furious entry was having trouble locking down a director. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, there are several candidates racing towards the finish line, with Louis Leterrier, F. Gary Gray and Adam Wingard all in contention. Deadline also throws in The Signal’s William Eubank, though THR says his name came up earlier in the search, so he may already have dropped out.Wingard, who made You’re Next and The Guest, seems the most interesting of the three main contenders, especially given his background in horror and thrillers, which would make him the second director after James Wan to jump from scares to screeching tyres. He could certainly bring his own style to the film, though we do wonder if he’s better off doing just that, and not going the studio franchise route.
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‘Transporter 2’, while still fun, takes the crazy level a notch too high

Transporter 2

Written by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen

Directed by Louis Leterrier

France, 2005

It took three full years for Frank Martin (Jason Statham) to make his return to the silver screen following the modest success that was The Transporter in 2002, but not a lot had changed in the interim, notwithstanding a few cosmetic details. Frank still offers his services privately to whomever is willing to pay, only now he has established himself in Miami. In very James Bondian fashion, the previous film’s leading lady is nowhere to be found. This time, it is Audrey (Amber Valleta), beautiful wife to brilliant doctor Jefferson Billings (Matthew Modine), who opines over the rugged entrepreneur. The Billings have hired Frank a month ago to drive their young son Jack to and from school. Frank has, rather surprisingly, developed something of a rapport with the youth, which prompts him into action on
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Ed Skrein on what it takes to become The Transporter

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The Transporter franchise heads to the south of France in this weekend’s The Transporter Refueled. This time, Frank Martin’s “cargo,” if you will, is a femme fatale and her flunkies who are all up against the Russian mob.

Taking over the role of Frank, “The Transporter,” is Ed Skrein, an English rapper-turned-actor who you may recognize as “Game of Thrones”’ Daario Naharis (before season four when Skrein was mysteriously and unceremoniously replaced). Miss the O.G. Daario? Well, after Refueled, Skrein joins the Marvel Universe in February 2016 as the villain Ajax opposite Canada’s Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool!

The Transporter Refueled – in theatres now! – is again written and produced by Luc Besson (The Professional, Taken), and directed by Camille Delamarre (Brick Mansions). Delamarre also has history with the Transporterfranchise, as he was the editor on Transporter 2.

Watch Ed Skrein talk about taking over the role of The Transporter from Jason Statham,
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Friday Report: 'Transporter' and 'Walk' Unlikely to Refuel Labor Day Weekend

Friday Report: 'Transporter' and 'Walk' Unlikely to Refuel Labor Day Weekend
Labor Day weekend 2015 is looking a bit peaked, that is if you're looking for big numbers from either of this weekend's new releases*The Transporter Refueled or A Walk in the Woods. The film getting the wider release of the two is the Transporter reboot, which sees Ed Skrein stepping into Jason Statham's shoes. Statham last played the character in 2008's Transporter 3, which opened with $12 million, the second highest opening within the original Transporter franchise. It's unlikely Refueled will enjoy similar success after bringing in a soft $375,000 from approximately 2,200 screens on Thursday night. Even though it expands into 3,434 theaters this weekend, it might be expecting a bit too much from the EuropaCorp release to even match the $8.3m Hitman: Agent 47 made only a couple weekends ago. A weekend closer to $7 million seems much more likely. A Walk in the Woods, the fourth release from Broad Green Features,
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Watch a montage of Jason Statham punching people

Since his debut in Guy Ritchie’s 1998 film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, actor Jason Statham has emerged in the past few years as one of the leading action heroes currently working, with his popularity being proven by the fact that the Transporter series, which he headlined for the first three films, has gone on to a tv show adaptation and will be rebooted in theatres next weekend with The Transporter Refueled. That’s not the only action franchise Statham has headlined, however, as he has also been the leading man in the Crank films and been a part of the Expendables franchise and, more recently, the Fast and Furious franchise.

Action heroes often have to throw lots of punches onscreen, and Statham has been no exception in this regard. Now the youtube channel Burger Fiction has put together a compilation of the numerous punches Statham has thrown onscreen
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Weekend Report -'Compton' Wins 'War Room' Rumble

Weekend Report -'Compton' Wins 'War Room' Rumble
With $13.2M in domestic box office Universal's Straight Outta Compton held off the upstart War Room to claim the #1 position on the charts for the third weekend in a row. War Room, which beat Compton in theaters on Friday, made $11M with a robust $9,692 per screen average. The top of the heap was still a pretty low heap, however, as the top 12 made $68.8M, off 22% from last year's $88.2M, which was a weak weekend itself. That $68.8M also gives this frame the dubious distinction of being the lowest grossing weekend of the year, 12% lower than March 6 - 8th's $78.3M. The newcomers that helped achieve that feat included No Escape, the Owen Wilson/Pierce Brosnan military coup flick, which the Weinsteins state came in just a little under their $9M estimate with $8.3M. On 2,470 screens that $3,355 psa is better than the $2,850 that last year's late-August Pierce Brosnan movie offering, The November Man,
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Tabaillon to edit 'Baahubali' international cut

  • ScreenDaily
Tabaillon to edit 'Baahubali' international cut
Internationally-renowned editor Vincent Tabaillon has joined the crew of Telugu hit Baahubali: The Beginning to oversee the film’s international cut.

Tabaillon’s credits include The Incredible Hulk, Clash Of The Titans and Now You See Me. He will edit the international version of Baahubali, which will be screened at international film festivals and shown to sales agents and distributors ahead of a non-Indian diaspora global release.

Born in France, Tabaillon started his career editing French films, notably for Luc Besson’s EuropaCorp. He regularly collaborated with French director Louis Leterrier on films such as Transporter 2 and The Incredible Hulk, followed by Now You See Me.

His other prominent credits include Taken 2 for Fox, The Prodigies for Warner Bros and The Legend Of Hercules for Summit Entertainment.

Directed by S. S. Rajamouli, Telugu-language epic Baahubali had a record-breaking opening last weekend, grossing $20m in India and another $5m in Indian diaspora venues. The film was
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Weekend Report: 'Guardians' Easily Tops Weak Labor Day Releases

Weekend Report: 'Guardians' Easily Tops Weak Labor Day Releases
A slow Summer at the domestic box office came to a quiet end this weekend.Guardians of the Galaxy held on to first place, while the two newcomers (As Above/So Below, The November Man fell short of $10 million.Over the three-day weekend, the Top 12 earned $88.2 million, which makes this the second-worst weekend of the year so far. Guardians of the Galaxy added $17.1 million, which ranks eighth all-time among fifth weekends. It was off just one percent from last weekend, which is a great Labor Day hold; that's even better than last year's Lee Daniels' The Butler and We're the Millers (down 10 percent and 3 percent, respectively). Over the long weekend, Guardians earned $22.9 million, which ranks third all-time among Labor Day weekends.Including Labor Day, the 10th movie from Marvel Studios has now earned $281.2 million at the domestic box office. Even with the Summer season coming to a close, Guardians
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Exclusive Interview with Randall Batinkoff for ’37: A Final Promise’

A pact to commit suicide is one tough promise.

Based off a true story, “37: A Final Promise” is about a musician who promised himself to commit suicide on his 37th birthday due to certain event in the past. But, a woman entered his life and began to change on how he saw love, hope and loss.

Randall Batinkoff (“Kick-Ass”) starred, directed and wrote the script based on the novel “How Angels Die” by Guy Blews. The film also starred Scottie Thompson (“Skyline”), Tricia Helfer (“Battlestar Galactica”), Kate Nauta (“Transporter 2”), Scott Wolf (“Party of Five”), Leon Robinson (“Cool Runnings”) and Bruce Davison (“X-Men”). It is the debut directorial feature film for Batinkoff.

Latino-Review had an exclusive phone interview with director/actor Randall Batinkoff for this movie. We discussed about the book adaptation, the true story, directing challenges, the music and acting in his own movie.

“37: A Final Promise
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Exclusive Clip from ’37: A Final Promise’

Is a promise is a promise?

Based off a true story, “37: A Final Promise” is about a musician who promised himself to commit suicide on his 37th birthday due to certain event in the past. But, a woman entered his life and began to change on how he saw love, hope and loss.

Randall Batinkoff (“Kick-Ass”) starred, directed and wrote the script based on the novel “How Angels Die” by Guy Blews. The film also starred Scottie Thompson (“Skyline”), Tricia Helfer (“Battlestar Galactica”), Kate Nauta (“Transporter 2”), Scott Wolf (“Party of Five”), Leon Robinson (“Cool Runnings”) and Bruce Davison (“X-Men”). It is the debut directorial feature film for Batinkoff.

“37: A Final Promise” has a limited theatrical release in Los Angeles and New York now. It is also available on VOD from Gravitas Ventures.

Check out the exclusive clip below that features Adam (Batinkoff) getting a surprise visit from
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The top 25 greatest Jason Statham films

How do you rank perfection? Duncan has a go, as he lists the top 25 Jason Statham films...

For regular Den Of Geek readers, it will come as little surprise to see this list come round. We've chosen our favourite Statham films before, but such is the productivity of the great man, it was decided that a mere top ten was no longer large enough to contain his ever growing body of work. Last time I mentioned updating this piece to the man himself back in 2012 due to his insane workload, he cracked up and responded, “My productivity is overwhelming! 'Have a fucking day off!'”

Since this list has now expanded to encompass 25 of his movies, it seemed only right to include multiple sequels, with his big trio of action franchises all spawning some thoroughly entertaining fare worthy of mention, though I’ve tried to exclude the personal bias that
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Forecast: 'Lucy' to Beat Up 'Hercules' This Weekend

Forecast: 'Lucy' to Beat Up 'Hercules' This Weekend
Friday Am Update: Lucy and Hercules both did solid business on Thursday night. Lucy earned an estimated $2.75 million, while Hercules scored an estimated $2.1 million. Among Summer releases, Lucy is above The Purge: Anarchy ($2.6 million), while Hercules topped Edge of Tomorrow ($1.8 million). For the weekend, both movies are going to earn at least $20 million.Forecast: On the final weekend of July, two very different action movies will try to reverse the domestic box office's downward trend. Hercules has a much bigger budget and arguably more star power in Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, but the sword-and-sandals epic doesn't appear to be connecting with moviegoers. In contrast, Lucy's eye-catching visuals and intriguing "what if" story has put it on pace for an opening north of $30 million, which should be enough to take first place this weekend.At the start of Summer, Lucy's box office potential didn't look so hot. The movie was scheduled for August 8th,
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Kevin Feige interview: Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel films

Marvel Studios' boss Kevin Feige chats to us about Guardians Of The Galaxy, boutique Marvel movies, and Jason Statham...


Around these parts, Kevin Feige is a man who needs little introduction. As the president of Marvel Studios he holds more power and cinematic sway over the hearts and minds of geeks worldwide than most. For Feige is the man who’s in charge of the Marvel movie master plan that has seen the studio go from taking a boom or bust gamble when it made the first Iron Man, to box office dominance and critical success, while achieving the biggest and most unique multi-film crossover ever when The Avengers hit the big screen back in 2012.

As if that culmination wasn’t enough, we’re now in the middle of a second phase of films that has included a third Iron Man and second outings for both Thor (in
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The Marvel Movie Model: Auteurs Need Not Apply

Anghus Houvouras on the Marvel Movie Model….

Edgar Wright quitting Ant-Man over ‘creative differences’ might be the most predictable cinematic event of 2014. A lot of people saw this coming, and frankly it’s a bit disappointing. But let’s be real honest here: Marvel doesn’t want auteurs or unique voices helming their films. They’re not looking for great, passionate directors who will fight to see their particular vision brought to life. They’re looking for line towing, rank and file directors who play by the rules and fall into line with a single snap of the fingers. Marvel established a principle behind their creative teams that almost falls into the strategies of sabermetrics highlighted in the movie Moneyball: if you can’t afford (or want to pay) big name talent, you go look for those players that can get on base.

That aptly describes the vast majority of
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First Trailer for Fear Clinic Movie

A Fear Clinic movie was filmed late last year and Anchor Bay Films recently acquired it with plans to release the movie in late 2014. Today, we have our first good look at the cast of Fear Clinic from the first teaser trailer:

Fear Clinic began as a 2009 horror series for FearNet that consisted of five episodes starring up-and-coming talent like Lucas Till (X-Men: First Class) and Kate Nauta (Transporter 2) as well as horror icons Danielle Harris (Halloween 4), Lisa Wilcox (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4) and Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees). The series and upcoming film stars Robert Englund as Dr. Andover, a fear doctor who treats patients afflicted with crippling phobias by inducing hallucinations inside his exposure therapy invention; The Fear Chamber. It has since been added to On Demand and mainstream channels Youtube and Hulu.

The project has been in active development for a feature film, written by Robert Hall and Aaron Drane.
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