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  • Frank is currently being employed by a rich family as a chauffeur for their young son. Things get complicated when he and the kid dodge several attacks on the boy, but the people who want him eventually kidnap him, and Frank does everything in his power to get the boy back. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The song is an instrumental version of "Cells" by The Servant. The same instrumental version was also featured in the trailer for Sin City Edit (Coming Soon)

  • There are at least four different versions available:

    Censored US theatrical version

    European theatrical version (= US version without editing Kate Nautas' transparent bra)

    Uncensored French version

    Extended German TV version based on the French theatrical version (=longest version available)

    Comparable to the situation with its prequel the PG-13 version of The Transporter 2 is cut and there are some violent sequences missing and also one scene that contains a bit more nudity. Moreover the French uncut version features updated CGI effects.

    The free-TV premiere on the German channel RTL showed up a version which was completely new and strange and did not exist as a buyable version so far. It is based on the French version but offers extensions which did not exist in the uncut version or even complete new scenes (plot and violence). Some of these scenes can be found as deleted material in the extra section on several DVDs funnily not on the French DVD. Therefore it can be assumed that the French version seemed to be the version the director wanted to show while RTL offered a extended and translated version. In total, this version is more than 5 minutes longer than the original French uncut version. Again one can find a detailed comparison between both versions with pictures here. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The director Louis Leterrier had said around the time Transporter 3 had been released by saying that HIS idea for Frank Martin in this film was that he was actually gay. The line "Because of who I am" was supposed to hint this. However, Leterrier might have been joking, as there is never any indication that Frank is gay. Not to mention he has sex with Lai in the first Transporter, clearly has a thing for Audrey in this film, but doesn't act on it due to her being married. Also, he has sex with Valentina in Transporter 3. He also mentions that he is not gay in the third film. All evidence clearly points to him being straight. Edit (Coming Soon)


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