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MPAA Rated R for language, some violent images and sexual content/nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • -A man and woman kiss, begin undressing each other. (We see their bare backs, legs and buttocks). We later see them in bed, wrapped in sheets. His bare buttocks are seen briefly when he gets out of bed.
  • -A woman lies nude in a bathtub. Her pregnant abdomen can be seen at first. Eventually you can see her abdomen and bare breasts (briefly). Her husband puts his hand on her abdomen, then slides his hand under the water, towards her privates. She swats his hand away. Her bare buttocks can be seen when she gets out of the bath.
  • -A naked woman in the bathroom smiles when she looks up and sees her husband in the bedroom watching her.
  • -Women wear low-cut tops that expose cleavage.
  • -A woman nurses another woman's baby. C loseup of baby sucking from breast at first; no nipple seen.
    • A woman and man are presumably naked in bed, shoulders and heads shown; man and woman kiss
    • A naked woman in the bathroom smiles when she looks up and sees her husband in the bedroom watching her.
    • A man is naked from chest to feet, but his front is in deep shadow and no genitalia can be seen.
    • Very young male children can be seen naked in two separate scenes, genitalia showing
    • Heterosexual, homosexual and adulterous relationships are mentioned or discussed occasionally.

Violence & Gore

  • -A man enters his hotel room and is beaten by two men who punch and kick him for a bit; he coughs up some blood and they stuff a handkerchief in his mouth.
  • -From a distance we see a dead man hanging by his feet from a tree, he appears to be charred and seems to have a bloody gash on his side. A few details of his gruesome torture are later mentioned.
  • -We see various bodies in a morgue, with a bit of blood and some charred skin visible.
  • -We see people fleeing from bandits; a person is shot down, a woman is hit with a gun, another woman has a somewhat bloody neck after being shot there (all brief).


  • 11 f-words, 'for Chr*st's sake', and a few other profanities in a serious context.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People drink at a gathering and a dinner. A man smokes in a couple of scenes, we learn that he is dying of cancer.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The first two entries in the Violence section might be intense or disturbing.

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