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A sweet romantic comedy for a rainy day.
junpei22 September 2003
Take an idol cop, a journalist for a scandal magazine, her ex-boyfriend the promising young judge, and another wacky girl. Mix them well together, then add in a couple of nice personal problems and you've got this kind and light-hearted little comedy about relationships and life itself. Especially recommended if you feel down for some reason, this will lift your spirit.
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Beddie bye...
sangepengyou21 May 2006
This may just be the weakest of Sammi Cheng's romantic comedies because so much time was spent diverging from Sammi's plot line. Sammi does a reasonable job as a scandal sheet reporter and no doubt enjoyed seeing what life was like on the other end of a tabloid headline for a change. Louis Koo is decent as a heartthrob cop when he's not foaming at the mouth. But pitting Charlene Choi (from Twins) as Sean Lau's (Ching Wan Lau) love interest seems alarmingly illegal. She also looks too much like his teenage daughter to make things seem wholesome. He's way too old for her and her overly juvenile antics. She might be old enough but she looks and acts here like she's barely in high school.

It's almost as if the writer was combining two movies in one (Cheng & Koo; Choi & Lau) and couldn't decide which was the primary plot line. Maybe if less time had been devoted to Sammi's ex-boyfriend and his jail-bait flame and more time on Koo & Cheng this would have been a stronger film.

Plagued by silliness and what seemed like an interminable stretch with Lau and Choi, it does have some good moments with Sandra Ng doing what she does best-- stealing laughs. Not the worst, and there are worse ways to spend to your time.
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Romantic Comedy
crossbow010619 December 2008
This is the story of Carrie (Sammi Cheng), who plays a tabloid reporter who is doing a story on pin up police officer Paul Ko (Louis Koo). The word around is that he is impotent and Carrie is looking for the truth. Of course, from there you are looking to see if they will hook up. Also here are Raymond (Lau Ching Wan) as Carrie's ex, a judge and a very young looking Charlene Choi, who plays Tabbie, who wants to live with Raymond. In a small but fun interlude, the always great Sandra Ng plays Bobo. This is a romantic comedy about sex or lack of same. There is nothing offensive and there could have been: It could have just degraded itself into a sex comedy if thats what they wanted to do. Everyone is attractive and appealing in their roles, but the comedy is pretty slight. This is a good date movie for youngish couples. Its not boring, it moves along fairly well. Subtract or add a few numbers of my vote depending on whether you like romantic comedy. Its fine, its watchable.
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