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27 Apr. 1963
The husband is preparing spaghetti. His wife returns home and tells him about a new Italian restaurant she found. And in the restaurant she saw her husband kissing a strange woman.
11 May 1963
Das Bombardon
In the opera house: Heinz-Georg, aide in the Department of Arts and Culture, enters his box with his wife. During the overture she discovers a kettledrum in the back of the box. She demands that he proves he still cares for her and dares him hit the drum during the performance. Scene 2: Later the mayor is sitting in his box with his wife. He tells her he plans to fire Heinz-Georg in the wake of the drum incident. But she is impressed by Heinz-Georg's courage and demands that he keep his job - or SHE will interrupt the opera performance by singing.
25 May 1963
Berta, wife of bricklayer Gustl, is jealous because his small income is divided between her and their sister-in-law, Irmgard. Irmgard's husband, Gustl's brother, has died and made him promise to support Irmgard and her two children. When Irmgard appears she repays Gustl the sum total of the support she got from him throughout the years. But how did she suddenly get such a large amount of money?
8 Jun. 1963
A modest accountant is pushed by his wife to ask his boss for a raise in salary. But he does not succeed and, trying not to disappoint his wife, steals money from the company.
22 Jun. 1963
Ein Herr von der Polizei
In Beverly Hills a cop meets his old flame, Evelyn, a once aspiring actress, and suspects she murdered her husband.
6 Jul. 1963
Fisch mit Sauce
A successful businessman ostentatiously belittles the artistic ambitions of his wife. But he secretly sells her paintings. When a friend of his comes to dinner the scheme is revealed.
20 Jul. 1963
Brillanten, Rubine, Smaragde
Lawyer Felix and his wife Irene return from a party promoting the opening of a jewelry store. A phone call informs Felix that an expensive necklace has been stolen. Searching for cigarettes Felix finds the necklace in Irene's handbag.
3 Aug. 1963
Das Wiedersehen
A famous actor returns to the town of his early stage successes, appearing as Schiller's Wallenstein. The mayor's wife still fancies the charming idol of her youth, arousing the jealousy of her husband.
26 Oct. 1963
Das Rendezvous
A husband drops off his wife and then continues in the taxi to pick up his mistress who turns out to be the daughter of the unsuspecting cab driver.
31 Aug. 1963
Der Briefwechsel
A Canadian trapper comes to Germany to meet his potential wife after having exchanged several letters with her.
14 Sep. 1963
Hotel Sacher
A successful fashion designer has recently remarried but has to spend much time away from home. Her grown daughter has not met her new stepfather, and when she returns to Austria after attending college in the USA the mother makes her stake out the husband and test his fidelity.
26 Oct. 1963
Die Frau an meiner Seite
As the anguished husband returns home he tells his wife of his hit-and-run accident. The victim is a drunk biker. Actually, the husband is covering for the wife of his boss since she was driving.
17 Aug. 1963
Die Phantasten
A daydreamer tries to keep up his affluent life style by scheming dubious business deals and ignoring his debts.


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