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Eyes and ears
I don't know what would make one vote quite as low as 1 on this(as, at the time of writing this, 19% have), other than having expected it to be completely different in form. This is a documentary on the X-Men 1.5(which holds rather a high quantity of extras) DVD, going over the entire creative process of the film. It consists largely of candidly shot behind-the-scenes footage, not all of it even being on recognizable sets, and a handful of interview bits(McKellan and Stewart both come off as wise in them, and not just because they're British). No movie clips, no extended sequences of "talking heads", and any artwork that appears in this isn't inserted... instead they pan the camera over to show it. Basically, a Mini-DV was running during (at least much of) the planning, rewriting and such, and they edited it together, giving a different, organic result, similar to The Beginning: Making 'Episode 1'. You get to be a fly on the wall during debates, watch as they work out the kinks, and you even get to hear about stuff they were going to do. You also see the crew and cast joke around, and see or be told about their initial reactions to sets, props and the like. It is interesting, entertaining, and well-paced. I was never bored, and the hour and a couple of minutes pass smoothly. The anecdotes, the moments, it's all worth the attention of viewers of the final product who want to see what goes on as it's being put together. This isn't particularly linear in narrative, and one portion may not necessarily connect to the one following or preceding it. The quality of the recorded material varies, and obviously not all of it is going to be what one is used to, when sitting down to watch something officially released. There is some language(more than that of the subject of this), and while it isn't terribly prevalent herein, it does tend to be strong. I recommend this to any fan of the series, or even a less dedicated viewer, should they be up for watching a laid-back look at a lot of what goes into doing something that goes up on the silver screen. 7/10
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