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Anime Review: Black Clover (2017) by Tatsuya Yoshihara

In the plethora of shonen coming out of the anime industry, “Black Clover”manages to distinguish itself (to a point at least) by functioning as a tribute to a number of titles in the category. Let us take things from the beginning though.

The story takes place in a kind of medieval world, where every single person is able to practice magic. Asta and Yuno are two orphans who want the same thing: to become the Wizard King. Locked in a friendly rivalry, they work hard towards their goal. While Yuno excels at magic, Asta has a problem uncommon in this world: he has no magic powers, an issue he tries to overcome by training his body excessively. However, on the day they receive their grimoires, they surprise everyone. To reach their goal, they will each find their own path to greatness—with or without magic.

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Briefs: Billy Porter On Race and Sexuality, Remembering the Upstairs Lounge, and the Nation Demands Scotus Just Get To The Gay Stuff

Channing Tatum holds a chihuahua

Birthday shoutouts go to Mindy Kaling, who is 34, Mick Fleetwood is 66, and Michele Lee is 71.

Remembering the Upstairs Lounge mass murder, 40 years later.

Martina Navratilova on the lack of gay male tennis players.

Impatient Nation Demands Supreme Court Just Get To The Gay Stuff.

Meet Walle, the winner of this year’s Ugliest Dog Contest. Wait, seriously? I call B.S.

Below you can see Tony winner Billy Porter appear on Totally Biased to talk about Kinky Boots and being out since the 80′s.

The Out List debuts on HBO on Thursday night, and below you can see a brief snippet, including Neil Patrick Harris.

And here he is celebrating Global Smurfs Day.

And here’s The Weekly ShoutOUT™. Each week we’re going to focus on one out athlete/performer and feature a daily pic and career timeline. We’ll be showcasing the big names,
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Top Five Most Wanted Fighting Games for the 3Ds

  • HeyUGuys
Fighting games have become popular on the Nintendo 3Ds with Super Street Fighter 4, Samurai Warriors: Chronicles and Dead or Alive: Dimensions hitting the handheld earlier this year and with Super Smash Brothers, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2 and Tekken to be released sometime in the future I thought that it would be a good time to reveal the top games that I think should be released for the console.

Thinking about the graphics, controls and features on the hardware, I looked at many fighting games and while I would like to see Guilty Gear, Ready 2 Rumble, Vs. Capcom, Killer Instinct, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Street Fighter Alpha and Virtua Fighter all come onto the 3Ds, I restricted myself to five.

If there is a fighting game that you would like to see be released for Nintendo’s console or have any opinions of the games listed, please feel free to comment below.

5. Jump
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#Sdcc: Viz Media: Shonen Jump, with Toriko, Bakuman, and... Stan Lee?

  • Comicmix
The room was packed for Viz Media’s Shonen Jump panel, which took place at 10:30 am in Room 10. The company announced two new series: Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro’s Toriko, about a “gourmet hunter” of the same name who apparently tracks down the most dangerous and tasty beasts, which he sells to exclusive restaurants; meanwhile, the metafictional Bakuman from Death Note creators Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata promises to shed light on that most mysterious of arts, producing manga. Both began running in the Japanese magazine Shonen Jump Weekly in 2008 and are still ongoing.

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However, the star attractions of the panel were Hiroyuki Takei (Shaman King) and Stan Lee-- yes, That Stan Lee, not some Japanese guy with the same name-- co-creators of Shonen Jump’s new manga, Ultimo, which is making its English debut in the July issue. The story concerns two robot boys,
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