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A love story...actually, three love stories
espelandster22 January 2005
This film (English title: Peas at 5:30) came to Minneapolis, MN as part of the Talk Cinema ( series. Director Lars Buechel was in attendance. Essentially, it's a fairy tale about two blind people who fall in love. Exquisite visuals--a field of yellow flowers, red sculptures on a seashore, a gorgeous new setting of "A Midsummer Night's Dream," expansive city vistas--show us what the lead characters can't see. Brilliant sound editing lets us hear what they hear--rain making music in water glasses, wind blowing curtains. The opening montage is a knockout. Emotionally, the film is a roller-coaster--Buechel packs a lot of grief and tension and hilarity and hope into two hours. When you wonder why the characters never seem to eat, for example, and start thinking that certain events in the film are a bit of a stretch, remember that it is a fairy tale (Buechel's description) and suspend your disbelief. It's worth it for this sensuous and moving experience. Almost all of it was shot in Germany, with a bleak East Germany playing the role of Russia.
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Perfect Mix
AderK1 April 2004
I am so tired of boring, normal love stories as well as deep, sorrowful cinema. In this movie, I found the perfect combination of these two.

Without humor, it would be a normal love story, with blind people, but still a love story. I think, this film doesn't want to show the problems of blind people in detail or how a person, becoming blind deals with it. It is a modern fairy tale. And it's a very good one! It is a perfect film for a couple who want to have a romantic, nice evening.

If you liked this movie, you might also like "Jenseits der Stille", a movie about deaf people and a love story as well.

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Beautiful pictures spoiled by a horrible script
flugscheibenwerfer12 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This film started out very promising with the story about a director who loses his sight and a blind woman who is bound to help him. However, somewhere in the middle it seemed like the script writers didn't know where to go from there.

One unbelievable event followed the next (Russia must be very small because they are all bumping into each other all the time), the motivation of the female lead character comprehensible (why does she still follow him after they got off the ship? Why doesn't she try to borrow a mobile phone on the ship to call somebody?), the side stories were completely ridiculous (was the story with the mother and the boyfriend supposed to be funny? And what was the story with the younger sister about?). Still with all this seeming arbitrariness of the plot, the movie managed to be completely predictable.

The saddest thing about it is that there was a lot of potential. As I said, the idea of the film was good, the visuals and the score were very beautiful and the actors of the main characters were good, too. So this could have been a really good film... but it wasn't.
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Awesome, really touching 10++++++
crashmirko5 May 2004
To my mind this movie is a really outstanding production. The actors deliver superior performances, the script is wonderful, the pictures just beautiful and the music makes it to a masterpiece....

This movie is about a young director for stage plays who becomes blind due to a car accident. Of course he can't handle the situation, is confused and desperate. He meets this girl who is blind since her birth. She works for a rehab center and wants to help him to manage his life.... Somehow I don't wanna tell more: It turns into a road trip to Onega, Russia, where he wants to visit his mother who is going to die.

Definitely a must see movie!
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An unusual and moving story
gloomy_one11 June 2006
Jakob, a young theater director in Hamburg of Icelandic descent, goes blind after having a serious car accident. He doesn't accept his fate and wants to kill himself, until he meets Lily who was born blind and who was sent to him by a rehabilitation center for the blind. Together they somewhat accidentally set off to Russia, where Jakob wants to visit his sick mother.

Jakob's origin is the one confusing thing in this movie - the way I figured, he must have grown up in Iceland because of his slight accent, to an Icelandic father and a German mother who was of Russian descent.

Even though I'm not a big fan of love stories and of German movies, I really liked this movie because it's a very unusual, strong kind of story. It's hard to describe it, you could say it's a very visual movie, though not in a visual sense. Since it's about being blind, you somewhat empathize with the characters and their way of seeing with all their other senses. Also, I watched it with the audio commentary for the visually impaired, just for fun ;) The dialog in this movie is as mediocre and clumsy as in any other German movie, but the physical acting is definitely brilliant! It's gotta be very hard playing a blind person, but those two actors are doing it perfectly with their gestures and their rigid gaze.

An affecting story, outstanding performances and an excellent, award-winning soundtrack make this in my opinion one of the best German movies ever. I was very touched by this, and I can definitely recommend it.
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The movie combines Romance and Comedy, but without beeing cheap.
B-Clockworkorange10 March 2004
Warning: Spoilers

Warning !!! Spoilers !!!

The title refers to a movie scene, where the blind Lilly Walter asks the waitress to imagine the plate as a clock and tell her, where the food is. The waitress tells her, that the Peas are at half past 6.

The movie is about Jagnus Magnusson, a theater director (regisseur) in Germany, who becomes blind after a car accident. He meets a blind teacher for blind people, who tries to teach Jagnus how to live as a blind man. First he runs away from Lilly, as he dosn´t want to start a life of blindness. The only thing he wants is to see again. Magnusson starts a journey to his dying mother in Russia. Lilly follows him and travels with him. And on the trip they discover love.

The movie is full of warm hearted Romance and Comedy. In one scene they run across a yellow field first trying to find each other. They often miss each other just by an inch. This is one of the main Themes of the movie, searching and finding. The World of the blind is brought to the spectators eyes. Especially Fritzi Haberlandt (lilly)is a great actress, making this movie a success. She looks with open eyes into the eyes of her lover, yet it seems she watching something far, far away.

The movie combines Romance and Comedy, but without beeing cheap.

Vincent Vega
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good idea - poorly executed
Suppiluliomas25 September 2012
The movie's love story between the blind-since-birth Lilly and the just-gone-blind Jakob is adorable, cute, lovely ... and totally predictable. Other characters like Lilly's mother and sister are only briefly shown as somewhat weird people whose behavior is mostly following clichés or otherwise leaves a lot of questions with the audience without exploring it further.

Fritzi Haberlandt's acting is superb. This is about the best thing about this movie.

Having worked in a social project with blind people, I could not help to think throughout the movie that the plot was quite flawed. Lilly walks around with her white stick in a neighborhood she has never been to before. She asks her friend and mother to just leave her alone at some desolate gas station/restaurant in the middle of rural Russia. "C'mon, get real!", I wanted to shout. Only a suicidal blind person would do that. And no decent person with eyesight, let alone her own mother, would do that to her.

The movie was trying to get the message across, that going blind is not the end of your life. That there are still many things you can enjoy, if you only make the effort to attend special training, re-organise your life, and learn to "see" the world in a different way. Agreed. What the movie completely fails to show is the reality that without a guide person a blind man or woman is completely lost outside his/her familiar surroundings.
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A bad film with embarrassing pretension
mstep-412 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Although the actors were good, specially Fritzi Haberland as the blind Lilly, the film script is obsessively pretentious and completely arbitrary. A famous theatre director (Hilmir Snær Guðnason), becoming blind after a car accident, is on the run for himself and his destiny. Lilly, being sightless since her birth, is teacher for blind persons, and wants to make him "seeing" again. (Blind persons are seeing with their fingers, nose and ears.) Here this movie is becoming a roadmovie; and the longer the road becomes, the closer their relation develops, which was predictable since the beginning of the film. The theatre director is on the road to his mother (Jenny Gröllmann). His mother is living somewhere in Russia on the sea and making artistic installations - of course, what should she do other! - and she is still living, because she is waiting his son, to die. My God! This are destinies!

Finally the son arrived! Mum is celebrating a big party! At the beach. Wind is blowing and a pianist is playing on a real piano in the middle of a dune. Yes, they are celebrating her farewell. The son arrives just in time. Mother can finally swallow the pills administered by a pretty nurse. Now a great artist can die in the arms of her great artist son, speaking sad contemplations about live in perfect German, while the son is answering with a rough accent. Because the son is unable to see, he is not falling in love to the nurse, - the film script would have become also too complicate! - but is looking for Lilly on the way back to home.

Parallel to this roadmovie the sister of Lilly, staying at home is asking a gawky schoolmate to deflower her, who has first to booze himself to courage. The occasion is favourable. Because Mum (Tina Engel) is on journey together with the lover of Lilly, Paul (Harald Schrott). They are after Lilly, to bring her back. Paul and the mother of Lilly are not falling in love, because the film script would have become too complicate. The film script missed to make out of Paul something exceptional too. I would suggest an architect or a Pianist, or course a famous one! When they finally find Lilly, they want to convince her, to come back to Paul, because he has two eyes to see and is able to care for her. But Lilly felt in love to his pupil, the theatre director; did I mention, that he was even a famous theatre director?

This is German film art! As you may see in this pretentious production, that the German film subsidy fund is not always producing good films, because they subsidy just such kind of pseudo intellectual films. This film is really embarrassing. I have the impression, that the film script has been cobbled together from some highbrows in coffee shops and restaurants. Everybody is entitled to contribute with an idea. Probably also Til Schweiger has contributed with some intellectual flash of wit, being a co-producer. I was reminded by this film script to an other German film of absolute painfulness: "Barfuss" - already the spelling of the title is not right! "Barfuss" DVD cover writes proudly: "A Til Schweiger Film". This film got also subsidies of Filmstiftung NRW, Filmförderung Hamburg and the FFA.

Please don't spoil your time with this film! There are really good films in Germany. Watch out for film directors like Marcus H. Rosenmüller, Joseph Vilsmaier, Hans Steinbichler, Hans-Christian Schmid, Faith Akin ...
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very deep subject, semi-professional cinema
pudli16 March 2004
The subject is very hard, its not easy to show what a blind people possible feel and think to see through the moviescreen. However one of the best German actor/producer Til Schweigert was the coproducer, I think this movie could be much more professional and deep. More tricks with the camera, and less humor. Just like an exam-piece of one of the highschools for directing scenes. Just an example:in the scenes and the house of the mother and the beach was a bit too much modern, and didnt fit into the picture how director described other part of Russia...But still very much liked it and recommend

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