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Great chemistry
rjc7398 April 2005
I make time to watch one thing on Fridays and that is Hope and Faith (and I'm a 40 yr old guy). I think it's real funny. The chemistry between Faith and Kelly is perfect. You couldn't find a better partner for Kelly. To add to that you have a third person who fits right in with the two: Ted. He is also great. I like him better now than I did 20 years ago. Kelly is funny as hell. I think she's one of the funniest women in TV today. Her character is perfect for her and she knows how to whine and complain and showoff like no one. Her timing is great. She worked for Charlie in his dentist's office and she was a scream! She botched everything and pursued one of the younger patient's father (while the patient had a mold stuck in his mouth!). Ha! The show started off without many sexual innuendos which was a real nice change but this season the shows are full of them and I think that's kind of a shame. It's even funnier that they have brought in Kelly's husband and Regis and jokes are made about their real-life relationships. Show is way better than Bonnie Hunt's show which went off the air (although I watched that, too, and I think Bonnie and their crew were real talented). I think it is the funniest show on Friday nights. Oh, the writing is great! Please don't go off the air!
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TGIF is back and with "Hope & Faith" it can be just as stupid as ever
liquidcelluloid-114 May 2004
Network: ABC; Genre: Sitcom; Average Content Rating: TV-PG; Classification: Contemporary (star range: 1 - 4);

Season Reviewed: Season 1+

ABC's TGIF line-up is back and if this show is any indication, it's exactly as we remember it. 'Hope & Faith' is a quintessential "stupid sitcom" with simple, recycled plots, bubble-headed characters and duh-duh humor that brazenly recalls the 'Full House'/'Family Matters' era. And I actually rooted for ABC to bring this idea back- I would much rather deal with this than another reality show.

I understand the niche for this type of simple show. It's Friday night, the kids are excited over the weekend and it's time to just kick back and watch some escapism. So it goes almost without saying that 'Hope' is mind-numbing, but it manages to be even worse than those low expectations. The stories barely make sense from minute to minute and every joke has a blinking neon sign hanging around it. It's also -surprisingly - toward the crude side of generic as we can see the lowered bar of TV standards has even infiltrated TGIF. The show is almost epically stupid from the directing and writing down to the lighting and visceral look. Where we aren't just not laughing, we feel embarrassed for the actors.

The actor I don't feel embarrassed for is Kelly Ripa. Ripa is a gorgeous girl and on 'Hope and Faith' we certainly get to see her with great hair and in a vast wardrobe of attractive outfits. But the series is clearly designed for those who can't get enough of her acting stupid on 'Live with Regis and Kelly' in the morning and want to see her acting stupid in the evening as well. And Ripa hams it up big time here. Meanwhile, we get the sense that everyone else in the cast is trying to tell us they know they can do better. Poor Faith Ford (so good playing a naive ditz on 'Murphy Brown' and now saddled as Ripa's straight man) looks like she's just barely trying to keep up with Ripa in the embarrass-yourself department. Jump the Shark patron saint Ted McGinley is probably the best thing about this show. Most of the time we can find McGinley happily off to the side, away from the blast, filling reactionary shots with a look of amazement at whatever chicanery is going on between the sisters. Elsewhere we find the stock obnoxious kids, also in the periphery as to not divert any power from the gleaming spotlight on Ripa.

This whole affair is the type of obnoxious, bottom-of-the-barrel awfulness that give sitcoms a bad name. It's purpose is to be an escape, but it just might give you a migraine. This was all foretold from the beginning where the show must have set a land-speed record to the bottom by resorting to a food fight in the first episode. A food fight. Of all the sitcom clichés that need to be put a moratorium on, I'd trade them all just to get food fights off the air for good.

* / 4
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This degenerates American comedy
hejsamester23 May 2009
Writing and acting of this quality belongs inside Pandora's box. The jokes are as bad and clean as on Full House, and the setup for them is so fake it hurts watching. People might like the goofy Kelly Ripa as Faith Fairchild character, but honestly, it hurts to watch middle aged women act like stupid children in order to make them seem funny. Her sister, the responsible one, isn't any better. She exemplifies the type of woman, who've never realized who she is, and never achieved any of her dreams expect the one of a house, a husband and some children. What a sad example of role models.

Parring up a stupid and a boring person doesn't really make great comedy - it's just an easy way out for a lot of boring morales without impact and for a bit of lazy attempts at slapstick comedy. All seen before a long time ago.

America; you've brought some good comedy to the world, but when you make things like this, you really start lacking behind the European countries. Please don't export more of this, just keep it to yourselves.
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NickSoapdish5 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Ugh, Hope and Faith. Kelly Ripa certainly is funny on Live with Regis and Kelly when she's just being herself, but when it comes to this honker of a sitcom, Kelly Ripa can't do scripted comedy to save her life.I have seen several episodes of Hope and Faith, and honestly, it just isn't funny, the characters are annoying; Faith (Ripa) is especially grating, and the jokes just don't work. The youngest daughter is probably the only character on this show more obnoxious than Faith (Ripa). (Although, the WifeSwap parody and the episode with the soap actors were mildly amusing).Personally, I don't like this show. But Overall, this show just isn't fun to watch, it just makes you cringe when you realize how bad it is. Kelly Ripa should just stick to doing daytime TV; daytime TV is where she has always shown her true talent.
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terrible pilot, great following episodes
moviesfan1116 October 2003
The pilot for this show was terrible. The jokes were tired, and predictable. None of it had any logical things in it. And the acting was poor. But in the following episodes, the are just great. The jokes are unpredictable. funny, and the acting has improved so much. The writing is getting a lot better, also. For those of you who thought the pilot was bad, give the new ones a chance. They are really good!

Hope & Faith: 4/5

TV rating: TV-PG D. There ae some sexual references, but not to bad for little kids. They won't get any of the jokes, though.
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Hope and Faith is fantastic
Haroonrajah23821 April 2006
In my eyes, Hope and Faith is great, and whatever anyone else says i'll always be a viewer. Someone else wrote about the kids being a big spoiler in Hope and Faith; Sydney looks too old, first of all she doesn't, she's just got older and matured( the character of Sydney) and secondly, Who Cares? for gods sake Hope and Faith are the stars of the show the ones that make everyone laugh, who the hell cares about the kids?.

Hope and Faith is a funny, light hearted comedy, and Faith Fairfield and Kelly Ripa are hilarious, especially Kelly Ripa!. Its Fantastic and i hope it continues for a long time, because its one of the few actually funny T.V shows around, since the demise of friends. Long Live Hope and Faith
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The classic so bad it's good sitcom.
BlackJack_B27 February 2004
The American Broadcasting Company, the biggest network mess in the U.S., brings us arguably one of the worst sit-coms ever conceived in Hope And Faith. H&F stars Kelly Ripa as Faith Fairfield, a washed up soap opera actress who moves in with her sister's family because she has no money left (she must have spent it all on her clothes). Ex-Murphy Brown star Faith Ford plays her sister Hope and Ted McGinley plays Hope's husband.

This show relies on 50 years of classic situation comedy devices. Unlike some shows that try to bring in something original on occasion, H&F plays it safe with hackneyed plots that have been used for decades. The show has some brutal acting (Ripa is a gorgeous woman but she has a very grating voice), awful scripts, and poor direction and awful logic. The good thing about the show is that its sheer awfulness makes it a must-see for people who truly cherish bad products. It's truly worth watching this show to see what rehashed plots they trot out, to see what Kellly will be wearing, or seeing Ms. Ford and Mr. McGinley playing thankless roles and playing second fiddle to everyone's favorite baby factory.

They also rely on a lot of guest stars; Clint Black, Regis Philbin, Kathy Lee Gifford(!), Kevin Sorbo, and Roger Clemens are just some of the people who've decided to appear in this embarrassment. Still, the show is doing pretty good for ABC but if this show was on a better network it would have been canceled long ago. If this is the best that ABC can do for a sit-com, ABC will be the Number 4 network for a good long time. Still, if you cherish cheesy, awful-out-of-the box products then check this out because I can't see any non-reality T.V. show being worse than this.
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No No NO!
chumpsteak1 August 2008
I feel slightly irked that I have to give it 1 star because it deserves 0.

Over 50 episodes of entirely unfunny junk. Some say that it improves after the 1st series, so I gave it a chance. It doesn't improve. It gets worse. It's hard to expect much from a series called 'Hope & Faith' where the lead characters are called... you guessed it, Hope and Faith. Ha Ha Ha ughhhh!!! That gag has been a tired cliché for at least 50 years but it's actually the funniest gag the writers have managed to write / copy. Oh yes. Don't expect any originality whatsoever here. Don't expect any spark or verve from the dead eyed, creosote-faced, bleached teethed, dyed haired (To hide the grey I presume) actors either. Manic energy cannot hide you're lack of talent ladies. Actually, most of the cast wander around with a dazed look on their varnished faces. I can read their minds... I'm picking something up now.... they're thinking "Why has this show been re-commissioned? I can't believe I'm getting paid for this putrid garbage. My career has hit rock bottom. I'll just keep grinning & hope the audience doesn't notice."

Don't watch it under any circumstance. Those 'Live Surgery' TV shows are funnier than this. Slicing the tip of my finger off was funnier than this. Even 'Joey' is a funnier show & I NEVER thought I'd say that.
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Hopeless! - A worthless excuse for a TV Sitcom . . .
pagangod10 December 2005
Being a fan of quality comedy product, imagine how shocked I was when I first saw this appallingly BAD show! Now I didn't watch just one episode and dismiss it, oh no, I watched most of the 1st Season and half of the second, this I think puts me in a position where I am able to criticise...

There have been many U.S. 'family type' sitcoms, but this must rank as one of the most dire in recent history.

Firstly the writing is, if one can call it writing, weak beyond belief - these people aren't writers, they are talentless hacks who couldn't spot a quality gag at 5 yards. Plot lines vary from the merely predictable, to trite and twee and to the plain and simple f***ing lousy!! But sometimes weak writing can be counteracted by a solid cast with a strong comedy sensibility - sadly Hope & Faith has nothing like a good cast.

In all fairness, most of the cast just about acquit themselves as serviceable actors - but just only just about.

The award for most irritating and misjudged comedy performance goes to the appallingly bad, Kelly Ripa - a so-called actress with a grasp of comedy technique that it is so lacking as to be non-existent.

With over-the-top, facial 'mugging' being her main stock in trade, Ripa spirals from one bad scene to another even worse scene without barely time to take a breath - the only thing she seems have in any sort of abundance is energy, for this I cannot fault her.

But energy and over-acting are simply not enough to constitute a good comedy performance - which makes Kelly Ripa no comedy actress.

There is no subtlety in Ripa's attempts at acting, no refinement and virtually no comedy timing on her behalf - surely things that are standard requirements for a quality comedy performance.

If all this sounds like I'm Kelly Ripa-bashing, then yeah, I suppose I am. But Ripa certainly deserves it as she probably the very worst thing about this show, well, maybe Kelly Ripa AND the scriptwriters should take equal blame.

I didn't expect Hope a& Faith to set the sitcom genre alight, but by the very same measure, I didn't expect anything quite as bad as this REALLY is.

I caught this show here in England on a cable channel called ABC1, along with other shows that were as new to British viewers as Hope and Faith , a couple of these shows were: Less Than Perfect and Eight Simple Rules...

Bottom line is this, I was expecting no more, no less from these other shows - I was VERY pleasantly surprised! Both Less Than Perfect and Eight Simple Rules are excellent comedy shows and are vastly superior to the massively inferior Hope & Faith.

I must cite Eight Simple Rules in particular for having a perfect cast, providing top-notch, classy performances, augmented by excellent, witty and razor-sharp writing - if Hope & Faith had only half the quality of ESR, then it wouldn't be quite that bad, problem is Hope & Faith, in comparison to Eight Simple Rules, is left floating dead in the water.

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Better than I expected
climbergirl11720 January 2006
I had low expectations the first time I watched this show, but it has quickly become one of my favorites. Faith Ford and Kelly Ripa are perfect for their roles on "Hope & Faith". Hope (Ford) is a housewife/caterer whose sister Faith (Ripa), a soap opera actress, lives with her, as her career is pretty much dead. Her husband Charley (Ted McGinley) is a dentist, and is always in a friendly tiff with Faith. Older daughter Sydney (Megan Fox) is a mini Faith, and is the source of a few sarcastic yet funny lines. Middle child Hayley (Macey Cruthird) is the smartest of the bunch, and has the curliest hair I've ever seen. The only person I think does not fit in with the rest of the cast is the son Justin. The character would be fine, but Paulie Litt's look and timing are off (I'm not knocking a little kid's acting skills; I think they could have found someone better). It is also fun to see how the situations Hope & Faith get into play out. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a good laugh, or likes any of the cast.

*On a side note, I find it funny that their names are Hope and Faith, two values/qualities that have similar meanings. I also like that one character is named Faith, and the other is played by a Faith.
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samanthaspade_wat20 April 2005
I absolutely love this show! Every episode is hilariously awesome! I think Kelly does an amazing job of being Faith, she is so great to watch, and very funny. Not saying Faith Ford isn't - she's an amazing actress too! One of ABC's finest shows in my opinion. I have to say, Sydney isn't very convincing as a 14 year old though (or whatever she's meant to be). The old Sydney was played by a 25 year old, and it is so obvious, but she doesn't ruin it that much, and she is a great actress, though I prefer the new Sydney. Some of the best, funniest lines I've heard have come from this show, it's the sort of show that if you're feeling down or bored just switch it on and you're instantly smilie again!
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Great Show For Women.....Really Cute!!
XsWeEtLiLGiRL90x13 February 2004
This is a really cute show that I like a lot! It is very funny and is similar to Life with Bonnie. I can see the station that plays both these shows getting a lot of viewers. This show may look a little stupid or goofy at times and being totally truthful I never had intentions to watch it. There was really nothing else on tv and I like Kelly Ripa and Faith Ford so I thought I would give it a shot. To my surprise it was a very cute and easy to follow show. I recommend this mostly to women but everyone should really give it a shot. Really Cute! I give it 4 out of 5 stars.
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Gets better each week
flippy-414 November 2003
I, like many others was disappointed with the pilot. Kelly Ripa herself said the pilot was their worst show. But it is growing on me.....I love the cameos. I hope Regis comes back! I will continue to tune in each week "faithfully"
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i laughed so hard my sides split.....NOT!!!!!!
belfasttbloke19 October 2005
Hope and Faith..is by far one of the worst comedies ever made. It's a mish mash of mistaken identity, wrong place wrong time etc.. scenarios. None of which could ever happen in real life. As for the main character "Faith" nobody in reality could be that self centered and shallow. The cast and writers absolutely stink perhaps they would be better suited to taking part in kids puppet shows because thats the height of the talent employed in creating this sordid excuse for comedy.

I can't think of an episode that was even remotely funny. The worst episodes were the ones about the funeral and the court case. The recipe for good comedy is to have talented actors,writers and story lines with some presence in reality. This is something the producers failed to grasp.
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Goofiness at its Best !
elshikh421 December 2008
You may talk a lot about this show's faults like being: traditional, formulaic, overacted, goofy.. whatever. Though, strangely it worked and with honors ! I feel that big part of its real joy came from the funny 2 leads Faith Ford and Kelly Ripa. They are so cute and vigorous on the screen, having a productive chemistry, looking interestingly idiot, or honestly childish, and by their overacting they deliver hilarious performance. The rest of the cast wasn't that good, but close. The scripts were surprisingly hitting the mark every time, I've never felt bored, and it managed to be unpredictable, for instance: how Faith is going to survive in the soap opera that she had part in ? how Faith will do in the shop that that she went to work at ?, and how Faith and Hope may do when they found themselves imprisoned in a supermarket ?, or unit to save Hope's daughter from some evil party ? By the way, these episodes were memorable and top notch. It wasn't another sitcom on TV, albeit it seemed so. It was so nice sitcom despite any criticism. And it's a rare time to love a work with what are supposed to be its faults, or maybe love it because those very faults !
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Annoying Sisters not that fun
SnoopyStyle28 August 2013
Hope (Faith Ford) is an uptight happily married mom of three in Glen Falls, Ohio. Her tidy world is up-ended by the arrival of her celebrity sister, the giant mess Faith (Kelly Ripa). Faith was a Hollywood diva as a daytime soap opera star until her soap's character was unceremoniously killed off.

Kelly Ripa was annoying, and her character unlikeable. Faith Ford wasn't much better. The constant fighting really made it hard to root for this angry relationship.

It also had on set drama as they fired the oldest daughter played by Nicole Paggi. She was great as the only fun character. For seasons 2 & 3, they replaced her with Megan Fox. Sadly, she may have the looks, but at that stage she couldn't act her way out of a paper sack.
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Kelly Ripa Over Acting
snewbury1286511 October 2003
I don't think it's going to make it either. Kelly Ripa is not natural and is doing a major job of overacting. It's not easy-going like a Will & Grace where you can believe the actors are the characters. In this case, it's just actors reading their lines. Maybe it's the writing . . . nevertheless, I don't see more than one season . . . if that.
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Let's hope and keep faith that...
johnmeechum3 October 2003
it'll get canceled. It's not as funny as predicted from previews. Sorry but Repa isn't solo material she's too dramatic. I don't like her no matter what even on Regis. I feel sorry for Ted Mcginley with all the funny stuff going to waste.
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gluba200018 February 2005
Warning--you could loose a few brain cells after watching this crap.

It's nothing new, nothing original, and definitely nothing funny! This is another run of the mill sitcom with the perfect family with the one "stupid" character that gets the family into "crazy" (unrealistic) situations.

If you're bored I wouldn't even say watch this (it's that bad.) My mother is a fan of this show (for reasons I have no idea why!) I'm only 14 and I can see how stupid this is! (I consider myself maturer then the average 14 year old though =P) Though anybody with a half a brain can figure that out.

ABC is the only network right now with the most sitcoms (7 I think it is currently) and they're all crap! All run of the mill, average, forgettable sitcoms...nothing new and surely nothing groundbreaking! What's more pathetic is that ABC shamelessly plugs their other shows on their sitcoms! (I HATE it when networks do that, it's so cheap and shows you another reasons that the writers are desperate and need some filler for the scripts, if you get what I'm saying.) They've done it for Depserate Housewives (on a promo for According To Jim he says something like "it's those dame Desperate Housewives...ever since you've started watching them..." and ABC is again shamelessly promoting their shows, this time tonight on Hope & Faith (with Wife Swap.) ABC could pick up some smart, ground breaking sitcoms yet they choose to pick up crap like this (though I think all of ABC's current sitcoms are terrible.)
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Fun comedy
gig198611 December 2005
I am from the UK and the first time i watched hope and faith i thought it was so corny and cheesy! I decided to watch another episode which to my surprise was much better and since then i'm addicted. Although i'm a female myself i find kelly ripa (faith) and hope ford (hope) very attractive and great to watch. Kelly ripas clothes are amazing and get sexier every time. A lot of people say that the show isn't funny but i disagree, yeah some of the lines are a bit crappy but i've had myself in stitches many times, mainly because of kelly ripa's blonde bimbo image. I recommend this show for people who want to watch a "fun comedy" and want a laugh. Season 1 has a few dodgey episodes (not very funny) but mainly all 3 seasons are great! Season 3 is slightly more grown up and i really hope that the show has many more seasons to come
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It's what you expect but not from where you expect.
itsrabbitseason1 September 2006
Kelly Ripa, one of Regis Philbin's second banana's plays Faith, a washed up daytime Soap Star who goes to live with her homemaking sister Hope(Faith Ford from Murphy Brown.) and her husband(Ted McGinley: The Monkey Paw of DOOM for TV.) who detests the dim 30 something actress still desperately pretending to be a teenager and famous when she is ridiculously not to hilarious consequences.

This tired sitcom has been on for three years and is no more complicated than an episode of I love Lucy with out the old world charm. For some reason all the good TV has gone off the air and this cud has found its way into prime time so I got a more than unpleasant look at it last Wednesday night. They were Tom Sawyering a fake death which excused the brutish husband into being extra coarse, telling Kelly Ripa to die for real, which is when I noticed the plot and the characters were from A Street Car Named Desire.

So, yes that guy who killed Happy Days and Love boat(Ted might not have made the head shot, but he gets partial credit for the fall of Sports Night.) is Stanley, and Kelly Ripa is Blanche. I wonder if Kelly's oblivious to playing one of the greatest America female parts, or she's ten times smarter than Regis silently laughing at the inside joke? I'm really curious how Tennessee would have reacted seeing such a freaking cartoon? He was an angry drunk right? Of course the only really serious point to take from all this is that Ted McGinley is walking in Brando's shadow.... OMG! Even compare Ted and Marlon's characters names are bizzarro counterparts of one another!

Charley Shanowski Stanley Kowalski

That's a wonky spoonerism. This is no accident, hell, it's probably always been pitched as a homage and I'm just dim.
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Best of the year
topcat-115 May 2004
Hope and Faith is the best of the new sitcoms this year. At a time when everyone is bemoaning the overhyped endings of Frasier and Friends, I have to say that not once have those shows ever made me laugh. This one does. Kelly Ripa is so over the top it's refreshing to see how far she has taken this character. It's her first real acting job after 12 years of soap opera and talk shows and she shows some marvelous chops. Ted McGinley's an old pro who fills in nicely but Faith Ford is surprisingly wacky in what is supposedly the straight man role. Ford and Ripa get to do a lot of physical comedy which few shows have any more. Jim Carrey built a career on shamelessly mugging and Ripa is right up there with him. The kids aren't given much to do but they are perfect in their roles and provide a nice counterpoint. The show is also pulling in a lot of big guest stars with funny in-jokes. Definitely worth a look.
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God awful
brocious16 July 2005
This is probably the worst sitcom I've ever seen! Family Matters was better then this tripe! And, it really stunk! Even "My Mother the Car" was better then this! Not only is the acting bad; but, the writing. I heard how bad it was from others; but, had to see it for myself. So, I watched one episode. It had to with an aunt dying and Hope and Faith getting the wrong funeral and all. But, anyway, about a few minutes into the episode, I found myself ready to change the channel. I thought it possibly couldn't get any worse. IT DID! What sophomoric idiot writes this stuff? I could do better after a six pack of beer for Heaven's sake! Hell, my nephew who is only 2 years old could write better! How this crap staying on the air I don't know. Don't waste your time even if there's nothing else on T.V. Has this been renewed?
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Wow,This is so stupid.
katie2s813 June 2005
This has to be one of the dumbest shows I'v seen all year. Its not funny,you can see the whole episode in your head by the time it starts,its stupid,and whenever I even try to see it I need to hold my self from throwing objects on the TV. Kelly,stick with Live with Regis and Kelly,and leave sitcom TV alone! Who ever thinks this show is funny,is probably a five year old,no offense. This show was made just so Kelly Ripa could have something to say she did,other then that,nothing. People I am begging you: Don't WATCH THIS SHOW. You would cry from how stupid it is. 0 out of 10 from me,but if I could,I'd give it -20.
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It Stinks!
njlcns18 March 2004
Thank goodness for Faith Ford! Without her this show would have been dumped a long time ago. The bad acting (ala Kelly Ripa), poor plot, unbelievable characters, and bad, bad writing, also guest stars like Regis who is a bad actor himself (Handsome Hal?) Quit embarrassing yourself Regis, you're too good for that terrible sitcom, stick to the morning show and Millionaire. Go out and hire yourself some good writers (Frazier, Seinfeld, The King of Queens, Will and Grace) Please oh please can the show and put something worthwhile on Friday night at 9. The show's a loser. Get out while you still can Faith!
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