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Season 3

30 Sep. 2005
The Marriage: Part 1
Faith has two marriage proposals.
30 Sep. 2005
The Marriage: Part 2
Faith has two marriage proposals.
7 Oct. 2005
Faith Fairfield: 1980-2005
To get more time for a term paper, Sydney says that she must go to her Aunt Faith's funeral and then the media hears about it.
14 Oct. 2005
The Phone Call
Hope washes her hands of Faith and her wacky problems so reluctantly Faith goes to Charley for help.
21 Oct. 2005
Love & Teeth
While Charley treats Faith's cracked tooth there are some interesting admissions while she is under the laughing gas.
28 Oct. 2005
The Halloween Party
Faith has a date with a neighbor's cousin with whom Hope is competing in a Halloween contest.
4 Nov. 2005
Charley's Shirt
When Faith gets Charley a wild shirt that he loves, Hope feels that her life is too boring and takes up a pole dancing class with Faith.
11 Nov. 2005
Faith's Therapy
Hope and Charley send Faith to a therapist and the whole thing backfires.
18 Nov. 2005
Blood Is Thicker Than Daughter
Faith and Hope think that their father's new male friend Jay is more than a friend.
25 Nov. 2005
Hope in the Middle
Hope goes to Faith's poetry class rather than go see Charley get a dentist award.
13 Dec. 2005
Christmas Time
Faith surprises everyone with expensive Christmas gifts that aren't what they seem.
6 Jan. 2006
Sex, Lies and Faith
Charley and Hope have been sneaking out on dates without Faith.
21 Mar. 2006
Now and Zen
The Gooch returns with a new lifestyle of peace and celibacy while Faith moves in on her yoga teacher.
28 Mar. 2006
Homeless Hal
Handsome Hal and Faith team up for a local morning show (Just like Regis and Kelly do).
4 Apr. 2006
Meet the Parent
The Gooch and Faith's father meet and he tells her that they aren't right for each other.
11 Apr. 2006
Charley Shoots Faith
Charley takes professional pictures of Faith and is so successful that he considers a career change.
18 Apr. 2006
The Big Shanowski
Faith is quite a bowler, but Charley uses Hope in a championship.
18 Apr. 2006
The Restaurant
Faith and a restaurateur bond and he hasn't the heart to fire Hope who is driving him crazy.
25 Apr. 2006
Jay Date
Faith and Hope compete to find a match for Jay.
25 Apr. 2006
Old Faithful
Faith moves into a retirement home when she thinks she needs a change.
2 May 2006
Faith Knows Squat
Hope suggests that the Gooch and Faith get their own place.
Hope's Float
Hope and Charley reminisce about when they met in college and when he first met Faith.

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