Dave Gorman's favourite TV: The Great British Bake Off, Breaking Bad, Call My Bluff

The presenter, comedian and serial Googlewhacker on his TV predilections

Must-watch show?

Sort of by proxy, The Great British Bake Off. It's not me who wants to watch it; my wife does. I spend the first three minutes going, "Oh, I don't know why I'm watching this," and the last three minutes going, "Oh, I hope he wins." It suckers me every time.

Box set?

I'm holding off on Breaking Bad, as a reward for when I finish my next batch of work. It has to be consumed en masse. I'm avoiding all conversations about it.

Bring back…

It's already been revived and killed off again, but I'm a fan of Call My Bluff. In the modern idiom of what a panel show is, it's not people trying to win the game, but trying to win the conversation. But in Call My Bluff no one tried to barge their way
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Bob Holness, Blockbusters host, dies aged 83

ITV quizshow's presenter had broadcasting career spanning almost 60 years

Bob Holness, best known as the host of Blockbusters during a broadcasting career spanning almost 60 years, has died aged 83.

Holness, who presented ITV quiz Blockbusters for 11 years from the early 1980s, "died peacefully in his sleep early this morning" according to a statement released by his family on Friday.

Holness, who suffered a number of strokes and has been in a nursing home, leaves his wife Mary, three children and seven grandchildren.

During a long and varied TV and radio broadcasting career, Holness also presented gameshows including Call My Bluff and Raise the Roof and worked for Radio 1, Radio 2, the World Service and Lbc.

Holness was born in South Africa but his family moved to the UK when he was a child. He returned to the country of his birth and began his broadcasting career there in the 1950s as a radio presenter.
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Tim Vine: 'I'm not good enough for Mock The Week'

Tim Vine: 'I'm not good enough for Mock The Week'
Tim Vine has said that he turned down an offer to appear on Mock The Week. The quickfire comedian told Digital Spy that he prefers panel shows like Call My Bluff, which give the contestants their own time rather than having them fight one another for gaps. "Someone sort of asked me to do it and I kind of declined, because I'm a bit rubbish at panel games," Vine said. "Whenever a little gap turns up, everyone's jumping for that gap. I'm a bit rubbish at that. The honest truth is I find it a bit safer to be the funny one." He continued: "You get a situation where the gap appears and people who are more confident than you jump into the gap. "Then you find four or five minutes have passed and you haven't said anything, so you think to yourself, 'Flip I need to get involved -
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