The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004) Poster

Bud Cort: Bill Ubell



  • Alistair Hennessey : Is this my espresso machine? Wh-what is-h-how did you get my espresso machine?

    Bill Ubell : Well... uh... we fuckin' stole it, man.

  • Steve Zissou : I hope you're not gonna bust our chops on this on, Bill.

    Bill Ubell : Why would I do that?

    Steve Zissou : Because you're a bond company stooge.

    Bill Ubell : [scoffs]  I'm also a human being.

    Steve Zissou : All right, I take that back. How about a little teamsmanship?

    [he holds out his hand flat. Bill and Ned put theirs on top of his] 

    Steve Zissou , Bill Ubell , Ned Plimpton : Ho!

  • [during the rescue op, Steve sees a young Filipino boy sitting on the beach, roasting a crab on a spit. He raises his spear gun] 

    Bill Ubell : No, Captain! That's Cedric. He's a friend.

    Steve Zissou : Merci, Cedric. Remind me, we'll send him a red cap and a Speedo.

  • Bill Ubell : Captain, I am required by law to notify the bank of any illegal activities...

    Steve Zissou : Just do what you gotta do to cover your ass, Bill.

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