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A major disappointment even for a film with low expectations
DBPlatypus16 December 2008
It's sad. There was so much hope in me that the little guy could stare down the Hollywood gods (in this case Pixar and DreamWorks) and come out a winner. I new going in that this film had problems; no advertising, no studio release backing, many production trials, a relatively expensive cast of voice actors for a venture of this type. Still I had hope.

What I was left with was, oh how glad I am that few will see this film and remember that it was Anne Bancroft's last work. Orson Wells didn't fare as well with his, but his last wasn't as bad. This film had a brief glimmer at the beginning then quickly sank into an abyss of unoriginality, cliché, confusion, too much narration rather than exposition, and too many irritations. The movie felt like a little pebble that gets into your shoe and just irritates the crap out of you until you take off your shoe and dump it out. I haven't had this bad of a time at a movie since "Blindness" and in fairness, "Blindness" was more of a masochistic experience to watch than this.

It all started for me Monday when I was off work, bored and had nothing better to do, so I figured I'd give this underdog a shot. The worst I thought could happen would be that I'd be bored and watching a movie instead of just bored and staring at the walls at home. That's your options when all your friends are at work and you can't bare the drivel of daytime TV.

Anyway, I was worse than bored and watching a movie, but I kept in there, hoping for the little guy to give me something to grab a hold of. Unfortunately it never came. I hoped that this movie could have been something triumphant in the face of adversity. Something that overcame the great odds against it and at least made back the money invested in it. I was looking for some unlikely cinematic surprise like "Facing the Giants" or its kin "Fireproof," but to no avail. Ultimately, I lost an hour and a half and $6.50.
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FAIL... simply the worst thing I have ever seen.
hyteck918 December 2008
I LOVE movies. I LOVE computer animation. I LOVE sci-fi / fantasy. That is why I hated this film. It gives them all a bad name. Hate is a strong word I suppose. More like overwhelmed to suicidal levels with disappointment. The sarcastic term "REALLY?" popped in my mind constantly as scenes artificially set up to predictably (and very poorly) spoof classic moments from various hit movies. At no time did I connect with the characters. When they went to war I just didn't care. In fact, the only thing I found myself hoping for is that someone would kill (slowly and painfully) Delgo's mentally retarded and epileptic sidekick. That would have gotten cheers from the entire audience (which comprised of just me.) As a hobby I have been making a movie for years. writing and editing a script, creating music, and I'll soon start the CGI work on my home PC. I was really worried that my hobby movie would be worthless because the graphics and animation won't be Pixar quality but DELGO has proved to me that graphics don't make a film. The music was also dismal. My first impression of the art was positive. It looked original and unique but soon decided that nothing was particularly attractive to look at and many of the creatures had extra eyes or appendages just because... like a Jr. High school kid on crack spent too many hours in the SPORE creature creator. Overall the biggest downfall was just direction and delivery. Imagine going to see a stand up comedy show where two comedians had to deliver the same material and one is hilarious while the other is awkward, flat and has no sense of dramatic effect and timing. Delgo is the latter. If anyone from Fathom studios reads this and says, "Hey Mr. Negative Insult Guy, think you could do better?" The answer is YES. I really do. and I would jump at the chance to try.
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(maybe TOO) ambitious animation
chuck-52617 April 2010
I'll begin head-on with the frequent question: "why have I never heard of this movie?" Because of extraordinarily bad luck and timing. First, it got caught in a corporate reshuffle so it had a wide opening (planned before the reshuffle) but with no marketing publicity. Because of the wide opening it wasn't thought necessary to show it on the festival circuit or at conventions or in a limited release to specialty theaters, and when there was no advertising either the wide opening bombed. The second blow was its story didn't mesh with the zeitgeist, so it never garnered enough interest to build post-release buzz. It's best classified as an "action fairy tale", but when it came out, the fashion in animations was a more psychological and unusual story line (for example Ratatouille or Wall-E), and the "action" space was fully occupied by live action flicks (for example Star Trek). Then the third blow hit with Delgo being overshadowed by Avatar (which presented so many similarities that a lawsuit ensued).

The previous movies it brought to my mind are "Gandahar", "Battle for Terra", and "MirrorMask". The fully imagined, completely separate, alternate world with plants that look like animals and vice versa, the notably pacifistic society, the use of animals rather than machines for air transportation and for war, the psychic remote control of material objects, the conflation of mystical and political power, and the contrast of different technologies are all reminiscent of Rene Laloux's quarter century old "Gandahar" (unfortunately not readily available in North America). The very detailed alternate environment (especially the sky-whales), looming environmental collapse, and flying people are reminiscent of "Battle for Terra". And the incredibly detailed, imaginative, and overblown animations are reminiscent of "MirrorMask". (Delgo doesn't though use MirrorMask's green-screen technique to combine live actors with animation.) Similar to MirrorMask, Delgo does plenty of things right and has lots of flashes of brilliance, but in the end doesn't sufficiently "come together". It will be of interest to specialty audiences, and it will be a favorite of isolated groups of people, but it will probably never have as much mass market appeal as it hoped for. A couple things are common to the animation in all of "Delgo", "Gandahar", "Battle for Terra", and "MirrorMask": most of the animation was done with publicly available tools, and budget was the primary constraint on the animation.

As is common with most animated features, there's a lot of comic relief. Although it's pretty broad (very loud belches, eating flowers, holding the wrong door shut, a dog like creature piddling on the rug, fractured vocabulary that shames Mrs. Malaprop, and so forth) it mostly fits pretty well. The comic relief centering on the character Filo though is so over the top some will find it irritating.

As one would expect from a "fairy tale", morals are fairly obvious. There are a couple skewers directed at the Bush administration ("we must go to war to prevent a war" and "it's much easier to start a war than to stop one"), but they're sufficiently subtle many viewers won't even notice them. The "can't we all just get along" moral though is more pervasive (after all it's the central motif of the whole movie).

The animation is incredibly detailed and imaginative. Techniques like scores of light sources in a scene, moving "cameras", lots and lots of pieces moving simultaneously, clouds of dust, and shimmering foggy auras that produce their own light, are used often. The animators solve particular problems in resourceful and imaginative ways (for example a spider web modeled as a piece of cloth, or a belt that seems to ripple freely yet whose far end can be controlled). This is the first time I've seen a caustic light pattern reflected from an unseen pool of water throw its moving wavy patterns over another object. Yet the overall impression of the animation is "klunky". Why? I think because all the characters are clearly recognizable humanoids, even to the extent that characters are overlaid with the facial features of the corresponding voice actor. Even though the 3D representations are very good (one running scene is so realistic the common reaction is it couldn't have possibly been done just with regular animation tools), they're not good enough to satisfy us viewers who see humanoid forms all the time and so have extremely high standards for them. This isn't an "uncanny valley" problem; the characters aren't quite that realistic. One wishes Delgo had either gone even further (motion capture?) or had backed away a bit to more animalistic and less realistic forms (more like Spig, Spog, and the dog like creature, all of which are very successful).

In summary-- the story: closely adheres to the "action fairy tale" categorization, formulaic; but every so often will entrance someone - the animation: uneven, insufficiently restrained, and sometimes seemingly primitive when it really isn't; but worthy of close scrutiny by aficionados.
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Enjoyable if you remember it's a kids' movie.
jjack9299 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The real awful thing about this movie is that it was barely (if even) advertised, which is the only real reason I can see for it having bombed in the theatres. If you keep in mind that this is a kids' movie, you'll enjoy it; if you go in expecting a complicated plot, lots of graphic violence, swearing, or whatever else, you'll think it was lame.

The story is simple and typical of adventure movies for kids, but what did you expect? It's got a superb cast of voices, the graphics style is fresh and innovative, and perhaps with the exception of the comic relief character Filo, the characters are likable (Filo goes way beyond overboard, but again, he's there to keep kids watching and laughing). The animation is well done, only getting weird in bits where they seemed to be trying to make comic-relief characters funnier - which was obviously done to keep the attention of its younger audience. Finally, the world it's set in is beautiful, making one wish the movie were perhaps longer and more in-depth, but again, it's a kids' movie.

The people writing reviews trashing this movie have serious issues. I imagine the majority of them will find what they are looking for in James Cameron's "Avatar" when that gets released. But if you're looking for something to show your kids, or because you want to see something fantasy-adventurish, give this a try. As long as you keep the title of this review in mind, you'll enjoy it. It's not terrible by a long shot.

The only thing spoilerish that I will write in this review is that a few characters do die in this movie, so the PG-rating is appropriate.
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Let's take an hones look...
adaringdo-116 December 2008
I admit the animation was wonderful. The initial use of alien creatures was right on the mark -- special -- creative -- enticing... the voices were amazing throughout, but then there's the pesky need for a good story.

As an author of 11 scripts I noticed the scripted flaws immediately and continuously. The introduction narrative was completely unnecessary and should have been incorporated (if at all) into the movie as it unfolded.

The logic and progression of plot points were very flawed: so much so that I was annoyed that the film turned away from its initial strength 'originality' and fell on the sword of blandness. The reason so many people keep saying this film in plagiarism is simply because it follows such common event sequences you can't help but compare it to many other movies: Camelot (guards attacking the helpful hero), Star Wars (comic relief was the mirror image of a famous Gungan), Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty (hero finds a lost item, evil dragon lady,) and even the Lion King (when you see it you'll understand), etc.

The script was quite frankly pathetic in parts, but also (to be fair) had some moments of honesty. Those moments were presented but then lost when the script failed to follow-up on the logic thread.

So much of the movie is filled with clichés, and the comic relief was really annoying -- not funny -- that I was totally outside the movie and making remarks to myself (OMG, please not that, YGTBKM) instead of flowing along with the action. By the way, I was the only person in the theater. When I asked the ticket person if the movie was worth the price he said, "Opening day sold only 2 tickets." What this story has in beautiful animation and initial originality (the first few minutes) was completely lost to illogic. The amazing creatures were pushed to the background for the most part and the main characters were developed by narrative not action. We were usually told, not shown (or allowed) to feel with the characters. There was no character growth as such, just a jarring thump from one sequence to another as if the characters were puppets on a string.

How sad that what could have been a great adventure turned into trivialities. I would just like to say the burning bush had such possibilities.
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A pretty good little movie
mergatroid-17 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Some of the other reviews for this movie are completely ridiculous. One person saying how expert he is at movies stating how much better of a job he could have done. Yeah sure buddy, that's why they hired you right? Another person says how he has done 10 or 15 scripts and how he could point out all the script errors and how bad the logical progression of the story was. Uh huh. I guess 10 or 15 scripts makes you an expert.

These two people both say this is one of the worst things they have even seen. I must say, as I have in my other reviews, that if they think this is anywhere near the worst movies, then they cannot possibly have seen very many movies considering they both claim to be experts. Once again I say I have at least 50 movies in my 500 strong collection that are WAY WAY WAY worse than this movie.

I bought this movie because it was an animation I had never heard of before. When I got home first thing I did was come here and check out the reviews. Since there were a few OK reviews, and a few scathing reviews, I was sort of expecting it to be a pretty bad movie.

First thing I have to say about it is: If this movie was the studio's first attempt at a movie quality animation, then congratulations to the studio because for a first time animation they did a darn good job.

I found the story and the script to be perfectly fine. The logical progression was also fine. I understood every plot point, and agreed with everything that was happening in the story. Perhaps that one reviewer needed a few classes in logic. Perhaps this may be a good reason why people who work in "the industry" shouldn't be allowed to review movies. I know I work as a technologist, and whenever I see a TV or computer, I can always point out flaws that other people don't see.

The movie is about two different races, one powerful and one benign. The powerful race's land is destroyed (never explained) and so they ask permission to move their people into the other race's land. This is agreed to until the first race starts taking too much land, and a war results. This war is instigated by the powerful race's king's sister without permission of the king. As a result the king gives her the boot and disowns her. For revenge she kills the queen. At this, the king has her wings cut off and banishes her.

Years later, there is a peace but tension between the two races. The king's daughter meets a young man from the other race, and they begin to fall for each other. At this point, it's revealed that the king's sister is still alive and has amassed an army. She and a few traitors on the king's staff plot to overthrow the king, starting by fueling the tension between the two races instigating a war. The kings daughter is kidnapped by his sister, and the 2nd race gets blamed. However the young man who was falling in love with her goes off to rescue her and they both come back to help stop the war, rescue the king and take care of the evil sister and her cohorts.

As you can see, there is no problem with the logic here, and while the story is a little formulaic it's not a ripoff of any other story.

As for the animation, it's not up to Pixar or Dreamworks standards, but it's their first attempt so give them a break.

One reviewer said he recognized the backgrounds from circa 1980 video games. This couldn't be further from the truth, especially since I have been working with and owning computers since the days of the Timex/Sinclare 1000 and the Commodore PET. I know a video game quality background when I see one, and this wasn't it.

The backgrounds were fine, and about on par with any other animation.

The characters were not perfectly animated. They reminded me slightly of the animation work done by Mainframe Entertainment (Reboot, Beast Wars). The movie is actually better animation than the older Mainframe productions. There was an ever so slight amount of the older animation "jitter", and the movement was not perfect. However, this bodes well for their next attempt. I would expect it to be even better.

The art was really very well done. There are a lot of very odd fantastical creatures. I enjoyed every minute of watching this movie.

My own personal scale I rate my movies on in my database is from 1 to 5, and I would give this movie a 3. Middle of the road, not bad but not the best either. Kids will love it. I would put it on par with Fern Gully or maybe Happily Never After.

Buy it for your kids, they'll love it and if you're an animation lover, you will enjoy it too.
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Not for adults.. too boring
asm332-18 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Maybe this is one of those movies strictly for children under 10, but I did not enjoy this movie one bit.

The character Philo was beyond annoying and his clumsiness got old really fast.

There was also too much fighting and that got old quickly as well.

The plot is also something that has been done before.. one of those Romeo and Juliet-esquire stories.

I also thought it was poorly explained, what species is everyone? What year is it? In the beginning I thought it was going to be about dinosaurs or something.

Then again, maybe I'm too old for this. I saw it at a free screening just because it was free and did not know anything about it. They also said Delgo was a "rebellious teenager" but I did not see that much rebellion.
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TheLittleSongbird25 February 2011
I am a huge animation fan, and always have been, and most likely will always be. I always watch any movie to pass my own judgement, and although the trailer was not good at all, that didn't stop me from seeing Delgo online. And overall, while it is not the worst animated film ever or the worst movie ever, I was left unimpressed.

I thought Delgo did have a good concept, to me it sounded as though it was going to be epic and sweeping. Also the backgrounds are quite nice, with beautiful colours.

However, I was not impressed with the character designs which were not only forced and ugly but also bad video-game level. The music is also rather generic with few memorable themes. The dialogue is roundly poor, with the comedy particularly wretched, while the story is predictable, badly paced and very disjointed with some moments of inspiration but other moments of sheer clumsiness and the characters are clichéd, barely likable and I found myself indifferent to every single one of them.

The voice acting on the whole is rather bland, yes even the wonderful Anne Bancroft. Freddie Pinze Jnr especially sounds bored, and Chris Kattan like his character is very obnoxious. So all in all, rather unimpressive and disappointing. 3/10 Bethany Cox
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This should have remained a computer game...
markleachsa-12 August 2009
As a scriptwriter and producer of, and all-round lover of all types of animation, no matter where in the world it is from, I rushed to see this movie as soon as possible. The trailer looked okay and the art seemed original. So how disappointed was I when it turned out to be this bad. I spent an hour with the deepening niggle that I had seen this all before and in the end realised that, of course, I had. The character and set designs are taken from old (admittedly high quality) adventure games a la 1985, the animation movement is just a little out in many scenes, the script is an awful cobbled hash of better films, and even the voices don't really fit. It may be her last film, but sadly Anne Bancroft simply sounds old and tired. So what was Delgo about? The bad guy secretly pushing peaceful neighbours to go to war, the boy and girl from each side of the divide, the awful, bad leader/general, the overwhelming odds... yadda yadda yadda. You've seen it all before, and the fact that it is from a "new independent" studio makes no difference to its quality, which is cynically derivative, rushed to the screen and generally inferior. Do yourself a favour and play the old adventure games instead. They still have an air of naive originality.
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I hate the (anti)Hollywood System.
TheFinalAlias22 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
In every culture, no matter how democratic, no matter how open free speech is; there'll always be unspoken, unwritten rites of passage that must be obeyed with only ostracization as an alternative if we disobey(and sometimes even when we DO obey)them. And since this is true for real cultures; it is also true for sub-cultures; or in this case; the fan-boy wanking pulpit that is film-making aesthetic integrity.

I however, have NO reputation to lose, therefore, it's my duty to face ostracization for what I am about to say.

Independent films, and their maker's, are festering Cancer's on film, and should be discarded the way Roman's threw Christian's to lions.

We're told by them, that we HAVE to like independent films, without question, and that even if we dislike just one, or don't go see it; then we are all rednecks who eat Mcdonald's and listen to rap, that's what they say, and it's become an inalienable right of passage that we must agree. Disgusting.

It never occurs to them, that the people who dislike their swill have REASONS. It never occurs to them that that person DOESN'T like Mcdonald's or rap music, it never occurs to them that the people who hate their film's are huge enthusiast's of independent cinema who just didn't like one particular work, or that that person could be an artist, maybe even just an armchair intellectual; nope. According to them; if you dislike just ONE independent film, then you are automatically a redneck who eat's fast food and listens to rap, end of story. The people who iterate such opinion's call themselves's artists; I call them Nazis.

Now, don't get me wrong, I hate big-budget Hollywood crap as much as they do, in fact, anyone who knows me knows my disgust with remakes and those so-called 'parody' movies which don't parody anything. However, those are justifiable reason's for hating Hollywood, and you never hear those from Indie fans. They say it's about denying artistic freedom, it's not. It's supposedly because Hollywood makes bad film's, it's not, even though there are bad Hollywood films, undeniably.

Such was the case with 'Delgo' which I saw month's ago. The story was so unoriginal it was appalling, the animation looked similar to, but worse than those direct-to-DVD Barbie movies, with character's that looked like speculations of what evolved animal's would resemble. I don't even remember much about it, was probably the only person there, save this woman yakking on her cell phone while her kids ran around, and some sleeping geezer who kept having night terrors about someone named Charlie, he was much more entertaining.

Yeah, I hated it. Unfortunately, it was a indie film, and thus, I suddenly found myself branded a redneck who eats Mcdonald's and listens to (c)rap by decree of the grand Dragon of Indie film. I'm not kidding, check the positive reviews for this film, particularly the ones that have ONLY reviewed 'Delgo', SOMEONE has been paid to write them. Also hate the defense that 'Delgo' is better than any other animated movies because it's indie, how does that make something good or bad? I judge something on how well it entertains me or appeals to my sensibilities, how can you say 'Delgo's' better than 'Wall-E'? I know, everyone say's it's because everyone at Disney are fat-cats so we shouldn't see their movies. Who cares, honestly? I would have hated John Wayne if I'd met him, but that doesn't stop me from loving his acting. How is 'Delgo' any better, if 'Wall-E' is bad because it succeeded? The producer of 'Delgo' is some millionaire who financed it as part of a proposed trilogy intending to make millions; so what's the difference between 'greedy' Disney and this dude? Simple, his film didn't make money because of bad advertising, so he complains like a baby about it, and calls us a bunch of idiots who can't understand 'Art'. Jesus, if he'd spent as much advertising 'Delgo'(or better yet, trying to write a good story and making a good movie; after all, this film is 'Art' that I'm too dumb to get and 'Wall-E' was just drivel for the masses made by fat-cats who don't care about quality, right?)as he's spent complaining about it's failure then maybe someone would've actually gone to see it.

I admire filmmakers who try and gain artistic freedom without studio distribution. But that doesn't automatically make EVERYTHING indie into 'Art', in most cases, it's because the filmmakers are bad spokesmen. Ask yourself, what's worse: A greedy millionaire's film you can judge on it's own terms, or a greedy millionaire's film that you HAVE to like or get called a simpleton?

Lastly, I really hate how 'Delgo's defender's defend it as being Anne Bancroft's last film, and call us hypocrites for going to see 'The Dark Knight' because it was Ledger's last film(actually, it wasn't and most didn't)and not going to see 'Delgo'. That is just a pure bad taste defense and proves that the makers of 'Delgo' are the REAL greedy whores, they just couldn't make a halfway decent film like the other ones. It's also clear from the fact that this review has been down-voted by 7 people within the space of a day on this heretofore slow-moving board that the filmmakers are wise to me, and are fraudulently down-voting my review, all they're doing is proving my point. Let the hate flow, fan-boys.~
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Poorly rendered lead characters and bad comedy sink what might have been an okay film
dbborroughs28 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Animated film about love and tolerance from Fathom Studios would have been a great film if they had just removed the two groups that are the main characters. In all honesty I would have loved to just watch the landscapes and the creatures that in habit wander about for 90 minutes. Instead I got a bunch of ill designed, poorly animated bi-pedal lizard like people creatures battling with some fairy like creatures who's land went barren and who wanted more than the land the lizards offered them. I don't know. Its a mess of a movie. The sort of thing that even SciFi wouldn't have run were it live action.This feels like a direct to video release that never gets even a cable screening. You know you're in trouble when you don't like the look of the main characters, and then things get worse when you add in sub-humorous comedy. Its a shame that this got a theatrical release when there are dozens of better films that can't even see the light of day. Clearly someone wanted to see the landscapes on a big screen. given the choice I'd take a pass and stare out a window instead.
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Enjoyable, unique visual style, archetypal plot, but fun
force5seal17 December 2008
This movie was an enjoyable archetypal hero story that used a wholly creative new style of animation that I have not seen before creating a very strong feel to the film. The visuals were absolutely vivid. Fast paced, sometimes to its own detriment, this movie does a great job of keeping the story moving but often short changes some details that could lead to stronger character development. However if this movie in fact is a part of a trilogy as has been proposed, then this is a strong start setting the stage for more complex character development and even greater involvement in this fantasy world that clearly had a lot of thought and depth to it. I liked it. The characters each grew and evolved throughout the film. Even if only slightly, the changes were noticeable. The all-star cast lends charisma and charm to the characters. I felt immersed in their alien world. I felt that the characters were both real and grounded. They didn't consist of airy nothingness like the characters in so many created worlds. It was an interesting story based on political mistrust, fear, diversity, misunderstanding, and love. It was a movie that we can relate to and that can inspire. Go see it. More than anything this movie suffered from a total lack of an advertising campaign. With no advertisement it is no surprise that this movie had such a poor start.
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I liked it very much
tomkammes9 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I liked it very much Yesterday I first saw this movie and I really liked, to rent a DVD from the video store, I did not know most protected and liked me. The land of Jhamora is torn apart by the mutual prejudice of two peoples—the winged Nohrin, masters of the skies, and the terrestrial Lockni, who harness the mystical powers of the land. When Delgo (Freddie Prinze, Jr.), a reckless Lockni teenager, forms an outlawed friendship with the spunky Nohrin Princess Kyla (Jennifer Love Hewitt), hostilities between the two peoples escalate, setting the stage for an exiled Empress Sedessa (Anne Bancroft) to exact her revenge and reclaim her rule. Falsely imprisoned, Delgo and his faint-hearted best friend, Filo (Chris Kattan), must put aside their differences to join forces with a sworn enemy (Val Kilmer) and travel to the mysterious land of Perran, where they discover more than just a scorned Empress and her two bumbling servants.
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peachyevey14 December 2008
We went and saw this opening weekend for the last show of the evening. We were the only ones in the theater. This disappointed me, since Delgo was really a fun film to watch. There were no surprises and there were a few moments that had me rolling my eyes. But over all we had a great time. My two year kept getting the alien races confused with real animals as they made the same sounds (ribbits and moos). This film was well animated, well voiced, and well scripted. I would have enjoyed this movie without having a child with me. Go see this film. It deserves to at least earn back the cost of making this film. Delgo was very promising. I'd like to see more from this production company.
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Stolen? Hardly
spammo100010 December 2008
I don't know where "tbqfh" (very brave use of your real name there guy) got his information from, but as one of the creators of the original plot I can tell you that the idea for this movie, though hardly unique, was not stolen from anyone. I know a lot (and I mean A LOT) of time, effort, and money went into this production, and while I think the fruits of the labor it bore are rather weak I do applaud the team of artists and production staff who have finally brought their work to the big screen. The amount of time this production took is forgivable considering the small production staff, which was less than a quarter of what goes into a larger studio's work force. Congratulations to everyone involved-glad it's over.
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An excellent, quality animation nearly ruined by the the idiot sidekick
grafxman21 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This animation has a terrific if familiar storyline (rescue a princess), great characters (good and evil) with unique powers, etc. Unique animals (some fly, some don't) are used in a variety ways from day to day utility and even combat.

Unfortunately the makers of this flick apparently were in love with Jar Jar Binks and decided to create a similar super idiotic annoying side kick for the hero. You remember Jar Jar from Star Wars I the Phantom Menace. Fortunately apparently someone with a brain realized what a mistake the character was and it is not seen much except for the first several scenes. All in all and excellent animation and I'm hoping for a sequel.
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Not as bad as everyone says
JoeB13124 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This film is best remembered as the 40 million dollar bomb that grossed less than a million.

The thing is that it wasn't that bad of a fantasy film and actually looks pretty good in terms of the graphics. It had an okay cast and the plot was typical for this kind of kiddie film. War bad, can't we all just get along. (Okay, the real world doesn't work like that, but we can't put that in a kiddie film.) Mostly, it's just a paint by numbers movie, and the plot is about as predictable as you can get.

Some of the big name actors disappear into their roles, while others (like the ubiquitous Malcolm McDowell) are pretty obvious. I think overall, the producers were more motivated by the craft of their animation and less concerned in giving the characters something interesting to do or giving them any depth.
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frodoshobo10 August 2007
I got to see this with a friend and I wasn't sure what it was about. I'm not a movie critic, but since I got to see it for free I thought I would post something. It's really a fantasy movie and I thought the best part was how the world and characters and creatures looked. it was really colorful but not too plastic like some animated movies are. I admit I am a fan of fantasy and animated movies, but I think some of my friends who don't like the movies I like might like this one just because it is pretty different. I liked some characters better than others. Filo is the comedy sidekick character and my friend thought he was funny but I didn't love him. I usually hate sidekicks anyway. I actually don't like some of the people who did voices but I didn't notice it was them in the movie. They all did a pretty good job. I thought the story was pretty cool. Nothing really shocked me but it wasn't cheesy and it had a lot of good action scenes. I really liked the flying fighting and some of the fights with creatures. I am forgetting a lot of things now because it is pretty long and a lot of stuff happens, especially in the second half. I will probably see it again when it comes out.
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it is a must see movie
jaemiewaters16 February 2012
it is a must see movie it is a super movie you just have to watch this amazing movie i never saw anything like this in my life it is a wonderful movie your whole family will enjoy this masterpiece of a movie you will die after you see this amazing film it is a outstanding family movie Delgo is a must see movie for everyone i say Delgo is the best animated movie in 2008 for sure it was the best movie know all around the world i never saw a movie like this before they should make a second Delgo called Delgo 2 now that would be a great movie you will say now that was a super movie this is a award winning movie it is one of the best movies ever made you will die after you see this amazing movie it is the best animated movie of 2008 for sure i never saw a movie like this before now this is what i call a great movie this should be the number 1 animated movie in the world
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A disappointment, with some brief good moments
rgcustomer13 February 2010
Wow. It's like Lord of the Rings never happened at the start of the decade.

Even the opening credits sequence with those bloated flying things just made me cringe.

It appears to have been written and animated by middle-schoolers, and yes they were probably high too. They had to bring in all that big-name talent to do the voices, or the handful of people who did go see this film wouldn't have even gone.

However, I do credit the animators with at least making a handful of nice images in the film. But really, a film like this should be beautiful to look at from start to finish, not just a few brief instants.

There are not-so-subtly racist overtones, and the use of the slur "pansies" renders it even unfit for viewing by children, although infants are probably the only age group likely to be able to enjoy it.

Watching this, I feel insulted as a viewer. It's geared towards infants, as far as I can tell. Of course, so was Toy Story, but the difference is that Toy Story is a masterpiece, and this is ... not.

And the thing was about 30 minutes too long.

If I had been associated with this project, I would have wanted it to disappear quickly and be permanently "lost". I would not be alleging that a more competent team "stole" it. But, these days, it seems the courts are the refuge of the incompetent, when it comes to content creation. Avatar is such a superior work that obviously required far more effort, that there is just no way that the Delgo team could ever hope to claim to have contributed to it. Rather, it seems more likely to me as a viewer that Delgo was ripped off from Avatar, and rushed out the door to beat it to market. An inside job.
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I really enjoyed this and this movie deserves better ratings
lisaofshades15 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I like to rate movies according to what they are, and not compare them to the best I have ever seen. Like KAENA the prophecy, this movie wasn't made with a full body suit to capture motion, so the animation wasn't fluid, it looks like dolls on strings at time, but like the dark crystal it can give a warm feeling and amaze. Don't compare this movie to Disney, pixar, star wars or Steven Spielberg movies, of course you'll mind yourself for disappointment! But there is a story & heart.

When I saw the camouflage of a beast at the beginning, it surprised me. That was enough to earn a place in my heart. It's full of Ideas. The armors, decorations, and wings are gorgeous. (Pi eyed logo! <3) They put a whole lot of effort on creatures, cultures and psychology for a mere 2h. I got moved by the morbid way to cope someone used after a harsh punishment. The humor was unique too.

You won't start a cult with this movie, or get the hero's face tattooed on your ass, but this movie has a heart and deserves respect. It's a nice opportunity to think and laugh.

The animation isn't intimidating; it made me believe that it's possible for a novice to start somewhere, and was inspiring. I don't think that only big shots should be allowed to animate. Anybody who try had the right to be seen and appreciated as they improve and do their best.

Everything is said and done; I liked how they made it fresh. There's a bit of Romeo and Juliet, of Indian against invaders, of family issues, and that sometimes going to war blindly is only good for someone behind the scene pulling the strings and we should look further than our differences and bitterness.

None of the characters put me in awe, (except maybe the mad scientist and it's not even a secondary character) because they all have flaws, they all mess up! Somehow that makes them more lovable than some exaggerated fake that just plain tell you that you can't ever get as good as them, and must do everything perfectly or you are a complete failure. In delgo they have flaws, and do their bests in spite of them, and even surpass them and succeed after failing miserably, sometimes for the whole movie. And that's inspiring in a warmer way, because life without mistakes... well, there's no such thing.


I liked the clash of the wise old generation and the impatience of the young. The wise people (women too yay!) didn't go to war eagerly not because of weakness, but because they were so powerful that they didn't want to be cruel for the smallest reasons.

It's rare to see gabling problems be spoken about, especially in kid shows. Gambling is usually glorified. But in Delgo, they show that no matter how powerful you are, if you don't control your weaknesses, your enemies can use them against you before you even have the chance to fight!

I like how the stupidest guy can actually find his own weird way and succeed.

It's full of subtle humor, sudden ironic unexpected humor... Shows usually use cheap fart jokes, and if you are into that you probably should watch Shrek over and over instead. There was some stupid things, but usually they used well thought unexpected humor. I like that.

Someone does something crazy, and a villain mocks him, but turns out it was a brilliant idea. In our society where mental illness is the new witch hunt, it warmed my heart to show that sometimes, taking a leap of faith against all odds is the right thing to do.

Avatar probably stole the seed design from an insect in there... that's how good some of their ideas were. They really tried hard with what they have, for this, not the result, I bow down in amused respect.

I liked the magic stone ideas, there's some humor and wisdom about them. We even get a flying sword fight! There's everything!!!

And people find a way to complain... Instead to compare it to the best you saw, compare it to what you can actually do... and if you are indeed god all mighty... just find an excuse to have a laugh WITH IT and a good time, instead to feel bitter laughing at something that did it's personal best with all its heart. Some people wrote that it made them feel better to spit venom at the movie's downfall to think about something else than the cancer of a relative... how about enjoying a good movie with your relative instead and laughing at the sudden jokes they made together. Share their world and connect with their issues with compassion, that will take your mind off yours, and then you'll feel compassion for people around you too, instead to nurture venom. Negativity actually influences the body's toxins and makes the PH acid… no wonder people get sick with that way of thinking. Nurturing kindness isn't harder, it just takes more heart. And that movie is full of good will.

Delgo is a good warm movie about fighting adversity against all hopes. About believing better when people tell you that all is lost and that you have no other choices...

Just enjoy things for what they are already. Yeah an orange lily isn't as romantic as a red rose, but it's still beautiful, smells good, and do its best to bloom.

Give happiness a chance.
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Bad, boring, confusing, waste of life!
mikeallen2118 June 2015
I have never seen an animated film this bad.

The narration is like nails on a chalkboard.

The direction is like a 3 year old throwing darts at random ideas and actually missing the entire board often! The characters are sooooooo cliché that the word cliché doesn't keep up.

The plot is very simple and yet totally confusing at the same time- something that is very difficult to do.

I watched with my 5 year old son thinking it would go over his head and he could just enjoy the animation- WRONG! He told me 'Dad I want to like the movie, and its a cartoon and everything but my brain is telling me I don't like this movie even a little bit. Can we just turn it off? I did. The night improved as soon as I hit the off switch.
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What were they thinking?
Java_Joe25 May 2019
I'm all for following your dreams. I'm all for thinking outside the box. And I'm all for trying something new that really speaks to you. But there comes a time that you need to take a step back and wonder what went on during the making of a movie.

Delgo is now known for being one of the biggest flops out there. But when it was being announced this was supposed to represent a movie made outside of the Hollywood system. It was a labor of love by the producer who always wanted to make a movie. The problem is in trying to make a movie they didn't try to make a good movie. At it's heart it's a love story, kinda like Romeo and Juliet. That is if Romeo and Juliet were poorly animated abominations.

The animation in this honestly looks like something you'd find in some 90's TV show with a decent budget. It's not fluid, it's rather choppy and the walk cycles that these creatures have doesn't look good. So already that's a big strike against it. But a lot of that could be forgiven if the story and the actors are good.

Like other animated failures they dove deep into the B-list of Hollywood to get the wrong actors to portray these characters. Sure maybe at one point the actors were considered on the cusp of the A-list and had a couple of movies under their belt but there's simply no excuse for casting Chris Kattan as anything. His character of Filo is beyond annoying, but then I guess you could say that's what he built his career on so mission accomplished?

Then there's the story itself. It's just boring. I know what a lot of people are saying that it's a kids movie. And that's all well and good but too often I find this is the excuse given for bad movies. It's like you expect a kids movie to be bad but why should we subject our kids to mindless entertainment? Is it asking too much to give them something of substance which the adults can also enjoy?

And of course the elephant in the room when people say it rips off Avatar. Sure there are similarities here and there but a similarity doesn't mean one was ripped from the other. After all Avatar was conceived of back in the 90's. To say that James Cameron saw this and said, "that's what I want in my movie" is just being silly.

In the end this is a forgettable movie and a bit of a wake up call to future filmmakers. Before trying to shoot for the moon, try aiming a little lower first. It won't hurt as much if you fail and fall to the ground.
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Good points overshadowed by poor script & characters
ridiculonius11 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This movie could've been a lot better. It had its good moments, but those are quickly forgotten when they stand in the shadow of the lame script and 2-dimensional characters.

The plot is your standard "warring countries just a result of misunderstanding and solved by a romance" tale, with the Lockni and Nohrin tribes set against each other due to land-grabbing and an ambitious Nohrin noble. When Sedessa (Anne Bancroft), the Nohrin King's younger sister, begins to slaughter the Lockni people in order to gain more of their land, she is quickly disinherited by the peaceful King. In an attempt to get back at her brother, Sedessa poisons his wife and would've done away with him, too, if his infant daughter hadn't awoken him with her cries. Banished and removed of the wings that all Nohrin people have, Sedessa rallies the dull-witted and violent goblin creatures in her new home, seeking her revenge. 15 years later, a Lockni teen named Delgo (Freddie Prinze Jr.) meets Princess Kyla (Jennifer Love- Hewitt) of the Nohrin, and sparks fly. When Delgo is framed for kidnapping Kyla, it is up to him, his fumbling friend Filo (Chris Kattan), and a disgraced General named Bogardus (Val Kilmer) to stop Sedessa and rescue the princess before all hell breaks loose.

The story, despite its generic nature, is fun and engaging. The world that the film creates is beautiful and exotic, populated by bizarre creatures and featuring some wonderfully animated landscapes. The violence is spectacularly done, and can even be quite dark at times. If nothing else, it is a treat to watch, and that's saying something considering that this film wasn't done by any big-budget companies.

The script is where the movie falls flat. The dialogue is even more generic than the plot, and it provides little to no character development. Delgo is a pretty run-of-the-mill teen hero, and his romance with Kyla (an even less fleshed-out character) is dry and unbelievable. Filo, who is supposedly the comedy-relief, is more irritating than funny - he talks far too much and his voice can get incredibly grating. Sedessa's henchman Spig (Eric Idle) is much funnier, despite the fact that his role is much smaller. Sedessa herself is pretty smooth and enjoyable to watch, though her motivation is weak and she just comes off as petty at times. The best character by far is General Bogardus, who actually has a complete story arc and some (attempted) development.

Overall, Delgo was an OK movie - there are many moments where you can see the potential shining through, and it's almost sad to know how great the film could've been. It's nothing special, but it's still fun and enjoyable, simply for the action scenes and the animation in general. I wouldn't recommend you see it anytime soon, but there's definitely no harm in doing so.
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DELGO's place in the cartoon universe revealed
charlytully20 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not exactly an animation buff. Last year I did watch 50 feature-length toons (13 in movie theaters), but so far in 2008 I've cut back to only 17 (including 14 in theaters). Since most of the previous comments seem to have an ax to grind on the extreme ends of the scale, I'll just try to stick to some comparative impartial facts to help others decide if this is their cup of tea (like so many others, I was the only one in the theater during my screening, so I obtained no benefit from the reactions of fellow audience members).

If you enjoyed AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE COLON MOVIE FILM FOR THEATERS, absolutely do NOT see DELGO (it has no fake fast food to feed your warped tastes). This story is more original and less revisionist than HAPPILY N'VER AFTER, and the comic relief characters of Filo and Spig are no lamer than their counterparts in TMNT (2007). The sense of peril in DELGO is not as great as kids would experience during ARTHUR & THE INVISIBLES, but children can better identify with the actual humans in the similarly sci-fi MEET THE ROBINSONS. Though Michael Clark Duncan as Jedi-like/Jedi-lite Marley and the late Anne Bancroft as the evil self-styled Empress Sedessa provide DELGO's most distinctive voice work, they really can't compete with SHREK III's Eddie Murphy and Carmeron Diaz. I would say, however, the faux history of DELGO is just as understandable and even richer than that of SURF'S UP. Furthermore, the violence is not as gory as anime offerings such as PAPRIKA or VEXILLE. Make no mistake; this movie is not a gem like RATATOUILLE, WALL-E, PERSEPOLIS, or even KUNG FU PANDA. But at least with DELGO you don't have to worry about a favorite story from childhood being butchered, as you might with HORTON HEARS A WHO. Though FLY ME TO THE MOON topped SPACE CHIMPS, it does not add as much to the cartoon universe as DELGO. Sure, it's not topical like the SIMPSON'S MOVIE or the BEE MOVIE, but it did a better job of keeping me awake than either the abysmal DOOGAL or THE PIRATES WHO DON'T DO ANYTHING: A VEGGIE TALES MOVIE. And regardless of whether DELGO rips off the George Lucas empire, it's still more worthwhile than STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS (talk about beating a dead horse!).
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