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Season 2

19 Oct. 2004
Episode #2.1
Vicky Pollard is caught hiding mix n' match candy in her pants at a supermarket. Dafydd comes out to his parents, but his mother's reaction is not quite what he expects. Emily has a new companion, a novice transvestite with a moustache. Marjorie Dawes advises one of her Fat Fighters to "waddle back to your seat". At the local spa, Bubbles offers to pay her huge bills in an inappropriate manner. Maggie and Judy's stomachs turn on learning the jam at the village fete was made by a lesbian.
26 Oct. 2004
Episode #2.2
Emily and Florence visit a bridal shop to try on some very lady-like wedding dresses, Harvey demands "Bitty" in a restaurant, Bubbles De Vere singes herself while evading capture, Andy sees off Lou's new girlfriend, Sebastian meets his match in Marvin the US President's political aide, Dafydd decides to start a gay stall at the village fête, Vicky Pollard goes roller-skating in a pink string bikini, and Judy and Maggie are soon sick of Blake's 7 star Paul Darrow.
2 Nov. 2004
Episode #2.3
Vicky makes a nuisance of herself on a bus, Lou takes Andy to the ice-rink, on their ladylike saunter through the park Emily and Florence encounter some boisterous boys playing football, and Dafydd goes to an audition for the Llandewi Breffi version of Hamlet. Meanwhile, Marjorie Dawes surprises everyone at Fat Fighters by being nice to the longsuffering Meera (although it's got nothing to do with Meera's lottery win, honest!).
9 Nov. 2004
Episode #2.4
Emily and Florence flounce off to the ballet, while Dr Lawrence takes Anne to the theater. Marjorie Dawes treats her Fat Fighters to a Scrooge-like Christmas dinner. Sebastian is shocked to hear that the Prime Minister's wife is pregnant. Lou offers to take Andy to church to do a reading - despite the fact that he wants to go dressed as the Baby Jesus, and the vicar gets an unexpected reaction when his parishioners try out his mince pies.
16 Nov. 2004
Episode #2.5
Vicky Pollard tries to con her way into a Blazin' Squad gig. Daffyd is disgusted when barmaid Myfanwy marries her girlfriend Rhiannon. Lou and Andy go bowling, while Emily and Florence have a go at tennis. Kenny Craig has got himself a girlfriend; Harvey gets hungry when he and his fiancée meet their wedding caterer; and Dead Ringers star John Culshaw makes a guest appearance as Andrew Lloyd Webber.
23 Nov. 2004
Episode #2.6
Lou and Andy visit the seaside. Dafydd is back in the village after watching a rugby match. Vicky Pollard shows off her new black boyfriend. In a quiet English church, worshippers are startled to hear visiting Harlem preacher, the Reverend Jessie King urging them to get out of the ghetto. Meanwhile, Marjorie Dawes does her best to ruin a Fat Fighters' engagement party, and love-struck aide Sebastian behaves outrageously at the Prime Minister's election victory party.

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