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Season 2

11 Jul. 2005
Episode #2.1
With DI Trevor Hands now in charge, the team investigates the stabbing of Ed Vilarin who collapses on the street, stabbed with an ice pick. There are several lines of enquiry. The police suspect that the he may have been involved in selling stolen mobile phones. He may also have been killed as part of a game of phone tag. Also, the victim had only recently reconciled with his estranged father who needed a kidney transplant. The use of a stolen credit card leads them to the killer. The team welcomes a new DC, Eva Sharpe who works on the case and proves to be a top ...
18 Jul. 2005
Episode #2.2
The team investigates the death of Gerrard Anderson, a doctor at a local hospital who either jumped or fell off the hospital roof, crashing through a skylight on to the floor of the hospital canteen. Anderson was well liked by almost all of the hospital staff but one doctor in particular, Stewart Masters, doesn't have much good to say about him. The police believe that Anderson may have stumbled on to a drug dealer in the hospital but the case takes a different turn when they learn that he was investigating the case of a young woman who died after routine surgery.
25 Jul. 2005
Episode #2.3
The team investigates the death of Sean Reynolds who is found dead at the wheel of his car. Reynolds was a professional footballer and the autopsy reveals that he died from a severe blow to the back of the head. His wife confirms that her husband had been receiving hate mail and threatening phone calls. As he was about to leave his football club as a free agent, it was put down to irate fans. The investigation leads them to a particularly rabid fan, Jason Phelps, but his information leads them right back to a more likely suspect.
1 Aug. 2005
Episode #2.4
The team has a sexual predator on their hands when a dead woman is found gagged and strangled in her flat. The woman was a crimes scene examiner and well known to them. There are several obvious suspects including an ex-boyfriend. The case takes a particular twist when a second woman is killed. There are many similarities with the first murder, but there are a sufficient number of discrepancies to convince them they have a copycat killer on their hands. The problem is that both physical and cctv evidence points to DI Trevor Hands as being the most likely suspect.

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