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A winner for FNC. The show that shows the trials, scandals, and crime stories so well.
blanbrn15 June 2007
A lot of people feel this is a weak link on the FNC lineup, I disagree I think that Greta is informative, entertaining and her program is interesting it always reports stories as fair and balanced. Greta continues to shine just like she did in her CNN days as a legal analyst. "On the Record" is really a great show to watch if you like issues that involve crime and justice. When scandals, trials, and crime occur this program is always on top as Greta interviews and investigates she also has many experts on as guest. So give this show a try at 10PM weeknights on FNC it's worth it. With so many famous stars now getting in trouble and the scandals that occur in justice and politics this program in my opinion will continue to be watched it serves as a good law education.
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I am not a fan of this show.
mm-3913 April 2011
I am not a fan of "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren". On the record is not a horrible show. I find Greta and Beck's persona's better for radio. Sometimes, a person's voice, and verbal mannerisms do not transcend well to television. I do not know why I am not a fan of this show! Maybe, it is the placement of the show after O'Reilly and Hannity. One is inundated with conservative news with the above mentioned shows and view more the same with Greta. I find that Greta has the same quests as O'Reilly and Hannity too. How often can one watch Williams, Goldberg, etc! I will watch the show if Greta has a very interesting guest or some interesting clip from today's news. Usually, I am to newsed out when Greta is on. I give "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" a six out of ten
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CNN got Paula Zahn, so Fox got Greta, how's that fair??
movieman_kev16 December 2003
let my put it this way, If the Fox News channel prime-time line-up were a family (with O'Rielly being the Dad, Hannity & Colmes being the multiple-personality Mom, Sheperd Smith being the mischievious boy) then Greta would NO DOUBT by the re-headed step child who is too stupid to ask bright questions. She asks such inanely stupid questions that a normal person just has to question why oh WHY did Fox take her from CNN.
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