Lords of Dogtown (2005) Poster

Victor Rasuk: Tony



  • Tony : [after Sid wipes out, HARD, and is unconscious in the pool]  Dude, are you okay?

    Sid : I can't feel my feet!

    [takes out a joint, sets in mouth] 

    Sid : But, then again, I can never feel my feet!

    [laughs. Tony slaps him, he starts groaning] 

  • Tony : This is our time, bros!

    Jay : That's bullshit, bro. We surf and we skate every day. We get to do whatever we want.

  • Jay : [the Z-Boys want to drain and skate Sid's pool, Sid comes out of his house]  What did he say?

    Sid : "Sid, are you high? The pool's for swimming!"

    Jay : Tell him we'll fill it back up when we're done.

    Sid : He said if you got hurt, you'll sue him.

    Jay : We're not gonna sue him.

    Sid : He said your parents would.

    Stacy : Our parents can't even afford lawyers.

    Tony : Hey, let me talk to him.

    Sid : Hey, the only Mexicans my dad talks to push lawnmowers.

    [Tony grabs him playfully] 

  • Tony : I just wanted Dad to see the stupid trophy.

    Kathy Alva : Who gives a shit about Dad?

    Skip : Yeah, hey, man, listen. You stood up for your friend. We're proud of you.

    Tony : [yelling at the judges]  This contest don't mean shit to me anyway!

  • Tony : [to Stacey]  Grab your pad and take notes, Peralta!

  • Tony : What's wrong, Jayboy? Don't got no hair on your inch worm yet?

  • Tony : I wanna make money, get laid every night. I wanna do it all right fucking now.

    Jim 'Red Dog' Muir : Hell yeah, I'm gonna make out with two chicks tonight!

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