Lords of Dogtown (2005) Poster

Emile Hirsch: Jay



  • Stacy : [in full skate gear, speaking of Tony]  You guys even skate with him anymore?

    Jay : Dude's competing with the sun for the center of the universe.

    [Stacy shrugs, walks off] 

    Jay : [to Sid]  Stacy looks like a stock car.

  • Gabrielle : Hey! You totally blew me away!

    Jay : What? You wanna blow me?

    [the Z-Boys laugh] 

    Gabrielle : Maybe!

  • Tony : This is our time, bros!

    Jay : That's bullshit, bro. We surf and we skate every day. We get to do whatever we want.

  • Jay : [the Z-Boys want to drain and skate Sid's pool, Sid comes out of his house]  What did he say?

    Sid : "Sid, are you high? The pool's for swimming!"

    Jay : Tell him we'll fill it back up when we're done.

    Sid : He said if you got hurt, you'll sue him.

    Jay : We're not gonna sue him.

    Sid : He said your parents would.

    Stacy : Our parents can't even afford lawyers.

    Tony : Hey, let me talk to him.

    Sid : Hey, the only Mexicans my dad talks to push lawnmowers.

    [Tony grabs him playfully] 

  • Jay : [to Sid]  I'll let you bang my mom!

  • Stacy : [now knowing about Jay and Kathy being together]  When were you going to tell me you were with her?

    Jay : You couldn't handle her.

  • Kathy Alva : Take your boxers off.

    Jay : No way.

  • Jay : Dude, you just got patty slapped.

    [boys begin to laugh] 

  • Sid : [smoking medicinal marijuana]  The, uh, doctor prescribes it now.

    [hands him the joint] 

    Sid : Heard you were sick, too.

    Jay : Hell, yeah.

  • Skip : [after Stacy received the Z-boys t-shirt at the diner]  You earned it, bro...

    Sid : Yeah, you're one of us now!

    Jay : That maggot has always been one of us.

    Skip : Yeah, wear it with pride, man.

    Stacy : You know I will!

    Skip : Hey, Stacey, that t-shirt will get you more titty than you ever dreamed of, man!


    Kathy Alva : I got my boy covered, Skip.


  • Stacy : [Jay is rolling the window in Stacey's car up and down, breaks off the handle]  Damn it, Jay! Do you know how much this is gonna cost me to fix? you're an idiot!

    Jay : [gives friends a scared look]  Sorry...

  • Jay : [Biniak yells in Sid's ear, making him wipe out]  dude, he's got that inner ear thing!

    Bob Biniak : Suck my inner ear, Jay-Boy!

  • Jay : [talking to Kathy]  Gimmie Kitty!

  • Jay : [as the Z-Boys drive by two elderly women on the street]  Kiss me, granny! Get me some of the vintage ass!

  • Donnie : She's uh, she's crazy, Jay.

    Jay : That's why you love her... Right?

  • Jay : [after telling Stacy he didn't make the team]  Sorry.

    [Touches his chest] 

    Jay : What's that, huh?

  • Stacy : [about starting his own team]  i already have a logo.

    Jay : A logo! Screw the team, I mean... You got a logo!

  • Chino : Wear em with pride, man!

    Jay : [nasally, mocking tone]  Yeah, wear em with pride, man!

    Chino : [grabs jay's shirt]  Or we'll rip them off your bony little backs! You understand?

    Jay : [scared look]  Yeah...

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