"The Wonderful World of Disney" Eloise at Christmastime (TV Episode 2003) Poster

Sofia Vassilieva: Eloise



  • Eloise : I absolutely love Christmas!

  • Bill : So, how's that Christmas list coming?

    Eloise : Still one or two items short.

    Bill : How many you got so far?

    Eloise : Seventy three. What? I think it's nice to give Santa lots of options.

  • Mr. Peabody : Where's Cornelia?

    Eloise : She had to go chase down her paycheck.

  • Eloise : Mr. Peabody?

    Mr. Peabody : [groan]  Oh no

    Eloise : I have a bone to pick with you!

    Mr. Peabody : Please, no bones today Eloise.

    Eloise : But it's a matter of life and death!

    Mr. Peabody : Where's Cornelia?

    Eloise : Uhm...I believe she had to step out.

  • Eloise : [talking about nanny always saying things three times]  I asked her once why she always did that... then she told me not to be so rude, rude, rude!

  • Eloise : Chefs know all kinds of things about everything! Like how to tell how ripe a pomegranate is, and who has eloped with the milkman!

  • Eloise : [ordering room service]  Will you send up one raising, one steak bone, two bowls of oatmeal

    [Nanny gestures] 

    Eloise : and some rather hot coffee.

  • Nanny : Wait wait wait! We've got to have our breakfast before we go shopping!

    Eloise : I found half a croissant under my bed.

    [slams the door and makes the garland fall] 

  • Nanny : You look as if you've seen a ghost.

    Eloise : [weakly]  I have. The Ghost of Christmas Present. Nanny, Mrs. Thornton has come back to haunt me.

  • Eloise : [shines a light in Nanny's face and wakes her up]  I have to speak to Mr. Peabody, he can't just throw Mrs. Thornton out, it's not right!

    Nanny : [half awake]  Wha-wha-what time is it?

    Eloise : It's time for justice!

  • Eloise : Sometimes Ma-ma sends for me and we go on adventures. Once she took me to a fashion show in Milan and I threw up on Coco Chanel.

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