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They finally got it right
When I heard that they were making another X file game I got a little worried because the last game bombed. So after waiting and waiting and then the day came to go and get that game,I brought it home and played it and I was just surprised and greatly pleased with all the new improvements. And the creepy music that makes the game really feel like your watching the TV show. Over all what makes this game really good is the dark graphics and real life voice overs of Mulder and Scully played by David Duchovny and Gillan Anderson. Other characters appear in the game like Alex Krycheck and CGB as well as the late lone Gunmen. If your a X file fan then you are gonna love this game. 9/10
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Awesome game, full of spirit of show
jackattack2865 April 2004
When I first heard they were making a new X-Files game, I was a little wary, thinking of the last effort (see the 8-disc set sitting on top of my computer). So when playing this game, I was very happy to see the spirit of the show fulfilled so well. The game is packed with inside jokes for X-Philes (i.e, all the street names correspond with episode titles) but the game really comes through in the humor provided by the characters to break up the tension. I thought I was going to fall off my couch laughing when Mulder and Scully provided their seperate interpretations of how the adult video section of a video store measured up to Mulder's collection. Another bright spot is the autopsies conducted by Scully. This game really puts you through the paces to create weapons based on her findings - you have to analyze the results, combine in the right proportions, then combine 3 other objects just to load the gun. In summary, I highly reccomend this game, especially to any true fans.
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