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Morgan Freeman: Sam



  • Victoria : [announcing to the audience]  My selection tonight is dedicated to someone wonderful.

    Danny : [looking at Sam]  That's you!

    Sam : [to Danny]  No, no, no, it's not me she's talking about.

    Victoria : [announcing to the audience]  Someone who's life was quite literally saved by music.

    Sam : [leaning over to Danny]  That's you, my boy.

  • [last lines] 

    Victoria : My selection tonight is dedicated to someone wonderful.

    Danny : [whispering to Sam]  That's you.

    Sam : Oh no, no, no, it's not me she's talking about.

    Victoria : Someone whose life was, quite literally, saved by music.

    Sam : That's you, my boy.

  • Sam : You okay?

    Danny : She kissed me!

    Sam : Yeah, she does that. How was it?

    Danny : [pauses]  Wet.

    Sam : What else?

    Danny : [smiles]  Nice.

    Sam : Wet. Nice. Sounds like what a kiss ought to feel like.

  • Sam : [teaching Danny about melons]  It's also saying "I am ripe." You know what ripe means, don't you?

    Danny : No.

    Sam : Ripe means sweet, and sweet means good.

    Danny : [smiles]  The kiss was ripe!

  • Sam : In the market today, those men were fighting. You know that, right?

    Danny : Yes.

    Sam : And that didn't bother you?

    Danny : No.

    Sam : You weren't afraid?

    Danny : No.

    Sam : In those kinds of circumstances, people are usually afraid.

    Danny : They weren't fighting me.

  • Sam : Shut the hell up!

    Sam : That man can talk some serious shit.

  • Sam : Do you remember me telling you about where I grew up? In New York City?

    Danny : Where Carnegie Hall is!

    Sam : Yeah, well, that's where Victoria and I are from. That's our home.

    Danny : This is your home.

    Sam : No, no this is just a temporary home. We only came here so that Victoria could attend school. What I'm trying to say Danny, is after Victoria graduates, we're going to go back home. We're going to go back to New York. And, well I don't know how this would work out, but we would really like for you to come with us, because we've come to think of you as family, and well that's what families do - they stick together, at least this one does. So what do you say?

  • Victoria : Should I go get him?

    Sam : No, let's let him get himself.

    Victoria : Maybe he doesn't know how.

    Sam : Well, then let's just give him the opportunity to learn.

    Sam : There's nothing like self-discovery for turning a boy into a man.

  • Victoria : Why'd he leave?

    Sam : Maybe he had some things to do.

    Victoria : But I thought he was happy here.

    Sam : Well, sweetie, sometimes being happy just isn't enough.

    Sam : Sometimes people have to go back and fix the things that made them unhappy before they were happy

    Victoria : But I could help him.

    Sam : Sometimes people have to do things themselves.

  • Sam : When you first came to us, you were hurt pretty bad.

    Sam : How did that happen?

    Danny : I asked for a piano.

    Sam : You asked who for a piano?

    Danny : My uncle.

    Sam : Oh, you do have family?

    Danny : No.

    Sam : But you just said you had an uncle.

    Danny : He's dead.

    Sam : Oh...

  • Sam : Victoria and I are not big on asking questions.

    Sam : Figure when the person is ready, they'll give their answers. OK?

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