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1 of the best shows on Disney Channel
meow119 November 2005
This show would have to be one of the best shows on Disney Channel. People who complain about graphics and things don't get the full picture. They're not trying to make something with a bad story-line and fantastic graphics, they're trying to make something with an interesting story-line, and graphics as best as they can do them, it's not like they can spend millions and millions of dollars on a TV show, be more realistic. Also, I don't get why people complain about shows being rubbish, why don't they just not watch them? Anyway, this show is great. It offers humor, romance, conflict, etc. This show isn't supposed to be for people 20 and over, it's for kids and teens, and quite frankly, I wouldn't change anything about it.
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Awesome Disney Channel Show
scissorhands__emily17 June 2006
I love "Phil of the Future"! It is such a great Disney Channel Show. At first I was skeptical at the commercials thinking it would be just another dumb show, but I was really surprised. Once I started watching it I liked it more and more. It's pretty funny. I think it throws the jokes in at just the right time and I also think there are so many cute moments in this between Phil and Keely (I know, I'm a Pheely fan!). Pim is a really hilarious character and most of the words from her mouth are big laughs. I think all the acting is well done and that it is a good change from the usual shows because it's a completely different theme from everything else with the Diffy's coming from the future. This show seems to have a pretty good range in fans to. Older and younger kids can like this. Younger kids because it's funny and has all of these cool gadgets and older kids because of the great chemistry between Pheely and also the comedy. I'd definitely recommend this as I think it's the best show Disney Channel has right now (prefer this to Suite Life and Raven).
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Best Disney Show Ever!
sweetness_lb27 November 2005
I think Phil of the Future is the best Disney show I have ever seen! A couple of years ago I used to like watching Lizzie McGuire, that show was funny but Phil of the Future is a lot better. I watch this show all of the time and even my parents like it. All the actors in this show are super funny. Phil and Pim are my favorite since they are always fighting with each other. The way Phil and Pim get along reminds me of the way it is my house with my brother and I. Phil of the Future is not like any other TV show I have seen before, all of the future gadgets make you wish you can live in the future. I don't know of any person who doesn't like this TV show, so I recommend that you watch it too!!
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A great, funny, Disney Channel Original Comedy.
ohlaurenn9 August 2004
I was very impressed with Disney's newest show Phil of the Future. It gave new life to the Disney channel. Plus, it is very different from Lizzie Mcguire, Even Stevens, Thats so Raven Etc. If you think about it this is the only Disney channel show (with real people) that has a different plot than:

"teens trying to find there place in life and survive the brutal life of jr high/high school."

i mean the POTF plot is SO different than that. And i am SO glad its not another Lizzie Mcguire. Aside from the annoying sound effects every 30 seconds and the out of order episodes, this is a well thought out planned Disney channel show. And Ricky Ullmans (Phil) acting is great and he plays the role of Phil perfectly. Amy Bruckner (Pim) brings comedy and life to the show. And Alyson Michalka (Keely) is a great choice for the roll of Keely. All in All, this is a great Disney show and i will continue to watch it.
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I like it
xarrow28 November 2004
For everyone who hates this show and wonders why they don't speak in some sort of futuristic language, remember, IT IS A KID'S SHOW! The acting isn't great, but I do like Phil's character. Ricky Ullman is actually a pretty good actor who will be in a lot of moves in the near future. You always know he's going to do something that will make the situation right. I don't really like when they start talking about Pim a lot, but I guess they have to fill the entire 30 minutes. I don't understand why some people are critiquing this show like it's on primetime network TV, but whatever floats their boat.

Anyway, this is probably my favorite Disney Channel show (without much competition).
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Its a great show
dempseyraven16 August 2004
I love this show! Its one of my favorite Disney shows along with raven and Lizzie. Ricky Ullman is a good actor and I have a feeling he'll go far. The show has a good story base and its awesome. Its a great show for teens and tweens and i love it! I love Pim (amy) and Keeley(alyson). Its a funny show and who knows, maybe all the gadgets they have will give someone an idea for an invention for the future. lol. Anyways I hope the rest of you enjoy it. I hope to see these actors/actresses in more upcoming films. This is just a great show on Disney and i watch it about every night Keep Watching! I know I will be.
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Disney's Second Best Show
The_Amazing_Spy_Rises16 October 2005
In my opinion, "That's So Raven" is Disney's best show, but "Phil of the Future" is excellent as well. It is likable for all ages, with Ricky Ullman leading as the title character, Phil Diffy. The show's story is as follows: A family from the future (the year 2121) travels through time, and becomes stuck in the present time (2005). This is a very original plot that should be given some sort of medal. It's such an obvious idea, but no one's attempted it yet. The story centers mainly around Phil (Ricky Ullman), but we do get glimpses into the life of his little sister Pim (Amy Bruckner). Ullman's character is an adorable, everyday nice guy that everyone likes, but Bruckner's is the bullying girl that everyone is afraid of. When they clash, it's very funny, and the brother/sister chemistry is good with these two actors. As if they weren't enough, we also get a likable and enjoyable performance from Phil's best friend, Keely (singer/guitarist Alyson Michalka). Despite these great showings from these 3 youngsters, the adult star is actually not even a regular. Vice Principal Hackett and Curtis the Caveman are both played by the show's director, J.P. Manoux, who does such a great job of playing the loveless Hackett, and the clueless Curtis. Craig Anton and Lise Simms are supporters, playing the parents of Phil and Pim. Anton plays the father very well, making him likable and funny, in a non-purposeful way. Simms' character as the mom is really the only down-to-earth character besides Phil, but she does have her quirky moments. All in all, this is a fun show that is great for the whole family, which is Disney's forte, right? Go check it out this weekend 9/10 RUNTIME: 30 Minutes
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Its a cute show, for Sat. morn
nissy199011 March 2006
I'm a 15 yr old girl and in my opinion, Potf is a good show but not if you're gonna criticize acting, special effects and w/e..i mean i just wake up on Saturday and watch the shows like raven , suite life and Phil of the future just for a few laughs and a cute TV show. Sure the story line of Potf is clichéd but its cute. Besides...Aly and Ricky are good actors, they play their part well . Oh yes and the fact that Ricky is super hot helps too.

What I'm saying is if you're looking for a cute show on a lazy Saturday morning and you're not in the mood to criticize it, just watch it, you'll get a few laughs its honestly not as bad a show as many people make it out to be. Besides if you're a girl you get 30 minutes of Ricky :P Hope you found this comment helpful.:)
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Learn To Spell
englishbrat9 March 2005
First of all, for those who are dissin' Phil Of The Future, please learn to spell *rolls eyes*.

Now. Phil of the Future has its good points and bad points. Ricky and Alyson are great actors and actresses, and just because Alyson is blonde and skinny, doesn't mean you need to diss her. The girl that plays Pim is a rising star, and keeps the rivalry between her and Debby fresh. Although the plot lines could be better, and the special effects are so so, you can really see that the actors and actresses are dealing with the lines they have been given as best as possible. My comments for Disney? Liven up the plots, make them a bit more original, and put in some of those superb special effects you know you can do, and this could be a great show! PS: *alot* of the actors and actresses on Disney are older than who they play. Deal with it. It just makes them more mature. Raven is 19. So what? The girl that played Christine in Phantom Of The Opera is 18, and your not complaining about that.
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Quality Disney Show!
AshWink177 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I saw Phil of the Future, the very first day it premiered... only to see if it was as quality as other shows that were on at that time, such as Kim Possible, That's So Raven, and Lizzie McGuire. Even though, I honestly hated this show when it premiered (and for a stupid reason too) I grew towards the show.

As a fan of many different shows, books, and movies, I got something I never had with most of them; a chance to watch a show right from the beginning. I watched the show all through the first season, falling in love with the all of the characters, colorful and crazy best friend to the main character, Keely Teslow, to the from-the-future young man, Phil Diffy, to the caveman who stowed away on the Diffy's time machine, "Curtis", to the little evil genius who will end up taking over the world, Pim, and the perky and always happy yet only in 9 episodes, Debbie Berwick.

By the time the second season started earlier this summer (this summer being '05), I was a fan of the show. I looked forward to all the new episodes. I enjoy watching Keely and Phil go through almost the same thing that Kim Possible's Kim and Ron went through before they finally got together... except it was bigger.

This show is quality on a Disney scale. At least Disney knew what they were doing when they created this show.

Let's just hope this show does not fall victim to the 65 episode curse....
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i love the show
kevin_lenz_66410 August 2004
I love the show it is really great and whoever doesn't like it should just keep it to themselves because it is one of the best shows to be on the Disney channel in quite a while also i really like the performance that amy bruckner and kay panabaker show on the show they are amazing actresses also ricky ullman really fits the part as the older brother he does a fantastic job on the show i hope that this show is on the Disney channel for several more years highlighting the rest of high school for phil and keely then show them graduating and that being the final episode of phil of the future. Also i hope that in future episodes they bring in some talented guest stars that would be very nice to see thank you
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good plot...bad show
khecht24 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
When I first heard of this show back in 2004 I couldn't wait, but after seeing the first episode I was so let down. The plot of the show (a family from the future getting stuck in the present) is both creative and original. But were they went with the plots of the episodes is what made the show so bad. Some of the gadgets are also a little too crazy, such as the giggle. As the show progressed Pim went overboard with her crazy ideas and both Keely and Phil got a bit annoying. So did the mom and dad. This show isn't entirely bad, but if something like Drake and Josh, Zoey 101, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Life with Derek, or That's So Raven is on watch that instead.
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Broke Down In The Past
bkoganbing15 June 2008
According to Phil of the Future we're destined for all kinds of good things in the next century. Time travel will be a regular thing and folks will be able to take family vacations in say, ancient Pompeii. I say established and not perfected. Because when the family camper that doubles as a time machine breaks down in the beginning of the 21st century, that's a bummer.

Until repairs are made you just make do. Which is what the Diffy family which includes Craig Anton as Dad, Lise Simms as Mom, Amy Bruckner as the younger sister and the title role played by Disney bubble gum heartthrob Ricky Ullman. Oh and there's also the caveman hitchhiker they picked up, Curtis played by J.P. Manoux. He's had the biggest adjustment problem.

It's not the best Disney comedy series from a studio that puts them out like an assembly line. Phil of the Future has completed its run now and it's lasted for three seasons which seems to be the average for a Disney show. The studio seems to yank them in order to keep pushing fresh new faces before the American public and before that public gets tired of the shows.

Two people garnered the biggest laughs in this show. The first was Amy Bruckner as Pym Diffy the younger sister. She hates the backward 21st century with a passion. But since she's so far advanced than the other kids she's trying to blend in with, her bids for megalomaniacal control become funny because they were so ludicrous. If she were a bit more serious the girl could be a 21st century Ayatollah.

The second is J.P. Manoux who also doubles as the fussy Vice Principal of their school as well as the troglodyte Curtis. He suspects something's not kosher with the Diffys and every week he keeps trying to find out. Some of his material is really funny.

Disney has done better and done worse with its television series than Phil of the Future. But they're keeping it together just as best as they can.
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Phil of the Future = love
mollypop9210 May 2007
I miss this show. To be honest, it was the last truly good, funny show on Disney Channel. The shows now are getting to be pathetic and unrealistic. No average teen girl leads a double life as a pop star and a normal eighth-grader where GASP! No one knows who she is! And no regular adolescent guy's dad goes to be the White House chef. They think these plot lines are realistic when they're not. Anyway, back to my point...

Phil of the Future didn't TRY to be realistic! The point was the fantasy in it. It was fun and humorous because we knew someone could never come from the future in reality, and we liked to imagine it happening. However, none of us were trying to dress like elementary school sluts and pretend that we could sing like a pop star because Hannah Montana made us think it was possible. That's what's happening to the "Disney Channel" age group right now. When shows like POTF and Lizzie McGuire on, we had both totally fantasy shows and shows about life.

I wish Disney Channel didn't change.
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Phil of the future
sashank_kini-14 May 2007
I only see this show whenever no other show runs on the television. This show is about a family from the future stuck in the present world due to a faulty time machine. Phil is the lead character, Lloyd is his father, Lisse Simms is his mother and Pim is his sister. Phil has some friends but his best friend is Keely. There is also an ape called Curtis.

About the acting, I feel that Phil is a good actor but can improve his acting a lot. I cannot feel his emotions during the show. Keely is a better actress who does show her feelings pretty well but tends to be a bit stupid at times. Lloyd's problem is that he is always shown as a worried man, and does not have much of a role. Lisse does not fulfill her motherly qualities. Curtis has to behave a bit more ancestor type. He is shown too stupid as an ancestor. Now about Pim. She is the world's worst actress who is a rude, snobbish girl who spoils the show. She is shown to be rude to her brother, her teachers, her friends and also tells lies to her parents. This is not at all the way a girl should behave. Her acting is also hopeless. Her friend in the show, Debora or something like that, is a much better actress who is sweet and polite, a perfect girl.

The plots of this show are good and different but the show becomes boring as all the lines spoken in the show are not so memorable or new. Even the characters behave oddly and so do the teachers in the show.

The show is pretty dull and so I rate it a... 5 out of ten.
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excuse me
smartlady1214 November 2005
I think that Phil of the Future is an awesome's basically what keeps my little sister and i friends. Its cool, fun, and colorful. it is exactly what you need after a hard day of school drama. to know that there is good somewhere out there is always a relief. I LOVE IT! Phil is HOT! Keily is beautiful and everyone knows that they will be married some day, but the point is the show knocks my socks off! To be honest....this is a show that will help these actors and actresses become bigger and better while they grow up. NOT that these people need to get any bigger or better. This show is funny and can make you laugh even when your in the worst of moods. And it teaches life learned lessons!

~ lovers of the show,

Natalie and Annie!
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Unique premise that goes NOWHERE.
aleusong6 October 2004
Okay, now that I have seen the original pilot for this show I can tell you what I think.

First off that first episode 'The Weapon of Math Destruction' is actually a lot different from the rest of the many episodes I seen. Whoa, whoa whoa! Keely was the popular girl?! I had no freaking idea! And we're supposed to believe that Phil and his guy friend (I don't know his name cuz he doesn't appear on the show that often) are at the bottom of the social ladder? Does this school not have nerds or something?

I was completely shock and still disappointed by the pilot. First off, the series begins long after the Diffys have settled down on earth and are preparing to send the kids to school. Your only chance of seeing the story before the story was in the show's previews that appeared a lot on the Disney channel. Still, this is a poor way to start the series since we, the audience, remain so utterly confused. I'm still shocked that Keely is supposed to be the popular girl since she seems to act like Phil is her only friend and she's just a weird yet likable character in general.

The series goes on, taking the same old teen fluff formulas and Lizzie McGuire sound effects to incorporate into the episodes. The problem lies in the fact that Phil of the Future forgets to be about a boy from the future. Once the series gets deeper you'll find that it's an Even Stevens with the exceptions of a caveman, a clueless father, and futuristic inventions in each episode. Speaking of which, doesn't the dad even try to fix the time machine anymore? The same elements are used in every episode, especially the futuristic inventions. Okay people, are we to assume that the Diffys were carrying THAT MUCH stuff in their time traveling machine?

While the episode continue to be about fitting in at school and rivalries or about friends, other original ideas of episodes could've been incorporated into the show, like attempts to get the machine working or encounters with other time travelers, or using their knowledge of what they know will happen after 2004 or people stalking the Diffys because they think they might be aliens. Hmm…maybe the Diffys would've been more interesting as aliens. Also you don't see enough of Pim's attempts for world domination as some character summaries implied. I love the whole Pim and Deborah rivalry. But everything about Phil and the parents is just completely unoriginal and boring.

What I'm trying to say is that this show had a really unique and original idea from the start. The problem is that they do very little with it and they throw you off from the very beginning…especially since episode one didn't air until like 2-3 weeks after Phil of the Future premiered on the Disney Channel. No wonder people are so confused! It's official: the Disney Channel does not know the meaning of "AIR THE PILOT EPISODE FIRST!!!!"
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okay show
Queen_of_Shadows9 July 2005
This show can be okay but can get annoying at times.

Phil of the Future is about a boy named Phil (ironic isn't it?)and his family who go on vacation through time and while trying to go home,they get stuck in the 21st Century.While Phil's dad tries to fix the time machine,Phil and his family must try to fit in with the 21st Century and keep their secret that they come from the future.Very often Phil and Pim misuse their futuristic gadgets they brought along their vacation in troubling situations.

I don't hate this show at all.I believe that Phil of the Future is one of Disney's best.Although the sound effects and some dialouge are obviously made by the people who made Lizzie Mcguire,I can get past that.I like how they make Keely a popular girl who finds true friendship with Phil and promises to keep his secret.I actually think that everyone does a great job with their acting.I like the girl who plays Debbie.Think about it:Who else can keep a smile going on for so long in so many scenes?Pim is my favorite character though.Her punkish,I-don't-care attitude makes the show great.Unlike in all Disney shows where the younger sibling is a brat,Pim is also a brat with style though.One thing bothers me though.The fact that this show is completely illogical.The writers seem to want Phil and Keely to get together but there's one problem:They can't get together.Keely could possibly be his great great great and so on grandmother so she'd probably have to get together with someone else.Why did they bring all those gadgets if they were going on vacation.Did they prepare for being stuck in time?I'd really love to see more episodes about Phil's home and one with a logical explanation for what has happened while Phil and his family were gone.
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This show is pretty retarded
Bradboy10293 July 2006
Lets get things straight, the plot is way to obviously obvious. The Acting is terrible, worse then The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (but I actually like that show) Ricky Ullman has been praised in the Disney Channel Studio for some reason after that retarded movie Pixel Perfect and started to be loved by the Channel.

Alyson McShacka or however you spell it is the only one who is a kid that can act. She is pretty also, but I don't understand how they try to get Phil and Her together if they are 100 years apart. But she is a good actor and has a career going for her on Disney Channel.

I forgot the name but, Pim, is the worst actor in the entire show, she can not act evil and Ricky Ullman and Pim cannot switch because they can't act in the first place.

The Parents, they are some of my favorite characters. They save the show if it is getting boring. 'Nough said.

Curtis and Mr. Hackett are the funniest characters and no one can change that beside the fact that they stopped making the episode.

Well, it is a bad show, but the last characters make the show better Thank you for your time
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The last great Disney Channel sitcom
deeell3 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
After Disney's glory days of Even Stevens and Lizzie McGuire, the network was filled with laugh track-ridden cheap-laughs sitcoms and cheesy animations, until Phil of the Future came along. It's funny, smartly-written (for the most part) and recycles a lot of elements from "Lizzie", which is by no means a bad thing.


  • Single-camera setup allows for better angles, diverse settings and visual effects. - No laugh track means they actually have to make the audience themselves understand the comedy, which they succeed at. - Some funny visuals and gags, and nicely-done (mostly) sound effects. - Plots are funny, with a nice combination of realism and over-the-top comedy. - The parents act like real parents, and the father isn't stereotypically clueless.


  • Phil's plot and Pim's subplot often don't go together very well. They are in themselves pretty good but it would've been nice if they had come together in some way at the end of the episodes. - The main cast of characters is pretty small. - The secondary cast lineup is even smaller. The characters we see most are Mr. Hackett, Curtis, Danny Dawkins and Debbie Berwick. None of those characters appear in more than a dozen or so episodes. - Due to the fairly weak character lineup, there aren't a lot of character-driven story lines and the characters don't develop very much throughout the series. - Sound effects are sometimes over-the-top and are occasionally obtrusive. - The second season tends to fall on the drama side a bit (at least, as much as is possible given the weak character development), and it doesn't always go well with the comedy. - What kind of public school has its own broadcast lab and CCTV network?


  • I personally liked the cliffhanger ending, but of course it would've been nice to know what happened after. - The show's presentation style (visual and sound effects, running gags and motifs, etc) is very similar to that of Lizzie McGuire. Some props from Lizzie's school are even reused in Phil's (various posters). - I'm surprised that this show doesn't have any licensed music, instead, playing generic music or an instrumental rendition of the theme song in places where there would generally be singing music. A lot of other single-camera sitcoms like "Lizzie" and Malcolm in the Middle have a wide variety of licensed songs. But maybe the licensing fees were beyond their budget. - This is a comedy show, and it's meant to be funny! Getting that job done, and still maintaining some sense of realism, deserves praise indeed.
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A very good show for teens...
Clois_1523 October 2005
I personally love watching this show. It goes through Phil, Keely, and Pim's rough teenage years. Highschool and junior high can be pretty tough. The are doing a lot of suggestive romance which our generation of teens might like. It helps you to watch Phil and Keely go through normal teenage problems like babysitting for example. I recommend ages 10-16 to watch this. It has all the good quality's of a Disney Show: Humor, Teen Romance, Teen Problems, and how annoying little siblings are. Me and my friends watch this show and can't wait for the next episode. In my opinion its one of the best Disney Shows. I can't wait for the movie.
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"Phil of the Future", with a little work, has one.
therevjdbuzz12 July 2004
I would like to say that "Phil of the Future" has the most potential of any Disney series that you have come out with in recent years. You have a pretty good concept for the series. You have some excellent characters in Phil and Keely. Just add a little more depth to Mom and Dan, tone down Pimm about three notches, and get rid of the Curtis. Also, PLEASE, get rid of the Lizzie McGuire sound effects! They're killing what could be a really good show.

The episode, "Phillin It" was no good. Neither was "Meet the Curtis" or "Unification Day". However, the episode where Phil morphed the bull into a cat actually hit the target. This episode gave a little life to the characters. And the episode, "Your Cheatin' Heart" hit the bullseye! It did so with the perfect combination of depth of character and special effects!

I'm 44 and I like watching the Disney Channel with my family. We're very bored with Lizzie McGuire. We're becoming bored with Even Stevens. Raven is still okay because there are still new episodes coming out. Please keep "Phil of the Future", but take my advice and fix it - fast!


Jack Busby
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Cheesy, but I suppose you just had to be the right age for it
rainman-3752519 July 2019
At the age of twelve I was just the right age for this show when it initially came out to really get sucked into it. I thought a lot of the jokes were kind of corny and a lot of the effects were really played down, but what can you expect from a 2000s Disney show? The plot as a kid was entertaining and the show was a lot of fun to watch and a lot of lighthearted humor in there. If you know someone between the ages of eight and thirteen this would be a great show for them to get into, but good luck finding it as a full collection of episodes never got a home release and only a small collection of episodes actually came out on Disney compilation DVDs. My only issue with the show has to be with how open-ended they left the series finale and how they tried to cram so much plot into that one final episode to try and appease fans.
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wacky cute fun kids show
SnoopyStyle27 July 2015
Phil Diffy (Raviv Ullman) is trying to be in 9th grade. The problem is that he's from the year 2121. The family's rented time machine broke down while vacationing around history. He befriends sweet cute Keely Teslow (Aly Michalka). His father can't seem to fix the time machine while his mother is eager to fit in. His younger sister Pim (Amy Bruckner) is power mad scheming to take over. Debbie Berwick is her super nice bubbly friendly nemesis. There is also Curtis, the Caveman and Vice Principal Neil Hackett both played by J. P. Manoux.

It's a light wacky Disney kids show. The great thing is the likable characters and the adorable actors. Keely is super nice and that's actually a rarity. Her character sets this show apart. It's really touching when she finds Phil's fake toe and Phil comes clean to her about his secret. It's harmless fun and endearing. The only problem is that they can't seem to keep some of the secondary actors around.
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Man, I miss this show! Why did it have to be cancelled?!?
kobebusia18 January 2013
When this show was being promoted, I was really interested when I heard it was coming from the makers of Even Stevens and Lizzie McGuire. I loved this show, I thought the 1st season was good, but I got really pulled in by season 2, it was much better, the plots are always something different, and the characters are awesome and funny. The whole cast is really talented, and Phil and Keely's friendship is amazing, I'm so glad they actually became a couple, Pim may be evil, but she's entertaining enough, Phil's parents are interesting and they're a joy to watch on screen, but I've got to give props to JP Manoux, who's job is twice as challenging, because he plays the well-meaning but suspicious Vice Principal Hackett, and the savage, caveman Curtis, he does a really good job that sometimes you even forget that he plays both characters.

Now I just gotta say that why did this show have to be cancelled?!?!? It was genius, the thought of being from the future and stuck in the present is a fun idea for a TV show, and it was getting so much more interesting and entertaining by the 2nd season, so out of every Disney Channel show that was cancelled, this one didn't deserve to be, it just happened randomly. JONAS changed it's concept entirely by its 2nd season, so that show was asking for its own cancellation, and Cory in the House well, was a spin-off, so no matter what direction it decided to go in, it was already doomed to be a short-lived series. Anyway, this show could've gone on for another season or 2, and it's obvious that they left a cliffhanger, because they left Curtis the caveman behind, so what would the Diffy's do, go back for him or would their time machine break down again, thus prolonging their time period of being stuck in the present? This show was too good to be cancelled, and I miss it a lot, it definitely has the same essence and humor of Even Stevens and Lizzie McGuire, and that's because the creators of this show were writers on Lizzie McGuire, so it makes sense. 10/10, MISS THIS SHOW SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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