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15 Oct. 2002
The Soccamatic
Wallace and Gromit head to the local football field for a bit of practice, with Wallace shooting and Gromit playing goalie. Frustrated at the ease with which Gromit blocks every shot, Wallace activates his Preston North End Soccamatic, a machine that kicks dozens of balls toward the goal. Gromit ducks to avoid the barrage, but when Wallace stops to load in more balls, he dons a vest and gloves that inflate to completely block the goal. Wallace suggests that they switch to tennis. After the credits, he serves a ball that bounces off Gromit's vest, then calls out, "15-...
15 Oct. 2002
The Tellyscope
Wallace works on his television remotes.
15 Oct. 2002
The Autochef
Wallace works on his robotic chef.
15 Oct. 2002
The Snoozatron
Wallace works on his invention that helps with sleepless nights.
15 Oct. 2002
The Turbo Diner
Wallace works on his automatic dinner machine.
15 Oct. 2002
The Bully Proof Vest
Wallace works on his bully proof vest.
15 Oct. 2002
The 525 Crackervac
Wallace works on his vacuum that senses cracker crumbs.
15 Oct. 2002
A Christmas Cardomatic
Wallace works on his Christmas card making machine.
15 Oct. 2002
The Snowmanotron
Wallace works on his snowman making machine.
4 Aug. 2002
Wallace works on his robotic shopping invention.


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