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Alex Kingston: Boudica



  • Boudica : Romans, you are damned. You have awakened the terrible anger of our gods and ancestors, and they will show you no mercy. We will crush your bones into the land you have desecrated. We will slit your veins and watch the blood burst from you and shower down upon our soil. We will swallow you up. And our strong green shoots will spring to life where you once stood.


    Boudica : See your gods tremble and fall before the wrath of Boudica!

  • Boudica : All men die, Isolde. All women, too. Our lives are over in a moment. Like a bird that flies out of the darkness into a bright hall - full of light, and noise, and merriment - and then out again into the darkness of eternity. But in that moment, we can do great things. We can make ourselves remembered forever...

    [to everyone] 

    Boudica : and by all the gods we will!

  • Boudica : My brave warriors! Today we face a mighty Roman army. They are strong, but we are stronger. Their weapons and their wealth will not protect them. They are no match for our fierce hearts; our courage; our passion; and they never will be.


    Boudica : You may die today - and I may die - but we will do so in good heart. And if you find yourself on the tip of a Roman sword, you look into his eyes and laugh! For he can never kill you. Shed one drop of blood on this land and you live in the place you love forever. Here with your ancestors reaching back into the past, and with your children stretching far out into the future. We are part of one another. Always. Eternally. We cannot lose. We shall have our...

    [she whips out her sword] 

    Boudica : Victory!

  • Severus : We want to build a true partnership here. In this case, we'll work together to subdue all the surrounding tribes, thus extending Prasutagus's kingdom and allowing it to flourish without the threat of bloody conflict.

    Dervalloc : Well, I say we kill these Romans now. Send them back to their emperor in pieces.

    Prasutagus's men : Yeah!

    King Prasutagus : [to his men]  Hold still. Hold your tongues.

    [to Dervalloc] 

    King Prasutagus : Dervalloc, these are our guests, and I will not suffer them to be threatened and insulted.

    Boudica : [to Severus]  Our people are poets. When Dervalloc speaks of killing, he means using reason to defeat your arguments. When he speaks of sending you home in pieces, he means something quite harmless, I'm sure.

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