Paycheck (2003) Poster


Michael C. Hall: Agent Klein



  • Attorney General Brown : We knew Decker was trying to design something. But when he sold his plans, he wasn't even halfway done.

    Agent Klein : I don't understand.

    Attorney General Brown : Decker was working at JPL on a laser-enhanced lens. He claimed the lens was powerful enough to see around the curvature of the universe.

    [He picks up a red apple to demonstrate] 

    Attorney General Brown : Decker believed that if you could see around a curve that went on forever, you would end up back where you started. Looking at yourself.

    [Brown tosses the apple to Klein] 

    Agent Dodge : Except you're not looking back at yourself now, in the present.

    Attorney General Brown : No, you are not. You're looking at the future.

    [Klein understands now] 

    Attorney General Brown : Can you imagine what'll happen if Jennings figures out what he's done and tries to profit from it? Any nation in the world would give him a king's ransom.

    Agent Dodge : Jennings won't do that. I was this close to him. He never lied. When he heard what he's being accused of, he was hurt and scared.

    Attorney General Brown : Fine! Once you bring him in, I'll give him the Medal of Honor. That's if Rethrick doesn't find him first!

  • Agent Klein : Do you think Jennings really saw the future?

    Agent Dodge : Uh-huh.

    Agent Klein : [with a touch of ambition]  That'd be something.

  • [after Jennings and Rachel have escaped a hair-raising car-chase] 

    Agent Klein : [grinning]  You think Jennings foresaw that? Maybe next time, he'll see a nice, quiet stake-out!

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