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Excellent mystery
SILENCEikillyou27 April 2005
I noticed a lot of people saying the plot in this movie is too complicated. Perhaps. If you go to see a movie for simplicity and lots of action. If that's the case, this movie isn't for you. However, if you like to work things out in your mind while you watch an enjoyable storyline and deep plot; then look no further. I'm surprised this movie didn't get higher marks -as surprised as I am that it wasn't showcased more with other mainstream movies. With names like Val Kilmer, Amy Smart, and Neve Campbell. I enjoyed every second of this film and I think it's well worth seeing at least once to see of you agree.

Performances by the cast were right on the money. I read someone putting Amy Smart down for her hair being less that glamorous... OH BROTHER. Don't know many nurses that work the late shift, eh? Besides it was fine and she still looks cute. Neve, on the other hand WAS gorgeous with a cute bob. However, appearances don't matter in this film. They all did a great job. OK, maybe Sam Shepard phoned his role in... but he was highly believable and a small town sheriff.

Val Kilmer was awesome in his quirky way. He made you believe he really did have amnesia. You could definitely tell where he put his own nuances to the role. He's quite a perfectionist... and a genius.

The directing was well-placed. There were other stories to tell for such a small town and this movie showed them all without leaving the central theme. The mystery unravels bits and pieces at a time; like it should and you never REALLY know for sure what's going to happen next. Terrific! I voted 9/10 because I haven't seen such a tremendous film so well hidden before. You be your own judge, but definitely give this film in the shadows a try.
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Nifty Little Thriller, Better Than You'd Think!
cariart11 October 2006
"Blind Horizon", an amnesia action/mystery with some 'big name' stars, went straight to DVD without ever being theatrically released, so many have 'written it off' as a lousy film; but if you give it a chance, this is actually a very entertaining little gem! Directed by Michael Haussman, the distributor, Lion's Gate, dissatisfied with the rambling 'director's cut', brought in ace film editor Alain Jakubowicz to punch up the film, and his re-cut gives the movie an edgy, fast-paced 'look', reminiscent of Christopher Nolan's "Memento", especially in the central portrayal of Val Kilmer's "Frank Kavanaugh". A likable 'lost soul', shot and left to die in the desert, who knows vague details of a plot to assassinate the President, he gradually discovers he is not a 'nice' person, and is, in fact, a key player in the high-level conspiracy. But as with Harrison Ford, in "Regarding Henry", his amnesia offers him an opportunity to 'change' his whole persona...if he can survive the attempts to silence him, and conquer his own instincts as a 'hit man'.

Blessed with a first-rate cast, "Blind Horizon" offers many intriguing supporting portrayals, from a likable local sheriff (Sam Shepard), and his politically ambitious deputy (Noble Willingham), to the mysterious 'fiance' (Neve Campbell) Kavanaugh can't seem to remember, and the beautiful nurse (Amy Smart), he'd LIKE to know better, to a mysterious 'contact' (Faye Dunaway), who drifts in and out of his dreams, with missing pieces of the puzzle. Kilmer is, as always, eminently watchable, capturing both the innocent and unsavory sides of Kavanaugh very effectively, and making his climactic actions worth waiting for.

Of special note is the film score, written by the collective group of composers, Machine Head. Working with non-traditional instruments, the 'sound' is both musical and mysterious, and ideally suits the film's ambiguity.

"Blind Horizon" certainly deserves a look, as a film far better than it's ill-fated history would indicate. I enjoyed it, and I think you will, too!
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This is a great movie!
newfiesailor27 August 2006
Don't let the rating of the IMDb fool you. This is truly a great movie, very comparable to Blood Simple. Both movies revolve around a magnificent representation of small town southern US, and the setting plays a huge role in both.

The acting is peerless in this film, with Val Kilmer at his finest and notable supporting performances by Sam Shephard, Amy Smart and Neve Campbell. I would imagine most people who voted poorly for this movie were put off by it's slower pace but to myself, it was sheer magic. This movie hits every right note.

Val Kilmer plays Frank Kavanaugh, a man who wakes up in a border town with amnesia after being shot in the head. The rest of the movie is Frank recalling tiny glimpses of his memory brought on by sudden triggers involving the President of the United States, scenes of violence, and mental images of people and places. Neve Campbell plays Kilmer's suspicious wife, Amy Smart is Frank's nurse and Shephard plays the small town sheriff investigating Frank's shooting.

The difference in this movie and some of the big budget Hollywood films is how they manage to capture some of the smaller scenes so right. The seedy bars, the desolation, the cheap hotels, the small hospital. Incredible and has to be seen for that direction alone.

If you are a fan of truly great direction on a lower budget film with grittiness, plot twists and amazing performances then look no further. This is your movie.

Classify it under "The Hidden Gems" category.
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Intriguing made-for-video thriller
davideo-210 July 2005
STAR RATING: ***** The Works **** Just Misses the Mark *** That Little Bit In Between ** Lagging Behind * The Pits

Having sustained a head injury, Frank (Val Kilmer) awakens in hospital with nothing but a vague recollection of events that went before him and a knowing that the president will be assassinated in a small American town. With few people finding his story credible, he must race against the clock to put the pieces together and prevent wrong-doing of terrible proportions...

This is an engrossingly brainy video effort with an impressive use of camera and colour. Kilmer is never usually my most enjoyable of actors, but he is impressive here and so are the supporting cast including Noble Willingham, Neve Campbell and Faye Dunaway. ***
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Smart and stylish thriller
dima-1218 January 2004
BLIND HORIZON is a smart and stylish thriller that marks two Val Kilmer back-to-back triumphs. First off, it is his second powerful and twisted thriller rebound after SALTON SEA. And then again he hits the right notes in an Emmet/Furla production, right after WONDERLAND.

Hausman`s stylish and crafty direction is accompained by a smart and intriguing script about the amnesiac who realizes that he is somehow involved in the assassination plot against US president. The writers fully integrate small town noir dynamics with the well-known concept of amnesiac hitman. This film is taking us down the familiar path but it`s very accomplished so it`s a joy being taken to places we already visited. The only shortcoming is the very end, those last couple of minutes that I won`t spoil but even that can`t deny the sheer fun you get with this playful neo-noir.
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Stimulating suspense, noisy action and sharp-edge thriller as well as top-notch cast
ma-cortes28 May 2008
Frank(Val Kilmer) is a lone man with no identity who loses his records and suffers amnesia after being wounded in the desert of New Mexico. He has visions about truck accident, hit men, clown,explosion and snipers. He's attended in a hospital of a small town by a beautiful nurse(Amy Smart) and the doctor(Gil Bellows). Meanwhile the sheriffs town(Sam Shepard , Noble Willinghan) are investigating the strange deeds. And appear a mysterious girl(Neve Campbell) reclaiming to be his fiancée. Events go wrong and he realizes he can be a murderer has been hired to kill the US President. He must find a way to find out the enigma.

This Neo-noir film packs action, suspense, thrills, shoot-out up and exciting scenes. The main and secondary casting make a first class performance. Kilmer as hapless is cool, he's the first among equal from extraordinary cast, such as Sam Shepard as obstinate deputy , Giancarlo Esposito as a stubborn journalist and Faye Dunaway as shifty woman, among others. The film is slickly narrated in original manner by means of several flashbacks, puzzles and jigsaw, for that reason and its pretentious plot results to be a little confuse. Contains stimulating action set pieces as the spectacular gun-play proceeded in a tumultuous square where come in the US President. There's a little homage to the Mexican wrestling genre when the starring enter to theatre while are showing the film titled 'Santo faces death'(1969)directed by Orozco and starred by Santo and Frank Braña. The film is produced with middling budget by Milennium, as usual, Avi Lerner, Danny Lerner, Trevor Short and Boaz Davison. The motion picture is professionally directed by Michael Haussman in his first and only movie. Although sometimes is dull and boring, the superb cast, relentless intrigue and fascinating thriller make this one well worth seeing.
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Interesting movie, but done before
xer0derm2 January 2004
The movie overall was very entertaining with plenty of twists and turns. However, for the most part many of the deceptions have been done before, making for a relatively predictable movie. None the less, I found it extremely entertaining, and would definitley watch it again in order to get a better understanding of the movie as a whole.

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A decent film, overall.
valdabyryn24 January 2004
True - most of the plot elements have been done before. I was entertained throughout the whole film. Though many parts of the film can be prediected, it should still keep your attention. I disagree with one of the previous user's comments; I belive Val Kilmer's acting was believable, and was a wise selection for the role.
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Quality suspense movie - sort of a darker "Bourne"
orwell211220 February 2011
Disregard the pathetically low average rating for this film, which is actually what prompted me to add a review. When I read the earlier ones, I was pleased to see most who took the time to add one enjoyed the movie.

In short - if you're looking for mindless, gut-busting action, then this movie might strike you as a "cold, greasy scrambled egg" as one reviewer cryptically described it.

If you appreciate a more thoughtful approach to plot and character construction that still delivers plenty of suspense despite its understatement, then it might perhaps be nearly as palatable as, say, a warm, non-greasy scrambled egg.

It's also worth noting that Sam Shepard delivers a great performance in the film.

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Fragmented Memories
bkoganbing12 December 2010
Although we never really know why for certain a group of people want to assassinate the president, bits and pieces can be gleaned if one listens carefully to the background news coverage playing while the action of Blind Horizon is front and center. The main thing is that a man with a case of amnesia seems to know that a presidential assassination is to take place in a small Texas town and the president ain't even supposed to be there in his campaign for re-election.

Val Kilmer plays the protagonist in Blind Horizon. Some Indian kids find him shot and left for dead at the bottom of a cliff. The wound was a scalp laceration and the bullet didn't penetrate, but the fall has left him with a case of amnesia and only bits and pieces of his life seem to come together.

His mysterious presence has aroused the curiosity of Sam Shepard who wants to solve the mystery as he is the county sheriff and is running for re-election himself, his opponent being his own deputy Noble Willingham.

Kilmer has three women in his life, a fiancé played by Neve Campbell that of course he can't recall, Amy Smart, a hospital nurse willing to put in lots of overtime to help this patient recover and Faye Dunaway who seems to drift in and out of his fragmented memories for no discernible reason. Just who's playing on his team if Kilmer even has a team.

Blind Horizon seems to borrow a lot from both Warren Beatty's The Parallax View and the Gregory Peck thriller Mirage. Especially the Peck film, if you remember Peck was also suffering from a hysterical amnesia brought on by a traumatic event.

Probably best in the cast is Sam Shepard as the small town sheriff who knows he's a small cog in things, but isn't about to let a president get himself killed in his town on his watch.

The depiction of a small town in Texas is one of the best we've seen since Peter Bogdanovich's The Last Picture Show. Blind Horizon might be worth a look and it's a shame that a lot of critics dismissed it the first time around.
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A slightly troubled but fairly entertaining indie thriller.
Samiam35 August 2010
Blind Horizon makes two mistakes, that are often typical of the thriller genre: a) the plot is convoluted and b) is comes with a conventional third act twist which is predictable. This, and maybe one too make artsy montages taking up screen time, keeps Blind Horizon far from the level of greatness, but then again, it's kind of a B-movie. As far as indie thrillers go, this one is not too bad. It presents us with three or four interesting characters, well acted, with subtlety. Too bad the screenplay doesn't choose to invest much time with them. The only one who is considered important is that who Val Kilker plays.

Frank lies face down in the New Mexico desert when the curtain rises after the title sequence. He is taken to the hospital in the nearby town of Black Point. He is in a coma, but wakes up the next day. He does not remember a thing. Well...there is one thing he seems pretty sure of. He is convinced that in five days the president is gonna be assassinated in this very town. He does not know who will be committing this heinous crime, but he is desperate to get some answers.

The film is directed with a good level of subtlety. It's intention is to be as subjective as possible, as it tries to emphasize Frank's conflict with his own mind. It is profound, but despite its seeming mystery, the screenplay doesn't quite cover up as much as it thinks. It doesn't really require paying much attention in order to see where the film is going, and the implication given the way the answers are revealed in act three suggests that we are meant to be surprised, (then again maybe not, could the makers be this dumb?)

Blind Horizon, does not amount to a whole heck of a lot, but I enjoyed it. It is eerie, kind of interesting, and the three leads have a credible screen presence.
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Deja Vu
plutokennedy5 January 2004
A man gets shot, wakes up from a coma suffering from amnesia. He tries to figure out who he is and why he feels that the president's life is in danger. This not overly original plot is rather awkwardly handled by director Micheal Haussman, who makes sure that you figure out what is really happening pretty fast. This just proves that music video directors are not necessarily great story tellers. Decent performances by most of the cast, but Kilmer's is not very believable. Still, the movie is watchable, though it clearly has a 'direct to DVD' feel to it.
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Impressive work from a newcomer
CarsonTrent14 April 2006
Very well made mystery-thriller. I had never heard of Michael Hausmann before, and believed the movie was directed by Tony Scott, because it resembles in pace and editing with 'Man on Fire' and/or 'Domino'. The overall atmosphere is dark, and Val Kilmer succeeds in portraying a man caught in a maze, on the verge of right and wrong and gradually finding out what is going on with him and the plot to assassinate the president, without falling on either side. As Frank's memory gradually returns, it reveals piece by piece, the plot to assassinate the president in a small town in the middle of nowhere, doesn't emphasize on mind-games in order to surprise the audience with a surprising twist (this I consider a plus, and a rarity lately), but instead keeps up the fast paced action to the very end. Despite his middle-aged rugged looks, Val Kilmer hasn't lost his charisma. Sam Sheppard is in top form as is Neve Campbell and Giancarlo Esposito, but the one that really surprised me was Amy Smart.
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Why do they all want to assassinate the President?
Dr_Coulardeau19 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Another thriller about the killing of the president of the USA somewhere nowhere in New Mexico. In the well named city of Blackpoint. With such a subject you have to be slightly more subtle and contorted and contorted they were. Three killers. One is attacked by some unknown or at least dubious people and he loses his memory but not his life. The unidentified shady assailants can come back to the front as some kind of girlfriend or fiancée. He does not remember and he is ready to do his duty, though he remains dubious. Little by little he recovers his memory and he finally gets to the very heart of the matter. His acolytes want to get rid of him not so simple. But the fiancée comes back and that makes things tricky and very sick indeed. And what's more he likes the nurse who managed to bring him back to life out of his coma and she is waiting for him somewhere with a good surprise that is not only fiery blonde sex. So he cleans up the dirty plate of the assassination by doing his duty and he then can disappear with the blonde. But what was the fashion picture on the back cover of a flashy magazine of that poor solitary cowboy and the blonde nurse doing or representing? They must have met before in a trendier situation and in more glamorous circumstances. But well all is well that ends well, It is well known, and you can assassinate the president and yet run away with a few million dollars to enjoy the sightseeing of some distant country.

Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne, University Paris 8 Saint Denis, University Paris 12 Créteil, CEGID
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Great Rainy Day Movie
katatoe6 December 2008
I don't think I would have enjoyed this film as much if I hadn't been sick after 2 days of hard work with my performance troupe (long story!).

I love Amy Smart & Neve Campbell. I once loved Val Kilmer (until I heard his band), but as an actor - I definitely respect him. He seems to have an addiction to these types of movies (De Ja Vu, Conspiracy, etc. - aka, Wannabe Psychological Thrillers). He should stop trying to be Bruce Willis and stick to character acting.

Pros: Great scoring. Some good artistic shots of cigarette smoke.

Cons: The storyline was very easy to predict. Camera angles & pans can be a little cheesy.
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a man looses his memory and then drinks lots of tequila
waterloo-522 June 2004
Trust me, if I wake up in a hospital, having amnesia as a result from a bullet to the head and I have a vague recollection it's got something to do with killing the president. I'ld be out of that little town fast, real fast.

No, not in this movie, our hero spends the next hour or so (of the movie!!!) in the local pub drinking beer and tequilas and smoking one cigarette after the other. Trust me, I speak out of experience, that's the way to loose your memory, not to regain it.

There might have been more to it but I didn't get it. I don't think you will either...
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A Mess
blowfelt6 November 2005
I could go on about the plot holes and inexplicable missing elements (like main character motivations!), the thin characters with no real opportunity to develop, a musical score that is off base it is almost funny, and finally a director who clearly is out of his element when not doing music videos.

Note to the director: Scenes, camera movement, and music are supposed to serve the story not become the story.

From reading the comments it looks like the original script had promise (I would say the ideas are interesting and might explain how they were able to attract some name actors) but the leadership of the film obviously did not have any real vision on how to bring all the elements together.

An example of a real bad choice would be the constant use of Middle Eastern influenced vocalizations in a movie that is supposed to be set in Southern New Mexico. Now that is not to put down the actual music, as it is really pretty good own it's on. It just seems to me nobody was questioning the direction of the musical choices.

For me this is a failure by the director. In every major element of the film; from editing, the character choices made by the actors, the score, and the cinematography it is like they all were trying to do there own thing. No one seemed to be insuring that all the oars were rowing in the same direction.
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" What would happen, if you woke up and you weren't You? "
thinker169126 November 2008
As human beings, one of the greatest abilities we have is to continuously store information in your brain. According to science, we even store information, like smell and taste, even as we sleep. The only time the collection process stops is when the main mechanism (The Brain) is or becomes damaged. That's when Amnesia sets in. Then like a stubborn employee, the brain begins a single, but constant 24 hour task of re-routing or re-connecting neurons to standard questions, like, 'who am I?' In this movie, " Blind Horizon " we have a character named Frank Kavanaugh (Val Kilmer) who is near dead in a hospital answering questions to town Sheriff Jack Kolb (Sam Shepard) and his Deputy Shirl Cash (Noble Willingham). They claimed someone tried to kill Kavaneugh and left him for dead. Despite their interrogation, not even basic answers are forthcoming. The victim does not know why anyone would want to kill him as he doesn't even know who he is. The only memory repeating inside his head is, he is somehow connected to the White House and he has an urgent message to give to the President. Trying to jog his memory, the police tell him, several dead bodies have turned up around town and he is somehow tied to them. This film is a 'who done it', but is like a broken puzzle. Pieces are found, but the images are distorted and don't match the box. Kilmer is excellent and the message is clear. If you have something important to do, finish it before it finishes you. Two local extras make their film debut here. Writer and TV actor, Lou Cuevas, plays a transporter of illegal Mexicans and his son Trajan Cuevas plays Dale Petmecky, one of two boys who originally discovered Kavaneugh. A good film, but you have to really like mystery films to enjoy it. ***
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How-soon-is-now16 January 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this movie just a couple of hours ago and must say it is BORING AND VERY PREDICTABLE. Dont waste your money on it. We have seen many scripts in the last few years with similar plots and suprise endings. This one was no suprise at all. Ok they tried to give us hints, but they gave away the whole story. I could tell Frank was the assasin himself and Chloe was not his fiancee the first 20 minutes. I expected better from these actors. Maybe not Campbell, but Kilmer is at an age where he cant risk to play in these silly movies anymore. 4 out of 10. And that just to be nice.
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I really think this is a marvelous film.
moviegoingcat10 December 2004
I'm surprised by the negative reviews here. It's the kind of film worth seeing many times. The fragmentation tactics and the music work really well. Nothing is ever perfectly clear and that's a plus as well. The mystery stays with you. You can't be sure you understand the motives of the people involved in the assassination plot. Like 'The Package' this film does use the JFK assassination as a reference point but it uses it in very small pieces so that you have to think about them as parts of a difficult puzzle. At the same time the mood of the film is strong enough so that you don't get the feel of just a set of puzzles. Looking forward to more good films by the talented people involved.
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Why illicit drugs are bad
munitzs26 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
A cold, greasy, scrambled egg. That's the gastronomic equivalent of this movie.

The editing chops backwards and forwards, across time and space. The direction relied on meaningful looks and clichéd camera angles.

Acting? Kilmer was more convincing when he was comatose. Faye Dunawaye gives the performance of her career - the WORST. As for the others, who knows and who cares.

OK, the actors had to deal with a really bad script. But let's be fair, how does anyone make a decent script from a stupid hackneyed story? Even the "twists" are predictable Spoilers: Kilmer is shot and thrown off a 30 foot cliff. He's in hospital without any obvious injuries and is released two days later absolutely fine! Then he gets seriously beaten up a day or two later, and again, a visit to the hospital and he's 100%.

All can be explained if they were all on drugs - and if this was the case this shows why illicit drugs are bad.
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Val Kilmer channels his inner Marlon Brando...
somf11 February 2006
circa Missouri Breaks. I just love the work of Val Kilmer. Normally he is so great at elevating his material, to me his work in "Tombstone" was the number one case in point, but here he just seems to be messing with the role and probably confounding his costars and director. I'll bet you no one in this film from the talented Sam Shepard to the pretty good Neve Campbell to the deservedly up and coming Amy Smart ever want to work with the guy again. I'd love a chance to have a talk with the director and find out if my hunches are correct, but I will say that the director of this film should probably shoulder far less of the blame for the mess that it turned out to be than Mr. Kilmer. Granted the script was trying to go for a sort of "Memento" narrative and fails miserably, but I did watch the entire film. It kept me interested, but so darned weird. I would only recommend it for Val Kilmer's biggest fans. I hope the guy comes back to reality some day. He is so talented.
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Memento moves west
siderite18 December 2005
A good thriller is one that makes you wonder all the time of what direction the movie will go next. From that point of view, this is a good thriller. You wonder who is who and what they are going to do next. However, a lot of those questions come from a pretty inconsistent plot. It's not a bad plot, quite the contrary, but the details are a bit off most of the time.

About Val Kilmer, he again makes a great role. He is more than an accomplished actor, he is still a promising one. From this point of view I recommend all his movies, starting with Top Secret :). There is a casting trend, though, to put him in movies where he is either drugged, amnesic or sick, sometimes him being FBI ,secret agent or somethings in the intelligence community. I don't think he will go far if he ends up with that label.

Faye Dunnaway, Neve Campbell and some other actors that you have seen in movies and expect them to be in good roles are actually quite the secondary characters; except Val Kilmer and the basic plot, everything else is a blur.

The atmosphere is good, as the movie is set up in a dusty western town and the music is appropriate. I think this is a good film to watch, not an extraordinary one, though, so don't get your hopes too high. There is a limited amount of romance and the action/violence is more suggested than exposed.
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filmfreak-526 April 2004
A man gets shot, wakes up from a coma suffering total memoryloss.

He tries to figure out who he is and why he feels that the presidents life is in danger. Oh and trust me, after five minutes you already figured out the so-called twist, but you keep thinking to yourself that it cannot be that simple - well, it yourself the time! The beginning of the film gives it all away.

A couple of decent acting performances here, but nothing out of the ordinary - then again, with a script like know...

Just another time waster that prooves that the Hollywood money machine won the battle against decent scripts. I'm reluctant to drop Hollywood films entirely, they're more or less all the same - lots of sha-bang, nothing to wear it in..

On a scale from yawn to wow: zzzzz....
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Better than Expected
Freedom06028629 July 2018
This is an intriguing mystery, a puzzle with multiple parts that gradually fit in together.

The acting was very good. Val Kilmer was perfect for the role and was convincing as someone with amnesia. Amy Smart was great as a sweet nurse and Sam Shepard was very good as sheriff of the border town.

I don't understand why this movie received some poor reviews (some said it's too complicated) but I found nothing seriously wrong with it. It's not predictable, you are never quite sure what will happen next, and it's quite thrilling up to the very end.
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