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Season 1

2 Apr. 2002
Fog After Rain Is Sometimes Unlucky
Seina is a lovesick high school student with the worst luck imaginable. Every step he takes is a disaster waiting to happen, but a chance encounter with a beautiful space babe is about to change his life forever!
9 Apr. 2002
Police and Pirates
Seina's head is still spinning after being recruited by the Galaxy Police, and an outrageous run-in with a band of space pirates doesn't do much to set his mind at ease!
16 Apr. 2002
The Devil Princess of Jurai
Seina's talent for finding trouble makes him a hot commodity, and he is forced to choose between a life serving the Galaxy Police - or joining forces with a notorious and beautiful space pirate!
23 Apr. 2002
Fog of Confusion, Unfallen Rain
Upon his arrival at the Galaxy Police academy, Seina is forced to go through immigration, where he runs into a familiar face from his life on Earth.
30 Apr. 2002
Sweet Traps in Darkness
Seina and his friends sneak out after curfew for a little late night action, but when a pretty girl turns out to be a hologram, the boys end up as subjects in some very private experimentation!
7 May 2002
Entering the GP Academy
Day one of the academy proves tougher than Seina ever imagined. A nasty professor with a mean anti-human streak is determined to run him into the ground, and Seina won't last long without some physical upgrades!
21 May 2002
Days of Cohabitation
Seina's extra special training with Amane leaves him hot and bothered - and drives the other roommates crazy with jealousy. A surprise visit from Amane's parents only adds to the hilarity!
28 May 2002
A Stormy Space Training Cruise
After finally getting his body back under control, Seina receives his first academy assignment! Unfortunately, his mission is interrupted by the arrival of space pirates!
4 Jun. 2002
The academy decides to utilize Senia's special skills and use the boy as bait! The situation goes from bad to worse when space pirates attack and Senia is left with only a mop for protection!
11 Jun. 2002
First Paychecks and Presents
Seina heads straight to the mall after receiving his first paycheck, but when his shopping partner turns out to be an assassin, he might not live long enough to spend his hard-earned money!
18 Jun. 2002
Kamidake Wounded
Seina's very important delivery mission is interrupted by the repeated arrival of space pirates! As if that weren't bad enough, his crew is starving and his space ship is broken!
25 Jun. 2002
On Jurai
While they wait for their space ship to be repaired, Kiriko, Amane, and Ryoko soak their bodies in the hot springs and argue over which one of them gets to wash Seina's back!
2 Jul. 2002
A Strong Little Enemy Appears
Neju, a mysterious girl with green hair, is spending too much one-on-one time with Seina, so Kiriko, Amane, and Ryoko don revealing bathing suits to show their man what a real woman looks like!
9 Jul. 2002
Fuku-Chan, Runaway
Fuku can't handle the stress of combat, so the girls come up with an alternative method of navigating the ship. But when things don't go exactly as planned, the fretting fur ball must save the day!
16 Jul. 2002
Seina and his friends use some much-needed vacation time to pay a visit to Earth! Will the unlucky boy be stricken homesick - or realize that you really can't go back again?
23 Jul. 2002
Seina and Tenchi
Seina continues his Earthly vacation by paying a visit to his old friend Tenchi in an attempt to finally get some answers about Fuku's origins.
30 Jul. 2002
Those Who Seize Good Fortune
When a group of pirates known as the Good Luck Fleet terrorizes the galaxy, Seina is called in to stop them in their tracks. Unfortunately, he gets distracted by Amane's sunbathing!
6 Aug. 2002
After their ship is badly damaged during an attack by Seiryo, Amane returns to the runway for a one-time only modeling engagement!
13 Aug. 2002
The Ship That Brings Good Luck
Seiryo christens his ship with an unfortunate name, Seina runs from a group of gorgeous girls, and Kiriko faces a difficult choice concerning her future.
27 Aug. 2002
Duel of Fortune and Misfortune
Plans for a unified galactic alliance are put on hold until Seiryo's pirate shenanigans can be brought to an end. Looks like it's time for Seina and his arch nemesis to settle their differences with a duel!
3 Sep. 2002
Seina mounts a rescue mission after his ship is commandeered and his crew is arrested, but the clumsy hero quickly finds himself marooned on a distant planet.
10 Sep. 2002
Parallel... Trouble
Thinks look bleak for Seina and his new friends until the discovery of an ancient and powerful weapon. Seina has the power to operate the giant robot, but can it overcome his unnaturally bad luck?
17 Sep. 2002
Seina prepares for his graduation amidst rumors that the Galaxy Police may reform his old unit. Will his female comrades come along for the ride?
24 Sep. 2002
Marriage Vows on the Moon
Seina is set to wed his four beautiful comrades, but before he can walk down the aisle, the groom-to-be is kidnapped by four more gorgeous girls!

 Season 1 

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