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How do I begin?
xenomorph4424 July 2009
Maybe I can start by saying that this was THE GREATEST TV SHOW EVER MADE!, but that might be a little bit of an understatement. I remember 6 years ago watching this show every Friday night, and loving it! Before that, all I used to watch on TV was cartoons. Now, when one of my favorite movie series ever was being made into this show, I couldn't miss out. I even taped every episode on a blank VHS tape so, to this day, I can watch them whenever I choose. I remember the day after Christmas marathon that, unfortunately, I couldn't watch completely, but that brought me even more great news with the announcement of Tremors 4: The Legend Begins. I really wish this show lasted more than 13 episodes, and concept art was even found of an episode that never was. I still hope this great series gets a DVD release like it deserves. I know that I will buy it.
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Camp At It's Best
EvilTommy27 December 2003
For those of you who enjoyed the movies, you'll also find a taste for the series. Michael Gross has evolved in the role of Burt Gummer from paranoid survivalist to paranoid survivalist leader, of the now not so clueless residents of Perfection, Nevada. As with all the films, the cast changes but the humor is still intact.

Gummer's sidekick, Tyler Reed (Victor Browne), is sort of a combination of the original Fred Ward and Kevin Bacon characters, and he does a good job as action hero and comic relief. Reed and Gummer play off each other rather well and compensate for each other's shortcomings.

The supporting cast is also entertaining and keep the story lines moving. There's a few recurring characters who provide a few laughs and in some cases villainy, every few episodes, including a greedy land developer with no conscience and a classic geek, who collects action figures and comics, knows incredible depths of movie trivia, and comes close to being eaten pretty much every visit to Perfection.

Give the show a chance! The cast is very professional, the writing is witty, and the special effects are just hokey enough to make a 50s horror movie maker proud.
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It's Graboid season!!!
Rattrap00729 March 2003
Beware the graboids. Stay on the pavement. El Blanco is on the loose, but that doesn't bother the citizens of Perfection Valley, Nevada (population 7). Just another typical day for them..

This series is based on the movie trilogy Tremors. It picks up where part 3 left off. Surprisingly the main charachters make returns (two with new actors, two without) plus a few new faces.

If you haven't seen the Tremors films I'll sum them up.

It all began with the original tremors film. The town was bigger then. About 12 people lived around there then. Till people started getting killed. Turns out to be giant killer worm like creatures aka Graboids who hunt through sensing seismic vibrations in the ground. Well they manage to survive by killing all the worms.

In the second Earl gets hired along with a new guy Grady, to kill Graboids in Mexico around an oil field. They enlist hte help of Burt Gummer, a citizen of Perfection, who is a paranoid gun nut who is ready for WWIII with his own bomb shelter and enough MREs to last a decade. Well he heads down armed to the teeth (Thanks to the Mexican Gov.) and they kill lots of graboids.. till the change... into Shreikers. New ballgame now. They hatched little creatures the size of a large turkey. They run on two legs and hunt through heat vision. Well they survive.

In the third movie we return to Perfection. A couple more grabois show up. One is an albino. The government wants to stop the killing of the graboids because they are considered an endangered species. Well the worms turn into shreikers again, but then they change again.. into a new form. They blast fire out of their rears through a chemical reaction and launch them selves into flight. They are dubbed Assblasters (Buttlaunchers was another proposed name). Well Burt it smart. He knows that they can't do anything to them if the area is protected. He lets the albino worm live thus making Perfection Valley.

The series picks up where part 3 left off. Some charachters from the series moved on to better things. Val left to marry the Geologist after part one, Grady and Earl went to make a theme park based on the graboids, and Jack, the Graboid Safari tour guide, moved to Vegas. Melvin, as we learned in part 3, is now a real estate agent. He wants to turn Perfection Valley into his own town.. Melville. But as long as El Blanco, the albino graboid, is around that can't happen.

The series is like a Tremors version of Smallville. Strange things happen. In one episode a giant ghostly bacteria attacks sucking the water out of people. Plus there is always the potential (and there will be) more graboid, shreiker, and assblaster sightings.

I give this series an 8/10. The only problem I had was the jerky fast moving camera work during the graboid attacks. Other wise a big thumbs up!
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Shame it only lasted one season!
jellyneckr25 February 2004
There is not a whole lot that can be said about TREMORS other than that it was a great show. It wasn't quite as good as the movies, but it was still fun to watch. Just like with the TREMORS movies, the special effects were nothing special, but they still seemed cool. The special effects could have been better, though then again, it wouldn't be TREMORS if the special effects weren't a little cheesy. Being a big fan of the movie series, I watched the show every week and enjoyed every episode so naturally I was very disappointed when I heard it wasn't picked up for a second season. Hopefully the show will be released on DVD some day so fans of the movies who didn't get to see the show will be able to.
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A GREAT Series for the Tremors Fan.
photoweborama31 March 2003
Just a great series that is as much fun as the movie series.

For the avid Tremors fan, this series is a dream come true. Sure, the Graboids are what the films are about, but the real draw to the films is the characters. They do an excellent job of intertwining characters and plot lines from the films into the series. Past story lines are are strongly connected between the movies and the series, and all the "pieces fit together".

The series continues the story line of what happens next to the characters, and their lives. Not necessarily all Graboids, but life with a Graboid alway there.

You are drawn into the series, making you feel you are a character in the series, fully aware of the Graboid "routine".

If you haven't seen the films, go out and rent all three of them (and I mean all three). I doubt you can really appreciate the series unless you understand the past history of the characters of Perfection Valley. They throw in so many references from the films, that a lot of the dialog might seem like an inside joke with you on the outside.

Maybe they were not the best films. Maybe it is not the best series, but you have to love Michael Gross as Burt Gummer. Go Burt!
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A Surprisingly Fun Show
Aldran12 April 2003
Long before Tremors: The Series actually aired, I saw many comments on how bad everyone thought the show was going to be. Considering how far the movies dropped off (Though Tremors 3 was a step up from 2), few felt any good would come out of trying to squeeze whatever life was left out of the Tremors franchise.

Well, prepare to be amazed.

While Tremors: The Series is no masterpiece, it is a far cry better than one would have imagined. The cast continues to boast the very-entertaining Michael Gross, and while it isn't the same as the days of Ward and Bacon, this new group is nothing to be turned off by, and actually clicks rather well. There are several seasoned actors, which helps make the characters all the more believable, though they still can be rather rough around the edges.

The storyline, believe it or not, works. The series does indeed keep the continuum of previous movies (Though it focuses mainly on Tremors 3), and provides a storyline that is fast-paced and fun. There is rarely a dull moment in Tremors, combining a nice blend of comedy, action and emotion that will keep you interested and coming back for more.

If you're a Tremors fan, Tremors: The Series is a must see, but to anyone else, I still highly recommend giving the show a chance. You may just be surprised yourself.
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Graboids,Shriekers,Assblasters,and much more
aliv_7325 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
i have see all four Tremors movies i loved them all.when the show premiered i loved it.Burt was back as his usual suspicious of the government self.i loved the fact that the episodes deal with more than El Blanco.they have a ghost in a cave, and a secret lab lets not forget Christopher Loydd as a crazy scientist with many secrets.i can't believe that they at Canceled it.i liked that they referenced the third movie when the ass blaster escaped.i love that the little moron Melvin never gets what he wants.who would have thought that a brine shrimp could grow that big and look that ugly.i give this show two big thumbs up.i hope it comes out on DVD soon.
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A great outing in this series
bsischo6 April 2003
This is a great series and despite what some people have said it really goes well with the movies. The series starts off a little while after the last movie. Burt Gummer has rebuilt his compound a little and lives underground. Mindy has taken the money for the sale of the ass-blaster and gone back to college. Jack is off in Las Vegas living it up. They do have somebody differnt playing Jodi and Nancy but they do a great job. Having Christopher LLoyd as part of the cast is a great addition. He plays the part of an ex government scientist who created the Mixmaster DNA formula. What this is, we still don't know. It promises to be a great series and hopefully it gets the fan following it deserves.
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Off To A Good Start So Far!
mrpool0328 March 2003
I have been waiting for Tremors The Series for some time and now that I just watched the first two episode, I feel pretty excited about what the future will bring. The first episode "Feeding Frenzy" was well done, a good introduction to the series, with Burt Grummer back once again! I was really impressed with the CGI effects done when El Blanco made his full debut. They has a side camera shot of the Graboid which was very impressive, even better than what I have seen in the films. The special effects were great but limited. It would have been great to see more but maybe this is a taste for things to come.

The cast of the show was all around good, even though some of the film actors could not come back and have been replaced. The best however was the excellent addition of Christopher Lloyd in the second episode! He was great, playing a never before known character in Perfection Valley, a hermit who has many mysteries but much knowledge when it comes to science. He seemed to fit right in perfectly with the show, can't wait to see more of him.

I will say that the first episode was better than the second, since the second focused on a 'ghost' creature and not a Graboid creature. However, the episode served a purpose for the future so I can understand why it works. You'll have to watch it and see.

Overall, I enjoyed the show and want to see more. It might not be quite like the movies, but it has a great quality about it. Hopefully, some of the techniques used in the series will be applied to the next film. If you like the films, I'm sure you'll enjoy the series!
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Great series follow-up, but sadly short-lived.
chriskolehmainen3 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Tremors: The Series

//// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //

Tremors: The Series starts off a bit after the 3d Tremors film, Tremors 3: Back to Perfection, so it still has Michael Gross as Burt, and the other Perfection valley citizens (though they are played by different actors) with the absence of "Desert" Jack Sawyer, who is replaced Tyler an ex-NASCAR driver who bought the Graboid tour business. Even though there is only one returning actor, the acting works for the most part, and the characters are fun. Plus there is a side story about a DNA mixing compound loose in the valley, which provides lots of mutant animal plots. Just a warning, the budget went down a bit, so don't expect as much Graboid action as the movies. In comparison to the movies, here are the ups and downs: Ups: DOWNS: -Better plot variety -smaller budget -Improved Graboid tongues -worse CGI -More time for characters -chopy cinematography (during attack scenes) -More characters -very short lived -More creatures (this is not all that I can think, I'm just trying to make an even amount of ups an downs) So anyway, It's a good companion to the series and a good show. I recommend it

//// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //
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Has good potential, but is seriously held back.
razorwind425 April 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I have to admit, I loved the tremors movies. The first one was the best, the second one was not as good as the first but was still a good movie, while the third one didnt impress me much. When i saw the preview for "Tremors the Series" on the Sci-Fi channel one night, I was excited yet skeptical. I love the concept, but i didnt see how they could make an expanded series off what little story line was left after the third movie. But hey, you cant judge a series like that, the writers might have some great ideas up their sleeves so I decided to give it a go. I watched the first episode and I was quickly dissapointed, not by the script or the acting.

It is the camera work and the FX that are really holding this show back. In the movies all the graboid action was clearly shot with steady camera work. It was fast paced and clear. However the series has some of the worst camera control i have ever seen. The camera is constantly jerking around during the intense action scenes. It is so bad sometimes that you have a real hard time telling what is going on.

Possible Spoilers Ahead

Also, this show must not have a large budget for the special effects and CGI. I usually dont mind bad special effects just as long as they dont really bring the picture down. However, the CGI in the show is downright horrible. The graboids are blurry and undefined. Take the bad CGI and add a camera that is bouncing all over the place and you have some total garbage. For example in the first episode a graboid breaks up under the floor in Jodi's store. The graboid is so blurry and the camera jerks around so much that you cant tell simple things like how far away it is from the people.

Also their is a serious "lack" of graboids. For Example, in episode 3, Burt spots a shrieker up on a ridge. Scene shows burt raise his gun, then for about 1/10 of a second, they show the shrieker. THen immediately cut back to burt. Also later on Burt, Tyler, and Rosalita are standing together with fully automatic guns mowing down a wave of shriekers. Camera zooms in on burt, switches to tyler, then to rose, then back to burt. You never actually see the shriekers they are shooting at.

This show can work. But for the love a god, fire the cameraman and get some more money for the CGI! Or else, it will kill itself.
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quidditch_player1 April 2003
A couple of months ago when I was taping "Tremors 3: Back To Perfection", I saw commercials for "Tremors: The Series", and, being a fan of all the movies, my interest was immediately peaked.

I taped the first two episodes, and knew that this series was going to quickly become one of my favorites, right up there with "Mutant X".

Even though most of the actors in the tv series replaced the ones from the movies (with the exception of the new characters), they were still excellent. Everyone looks like they're thoroughly enjoying themselves, especially Michael Gross. Thank god they didn't get someone else to play Burt Gummer!

I give it a well-deserved 8/10.
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Assblasters, Shriekers, and Graboids Oh My!
cj_bacon8631 March 2003
Well, when I first heard that Tremors was going to become a weekly TV series, my first reaction was WTF? I loved the original movies and still do this day, but to have Burt Gummer go up against Tremors week after week would seem pretty redundant. Until I saw the series.

The best thing about the show is that they do not focus as much on Graboids or Shriekers or Asslbasters that much at all, but rather take an X-Files approach to the series. It doesn't take itself seriously at all, and could be considered the pick-up of the humur that was lacking in many X-Files episodes. Seeing it as a continuation of the events from the last movie makes sense, as most movie-to-TV series concepts don't have the same relish as the movies (Ferris Bueller? Clerks? Clueless?), but this could really turn that feeling around greatly. I hope SciFi realizes what they have and keep it for three or four seasons.
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Its Perfection
Sum Boddy9 April 2003
A wonderful adaptation to the wonderfully enjoyable movies! Burt Gummer and the rest of the Perfection town (all 6 or so of them) deal every week with a new problem. I loved and own the 3 movies and plan on buying the 4th as soon as it comes out. Since Sci-fi is seeming to slip (Canceling shows when they're popular or just building fan bases) I figure it won't make it to a second season, but every episode will be a pleasure. Not many movies can make a transition to a TV show successfully, however I feel Tremors 'hits the nail on the head'. With Michael Gross returning to play Burt Gummer makes you feel he either loves the character or is really needing some money. Either way its a plus. 10/10!
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First Impressions of Tremors
slv2fun5 April 2003
First Impressions of Tremors: The Series.

The series is kind of wacky. Not that the first three movies were exactly classic cinema like Casablanca, Citizen Kane, or masterpiece thriller like Psycho! But that's the attraction. I thought the strength of the production is in it's concept. This is a campy, quaint, low-budget will never be a Terminator 2 type sci fi effects extravaganza, it sure ain't a high concept stylish disaster love epic like Titanic, It is just plain cute, fun light romp.

I like the series. I can relate to the characters, they are human and all have good stories behind them. They are more human, with human foibles and not the plastic perfection cardboard you see coming from Hollyweird these days. The drama is light, which is a nice change in the time of our illegal invasion...err war of "freedom". I like Burt's eccentricity, I wish he'd run for president. Jodi... mmmmm yummy! She's very natural in her role. (and cute, not plastic) Nancy's character makes a nice contrast to Burt Gummer's... But the Rosa chick was just tryin' too hard to be the hottie! Turn off! What happened to Nancy's daughter? I saw Nancy and her daughter in the Tremors movie and watched them grow...watched them beat graboid after shriekers...Now the team is broken up!! Well, I guess some of the living had to move.

Overall I enjoyed the TV Tremors, although the episode with the mutating green cloud was a little too far away from the original concept. It was distracting ...and the V8 powered garage vac ...what the heck was that? Did BA Barrakus and the A-Team move to Perfection after they retired from the Los Angeles Underground? It was a little like Jesse James and Monster Garage wrapped up in Mguyver, covered with Tim Allen and Home Improvement! Overall, not bad for a start. There's nothing really to hate on this series!

Good Luck Tremors team!
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just seen it again
EmperorIC9 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
i just recently seen it again after a decade & let me tell you it made me smile after seeing it again after those ten years of searching for it from episode one to fourteen it was a wild ride but i'm saddened that there's no more of it i just wish there was more such a epic series based on a great movie trilogy i just wish the main creature played the hero more in the series i remember catching the second last episode(water hazard: the one with the Jurassic aged shrimp/prawn at Melvin's lagoon then getting loose in the water line then getting trapped by Tyler & Twitchell then getting dry ice thrown on it turning it white) in 2004 and it made me want more so i say its a epic series worth while getting.
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Great start...
ggld20018 January 2004
Ive just seen the start of the new series of tremors in the UK, and I thought it was realy good. OK they dont have the big budget to spend on a series like they do on films. I think this series has lots of chances to show it self. A lot of people put down Lexx to start with but that mangered to stay running more many years. I can only hope that this new show Tremors gets the same chance. The only thing you have to remember when watching sci-fi show or films is always keep an open mind. After all sci-fi show are based on WHAT IF???? and thats what views have to remember.
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Yes sir, I like it!
afnaste29 March 2003
Graboids and Shriekers and Ass-Blasters oh my! I think this is going to be a fun series, Burt Gummer is an awesome character. Melvin is back and still causing too much trouble to live. The government liaison to Perfection NV is going to be interesting since he can swing from goverment stooge to panic to helpful to cowardly. The continuity with the first 3 movies is very good. El Blanco the sterile Graboid looks a little different now, but it's older now. The bacteria cloud monster opens up a whole series of new possible monsters.
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Tremors tv series a big letdown.
hobnobx6 April 2003
The first TREMORS movie was great and I've seen it several times. After viewing the first two tv-series episodes, I give a thumbs DOWN. Not only is the tv cast less convincing than the 1st Tremors movie, the premise of the show is weaker. The SFX are just not enough to save this series. I doubt it will last the whole season.
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SpikeW8 January 2004
Following on from the first three films in the 'Tremors' line, the TV series is very much a similar setup: nasty beasties, robust townsfolk and plenty of silly comedy. I've been a fan of 'Tremors' since I caught the original film on TV one night back in the 90s.

The positive side is that several of the original locals are still around. Burt is paranoid, survivalist and a source of humour as always. Nancy remains in town, although her daughter has gone off to college. Jodi runs the shop that her father had before her.

Of course, there's a negative side: Fred Ward and Kevin Bacon (Earl and Valentine, respectively) are no longer around. There are also new faces, most of which unfortunately cater more to the desperate 'political correctness' of television than to the series: an hispanic lady, a native american who works on her farm, the 'hunky' male interest and, of course, the visiting female scientist.

Thankfully, after a few episodes, the actors (who I had never seen before, personally) all settle in nicely and bring their characters to life. Add to this frequent cameos by the truly fabulous Christopher Lloyd as the hermit ex-governmental mad scientist - who also provides the expanding storyline - and it's a formula for light, easy entertainment.

Recommended viewing, but don't expect deep, meaningful television.
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wow the terrible cherry on the terrible tremors cake
thebadatgaming21 July 2019
I honestly have no idea why Tremors is popular and why it even got a show bcs its so awful like its so bad the CGI makes me wanna vomit and the acting is a BIG YIKES so i wouldnt reccomend this to anyone and i hope that the series just dies out and we get something better
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To be honest do not remember how many of the 13 episodes I actually
cmv322612 June 2013
To be honest do not remember how many of the 13 episodes I caught, or what they were about. What I do recall is that I must have enjoyed the show since I made an all out effort to catch every episode I could, I was living in a rooming house at the time had to share the TV. Michael Gross is was always a pleasure to catch him in his role as Burt Gummer, even more than his Steven Keaton role. Was the show's ratings that low that it really needed to be canceled? Did it have something to do with Michael Gross simply not wanting to portray the character anymore and the writers, and/or costars simply figured the show would not be the same without him. I could well understand the show simply not being the same without Michael Gross playing Burt Gummer, Burt was as much of a nightmare to various stages of the creature as they were to man. Burt is the kind of guy many men would like to be if they had the survival instincts and could survive in isolation. Really John Q. Public who claims the government is concerned about our well being is lying, nice thing about most monsters is they kill you quickly instead of stripping away your will to live. Show was 1 of the last few good shows I have seen on TV, regular networks or cable.
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The Dynamic Twosome...Burt and El Blanco???
pinoyartist9929 March 2003
I watched the movies, the first one was good, but the others were "so-so." This takes place after the movies, I can assume. Anyway, Burt returns, but more friendier, but still as psychotic as ever. His companion, besides the town of Perfection, is the Great White Worm himself, "El Blanco" from the third movie. Besides giant worms, Burt must fend off hordes of other megamonsters who threaten his beloved town. This is a fun show to watch and hope for the best on the SciFi Channel.
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Good News Tremors Fans
SKATRWREST2 January 2010
The Complete Tremors TV series will be sold at stores all 13 episode will be on 3 disc sets comes out March 9 2010 by Universal home entertainment which also means part 5 will be also out maybe before TV series and might all depend on how much us fans want Tremors 5 and if there not going to be a part 5 will just have to wait and see it will be so awesome that this really great news I never thought it would ever come out because I mistaken got a copy of the series online and turned out that the people who sent me are knowing being investigated they might just burned the series from online and put on DVD it was so poor quality that the real deal will be coming out this year I will buy it and throw the one I have away because it was not never buy online even when it sounds to good to be true I got ripped off talk to you all later
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