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8 TV shows based on horror movies -- and how they fared

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8 TV shows based on horror movies -- and how they fared
With the recent successes of such TV series as "American Horror Story," "Hannibal" and Showtime's "Penny Dreadful," horror is hot on the small-screen right now -- so much so that in addition to MTV's forthcoming small-screen "Scream" spinoff, TV studios are in the midst of bringing a horde of cinematic fright-film properties to television, ranging from "Shutter Island" to "The Devil's Advocate" to "The Mist." In light of this, I've taken a look back at eight previous horror movie-to-tv translations and analyzed why they hit -- or didn't -- with audiences. "Bates Motel" (A&E) Based on: "Psycho" Aired: 2013-present Why it did (or didn't) work:a great pedigree ("Lost" showrunner Carlton Cuse), a terrific cast (Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore) and generally positive critical notices gave "Bates Motel" a sheen of respectability that worked well in this Golden Age of prestige television. The show has so far aired three successful seasons
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Marcia Strassman of Welcome Back, Kotter Dead at 66

Marcia Strassman of Welcome Back, Kotter Dead at 66
Marcia Strassman, whose TV credits included M*A*S*H and Welcome Back, Kotter, died on Saturday after a seven-year fight with breast cancer, our sister site Deadline reports. She was 66.

Strassman’s professional acting career began in 1964 with appearances on The Patty Duke Show, before playing Nurse Margie Cutler in several episodes of TV’s M*A*S*H adaptation.

On ABC’s Welcome Back, Kotter, which ran from September 1975 to June 1979, she costarred as Julie Kotter, wife to Gabe Kaplan’s titular Brooklyn school teacher.

Strassman’s most recent TV credits include a 2004 stint on Third Watch, TV
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Star Wars Rebels — Interview With Composer Kevin Kiner

Star Wars Rebels composer Kevin Kiner gives an interview on the influence that composer John Williams has had on him and the score of the animated TV Series. Kiner talks about his huge guitar collection and how having been in a rock band allows him to add something different to the score of Rebels. We even get to hear some temp tracks in development and how Kiner mixes in Williams touches from the score of Star Wars: A New Hope.

Rebels acts as a bridge between the time periods of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope and it's really interesting to hear some of those familiar melodies come back, in some part, into the show.

I couldn't help checking out Kiner's IMDb page and over the years he has done the score for a lot of TV and a few video games. Some notable projects other than the aforementioned are Stargate Sg-1,
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‘The Tenant’ Review

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Stars: Kristen Dalton, David Arquette, Victor Browne, Morissa O’Mara, Alana O’Mara, Franny Hocking, Ken Baumann, Lorraine Nicholson, Bellamy Young, Rome Shadanloo | Written by Nick Antosca | Directed by Chris Jaymes

Originally released in the Us in 2012 under the title of The Cottage and no doubt renamed to avoid confusion with the similarly themed British film from 2008, The Tenant sees Chloe (Dalton) and Michael Carpenter rent out the cottage behind their house to charming novelist, Robert Mars (Arquette) the whole family are delighted, but soon after he moves in the family start to fear they are being stalked and watched. Their fears are heightened when a family friend goes missing but with no evidence and the law against them they struggle to fight a deadly threat in their own backyard.

The Tenant is one of those slow-burning horror/thriller hybrids that expends a lot of energy in setting up the
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Clip joint: Giant people

Hollywood loves a big, scary beast, but what about super-sizing the humble human? Clip joint looks up magic mega-moments

Tinseltown has been convincingly developing the magnificence of the mighty in the animal kingdom for decades. A simple shift in perspective transformed King Kong (1933) from a large ape into a monster. Similarly the terror in Tremors (1990) lies not in the idea that we're being chased by sand worms, but that they're half-a-mile long.

Hollywood likes to super-size, to make things larger than life, but when it comes to clumsy old humanity it's much harder to make size scary. The Amazing Colossal Man (1957) looked corny, Allison Hayes's 50ft Woman looked bored, even on the attack. Jason and The Argonauts's (1963) bronze behemoth Talos had the stuff, but he was technically an automaton.

Human giants are smaller, sillier and far less malevolent. Their stomping ground is the cartoon or the gentle family comedy.
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CSI: NY Internal Affairs by way of Breaking Bad

Once a cop, always a cop seems to be the rule for Dean Norris as he heads to CSI: NY to portray an Internal Affairs detective. Norris, who plays former-cop-turned-mineral-collector Hank Schrader on AMC’s Breaking Bad, is heading to the city that never sleeps to possibly cause problems for Mac’s team of CSI’s, according to the latest from TVLine.

Jeananne Goossen – New CSI: NY Rookie

There’s not a whole lot of info on the character but we do know Norris will be showing up on CSI: NY in October to do some investigating when one of the CSI’s is involved in a shooting. In addition to his role on Breaking Bad and an appearance during Season 11 on the original CSI, Norris has also shown up on Law & Order: La, Medium and Tremors.

Mac and his team of crime scene investigators will be back on the
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CSI: NY Scoop: Breaking Bad's Dean Norris Cops Another Lawman Role

CSI: NY Scoop: Breaking Bad's Dean Norris Cops Another Lawman Role
It appears that Dean Norris has law enforcement matters to look into other than the lucrative drug dealings of the elusive Heisenberg.

TVLine has learned that Norris, who on Breaking Bad plays incapacitated cop-turned-rock mineral collector Hank Schrader, will guest-star on CSI: NY as an Internal Affairs detective who investigates a shooting that involves one of the CSIs.

CSI: NY Exclusive: Smallville Alum Lands Role in Season Premiere

The CBS crime drama kicks off its eighth season on Friday, Sept. 23, with Norris appearing in an October episode.

Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on CSI: NY‘s Emotional Premiere, Both NCIS
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Ricky D’s Favourite Cult Films of All Time: #13 ‘Slither’


Directed by James Gunn

Written by James Gunn

2006, USA

Gross-out horror comedy is my guilty pleasure. Among the best are Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive, Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator, and James Gunn’s Slither. Essentially a pastiche of the zombie and alien-invasion genres, Slither features a 50′s sci-fi plot with gross-out gore making for an effective, even if familiar, horror film.

This tongue-in-cheek horror flick shows off first-time director Gunn’s skill for blending comedy and horror. Slither recalls Tremors, only with much more gore: its the best kind of B-movie, one whose laughs are just as effective and intentional as it imaginative gross-out-effects. More importantly, Gunn probes the genre’s cliches without ever mocking them. Slither is a labor of love made by a horror aficionado who knows his shit, and along the way, he subsumes an onslaught of cinematic references to genre conventions, from John Carpenter’s
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Look What Broke Into The Wrong Rec Room! It's Tremors The Complete Series On DVD

Burt Gummer lives! I've never grown tired of the Tremors franchise even as it got sillier and sillier. The chance to dig in to the TV show was just as rewarding. Only those who don't care about video quality need apply though. On my 52 inch screen this looked pretty grainy. And there aren't any real special features to speak of here. Just all 13 episodes of worm killing, graboid grabbin, ass blastin fun. Christopher Lloyd has a fun turn as a scientist turned desert rat and there's some enjoyable tension between cast members but, like the sequels, the show never quite caught the magic of the original film. 

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