The Whole Ten Yards (2004) Poster

Amanda Peet: Jill



  • Jill : [refering to Jimmy's crucifix]  Where did he get, Oz?

    Nicholas 'Oz' Oseransky : I don't know.

    [in a flash, Jill is holding the point of a knife to his Adam's Apple] 

    Nicholas 'Oz' Oseransky : [very fast]  It's Cynthia's; she got it from her grandmother when she was a child, and Cynthia gave it to Jimmy for good luck on hits.

    Jimmy Tudeski : [grabs Oz by the throat]  You say you're not a squealer! Huh?

  • Jimmy Tudeski : [Jill points a gun at him]  You don't have the balls.

    Jill : Ha. This coming from a guy who rarely gets it up.

    Cynthia : That's funny. He never had that problem with me.

  • Jill : [watching Jimmy do domestic things]  I married a contract killer, not Martha Stewart!

  • Jimmy Tudeski : [referring to Lazlo]  Jill, tie him up!

    Jill : What am I gonna tie him up for? I'm gonna kill him!

  • Lazlo : Can I ask you a questionnaire, how you found this place?

    Jill : Nice Porsche you got.

    Lazlo : [to his goons]  You still have the Porsche? Let me explain to you when we get a moment together, the concept of the secret hideout.

  • Jill : For two years I have been begging you to go back to work and then when Cynthia gets kidnapped, you're off to the races.

    Jimmy Tudeski : Off to the races?

  • Jill : I thought I married a contract killer, not Martha Stewart.

  • Nicholas 'Oz' Oseransky : Didn't like that shirt either, huh?

    Jill : Well it came with the pants.

    Nicholas 'Oz' Oseransky : I see - I mean I really see!

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