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Absolutely Brilliant
etrenkamp25 May 2005
I remember watching this when it aired and expecting to see John Lydon whore himself out for 15 more minutes in the sun. I was shocked to find out that it was actually a really good show, sort of a rough precursor to Penn and Teller's Bullshit. Especially memorable was when he tried to get an interview with Neil Young, who refused because he "doesn't do interviews with people he doesn't know," at which point Lydon goes crazy, pointing out that Young wrote a song about him ("Hey, hey / My, my / This is a song about Johnny Rotten / He may be gone, but he's not forgotten"). It was just this genius blend of humor and socially relevant commentary attacking the pompousness that pervades all of rock and roll. It is no wonder that VH1 pulled it after 3 airings. I'd imagine this happened because Rotten was relentless in exposing the whole music industry, including MTV and it's subsidiaries, for being driven only by dollars and cynically pumping out product aimed at the the lowest common denominator, alienating VH1 from the pop icons it relies on for content. However, I would respect them more for showing all seven episodes or putting them out on video or selling them to someone like Trio to broadcast. If you ever get a chance, definitely check this out.
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Short lived, megalomaniacal demagoguery... hilarious.
matlock-618 August 2002
A short lived "semi-series" starring John Lydon of Sex Pistols fame, which aired on Vh-1. Only three episodes ever saw the light of day before Lydon lost interest.

Episode one, among other things, treated viewers to Lydon dressed in ridiculously colorful garb, burning rock and roll memorabilia to the tune of the Overture of 1812 or some such classical fare.

Episode two was filmed primarily at the Sundance film festival, where Lydon met up with film industry celebrities, like Danny DeVito, Heather Graham and Kevin Spacey (if I remember correctly), among others. Great shots of him walking around town with his wife Nora, who looks amazing considering she was already in her 30's when she met Lydon during the Pistols' heyday.

Never saw episode 3.

All in all, an amusing show worth seeing, but it was bound to run out of steam quickly, just as the Pistols did.
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the best reality TV ever!
nickycarlson22 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
i saw all 3 episodes. this is the only non-fiction show that i have ever thoroughly enjoyed. and it was all because of the amusing nature of john lydon! if you are a sex pistols or public image ltd fan or just enjoy a man who completely says what he thinks no matter what the consequences, then this is the show for you! i mean it is just amusing watching john lydon drag dean cain all over a film festival and telling christopher walken to look because it's superman! if it ever comes out on DVD, i want it. and the only DVD of a show i have ever bought was "the tick"! but i want the DVD of these 3 episodes - and any they might not have aired!
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Rotten Forever
suzannebronsonpoetry29 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I'll term this as a "spoiler", because if this show is ever aired again, you will get to see......Lydon's face moles!!! Lydon dyeing his hair!!! Yes, I actually watched this show - I haven't just searched around and trolled up someone else's synopsis. I remember him reading the (supposed) suicide note left by Syd. It was chilling. (You know what happened to it if you've read other reviews.)

There is also a sequence where he interviews some buxom singer and has a laugh because her PR people have not only submitted to him the questions that he should ask - they also printed them out, one at a time on individual pieces of paper, and at about a size 20 font.

He is an original, one of a kind, and the years have not changed his quick wit. Can you name anyone else who not only gains respect by not asking for it, but manages to offend as well????? With all of the other ridiculous TV out there, they should bring back the original three episodes and continue with the other four. Does anyone care that there is a seven year gap??? Naaaa -
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Great series that didn't get a chance
beeryusa18 January 2007
As far as I could see after seeing only one episode (the one where he burns Sid's letter) this was an entertaining show with John Lydon being his iconoclastic and supremely entertaining self. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that only three episodes aired - after all TV is all about selling commercials, and Lydon is not exactly the kind of person who's likely to sell us to the sponsors. He's more likely to warn us away from them.

I'd like to see this series on DVD - perhaps they could do what they did with the TV series 'Profit' and release all the aired and unaired episodes.
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Hilarious and sarcastic.
cockroach6622 February 2004
I was so happy when John Lydon's series started on Vh1, and so sad that only 3 episodes aired. From interviewing Danny Devito to getting thrown out of the Roseanne talk show, or destroying a priceless Sid Vicious letter, it never failed to entertain. I would still watch it to this day if it still aired. It was just amazing.
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