Matchstick Men (2003) Poster

Alison Lohman: Angela



  • Angela : Bullshit!

    Roy : No bullshit. And watch your mouth at the table.

    Angela : [Angela laughs]  You're a con man?

    Roy : Con artist. Flim flam man, matchstick man, loser. Whatever. Take your pick.

    Angela : And that guy Frank?

    Roy : He's my partner. My protege...

    Angela : Teach me something...

    Roy : You're funny.

    Angela : Teach me something! A con.

    Roy : I'm not teaching you anything...

    Angela : Why not?

    Roy : Because you're far too bright and innocent and beautiful and I'm not going to screw that up like everything else!

    Angela : You really think that?


    Angela : That I'm beautiful?

    Roy : No.

    Angela : Well, then why won't you? Because crime doesn't pay?

    Roy : No, it does. It does! Just not very well.

    Angela : Well, you seem to be doing alright by it!

    Roy : I'm not. Believe me. It's no fun doing what I do. A lot of times it's stealing from people who don't deserve it. Old people. Fat people. Lonely.


    Roy : A lot of times I feel sick about it.

    Angela : Well, then why do you do it?

  • Angela : Nice to meet you, Dad.

    Roy : Nice to meet you, Dad.

    [realises what he's said and shakes his head] 

  • Roy : Rule Number 1: Don't work where you live.

    Angela : [writing]  Don't... shit... where...

    Roy : [grabbing her notepad]  Rule Number 2: Don't write anything down!

  • Angela : She said you were a bad guy. You don't seem like a bad guy.

    Roy : That's what makes me good at it.

  • Angela : You don't have a TV? SERIOUSLY you don't have a TV?

    Roy : Well there's a couch, if you want to sit. Or over there if you prefer. Or the couch.

  • Angela : You're not a bad guy, you know. You're just not a very good one.

  • Angela : New York Super Fudge Chunk. That's my favourite flavour.

    Roy : New York...?

    Angela : Super Fudge Chunk.

    Roy : Oh chocolate! Right.

  • Angela : If you're gonna get wet, might as well go swimming.

  • Angela : My dad's a smooth operator!

  • Roy : I gotta go. I've got a big business meeting.

    Angela : This late?

    Roy : Antiques. They wait for no man.

  • Angela : This line's shorter.

    Roy : No, this one's better.

    [looks at the cashier he's been flirting with] 

  • Angela : You're staring.

    Roy : I'm sorry.

    Angela : It's okay. I used to do it too. Looked at your picture, see if I got your nose, your eyes. Mom used to say I got lucky and only got your elbows.

  • Roy : You're ready for this.

    Angela : I was born ready.

    Roy : Glad I missed that day.

  • Roy : I'm surprised to see you here. I figured you would have moved out to, I don't know, Hawaii.

    Angela : I kind of got screwed on my cut. You know Frank.

    Roy : [using her own words on her]  You're gonna go swimming, you're gonna get wet, right?

  • Angela : You mad at me?

    Roy : You didn't take it. I gave it to you.

    Angela : It's a funny way of looking at it.

    Roy : Well, I see things differently now.

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