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Justin Dating Christina?

Justin Dating Christina?
Speaking of Justin, in what would be Britney's worst nightmare, he's allegedly dating her biggest rival, Christina Aguilera. Christina, who once branded Britney "teeny bop trash," apparently let slip the news of her fling with Justin while she was talking to a record label boss (if you're keeping track, Justin has also recently been linked with Janet Jackson). She told him, "I've been seeing Justin, he's lovely. We've been meeting at places you'd never think we'd go to in case anyone sees us. We're like any other couple having dinner and chilling out." Britney and Christina go back some time - they used to act together on the kids TV show the Mickey Mouse Club, but fell out when they both launched their debut singles in 1999. A source adds, "Britney will be furious Justin's been out with Christina, whom she really hates. It's the worst thing he could do to her."

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