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Season 2

4 Feb. 2004
Oliver is overjoyed meeting Swedish foreign exchange student Elke (Maggie Grace) until Ted calls dibs. His parents go on a date but the old club has changed. They hate the new jazz music and then the funky smoke takes its effect.
22 Feb. 2004
X-ray Specs
Oliver buys X-ray specs from the comics which don't work. Both Joyce and Michael were cheated by Astounding Novelties. The kids confront owner Barnaby Rollins. Mother's stewardess sister Connie visits and Ted is haunted by a naked glimpse.
7 Mar. 2004
Ward Have Mercy
The kids are bullied by Murray Billcott until Oliver befriends giant Ward McIntyre. The parents hang Oliver's doorknocker getting them in trouble with Mr. Stitt. Ted is desperate to be with Elke. He even reads Catcher in the Rye for her.
14 Mar. 2004
After breaking his toothbrush, dad invents the disposa brush but mom squashes his dream. Oliver is sent down to Level 3 with the other riffraff.
6 Jun. 2004
Idol Chatter
Mother is desperate to go to the O'Shaughnessy boat party. Dad's nemesis George Novogroder gets into the way. Dad entices the O'Shaughnessys to his party by a fake promise of Oliver's comedic idol Buddy Fontain. Even Elke is coming.
13 Jun. 2004
Oliver & the Otters
With Bonnie's love of The Beach Boys, Oliver starts his own band, Oliver and the Otters. He needs pianist Joyce despite her performance anxiety. Ted needs to lose 5lb for wrestling to impress Elke. Mother doesn't like slobbish father.
20 Jun. 2004
Kissing Babies
Oliver, Joyce, and Michael are invited to a make-out party. Oliver hopes to have a first kiss with Bonnie and learns to spin the bottle from Ted. Mother runs against Mr. Stitt despite father's objection.
27 Jun. 2004
Girly Dad
The kids are fans of TV wrestling and they build a tree house in the park. Ted's friend's manly dad makes Jerry insecure. Jerry throwing like a girl does not help. Even worst, mom is a real athlete.
8 Aug. 2004
Oliver can't take a good picture and a new suit for picture day won't solve the problem. So he decides to wear a superhero costume instead. Ted is jealous when his beloved baseball coach starts spending time with Elke.
22 Aug. 2004
Mother insists the family should go to the country. They rent a cabin in the Catskills. Ted brings along Elke. Dad makes friends with a group of doctors. Oliver wins Simon Says.
29 Aug. 2004
Trip to Coney Island
The family is supposed to be going to Coney Island until father gets the coveted parking spot. Oliver gets a coveted paperboy job. He quickly fails and mother has to take his place.
12 Sep. 2004
The TV breaks. Mom and dad starts spying on the neighbors. Elke is disappointed with Ted until he helps a senior. Joyce needs a replacement babysitter for Bobby and Oliver reluctantly agrees. On top of the pay, the family has a color TV.
19 Sep. 2004
The King and I
Ted hates his dad's microscope gift. Oliver takes it turning him into a germophobe. Ted goes to the store to pine for a baseball glove and causes chaos. Store owner Crazy King proposes for Ted to go out with his dangerous daughter Grace.

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