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23 Jan. 2004
Saved by the Shell/Tradeshow Showdown
The Silver Shell uses his influence with Jenny to set up a blind date between her and his unidentified 'pal'. Jenny is bubbling over with excitement about attending her first Robotics Convention.
27 Feb. 2004
The Wonderful World of Wizzly/Call Hating
In 'The Wonderful World of Wizzly,' Brad and Tuck take Jenny to Wizzly World. However, Jenny is disgusted by the treatment of the park's robots, and sets out to free them. The problem is, they don't operate so well outside of Wizzly World. In 'Call-Hating,' Jenny becomes fed up with Dr Wakeman's constant communications. But when Dr Wakeman installs a program so Jenny can't shut her up, things get even more complex.
8 Dec. 2004
A Robot for All Seasons
On the day after Christmas, Jenny goes to the mall, and sees an unhappy little boy named Todd Sweeney. Wanting to share some of the Christmas Spirit, Jenny decides to play with him for the day. However, once at Todd's place, Jenny blacks out. When she comes to, she finds that the entire town of Tremorton are up in arms, and intend to destroy her (except Sheldon, of course). Jenny soon realizes that she didn't black out for a few moments, but for a full year. Todd, having grown irritable and angry after it seemed that his parents left him on a Christmas not long before...

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