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Season 2

8 Dec. 2004
A Robot for All Seasons
On the day after Christmas, Jenny goes to the mall, and sees an unhappy little boy named Todd Sweeney. Wanting to share some of the Christmas Spirit, Jenny decides to play with him for the day. However, once at Todd's place, Jenny blacks out. When she comes to, she finds that the entire town of Tremorton are up in arms, and intend to destroy her (except Sheldon, of course). Jenny soon realizes that she didn't black out for a few moments, but for a full year. Todd, having grown irritable and angry after it seemed that his parents left him on a Christmas not long before...
24 Jan. 2005
Future Shock/Humiliation 101
Jenny uses one of Wakeman's inventions, the FutureScope, to see what will happen on Friday night. / Tired of catastrophes and supervillain attacks, Jenny wishes she could have just one normal day as a teenager with no interruptions.
25 Jan. 2005
Last Action Zero/Mind Over Matter
Brad is frustrated with the secondary role he gets to play in Jenny's adventures. / The theory of planned obsolescence is introduced to Jenny when Brad buys a new calculator rather than upgrading his old one.
26 Jan. 2005
Love 'Em or Leash 'Em/Teen Team Time
Trying to best his rival, Nora Wakeman, Phineas Mog builds a super robot hunk named Y-K9 (alias Kenny). / When group of super-powered teens appears in town and ask her to join, Jenny believes she's finally found her niche.
27 Jan. 2005
Pajama Party Prankapalooza/Sister Sledgehammer
Jenny is captured by the Cluster and used as the centerpiece of a killer robot. The mindless automaton, under the control of Smitus, wreaks havoc on Tremorton. / Jenny gets invited to her first slumber party, a famous annual bash thrown by Brit and Tiff.
28 Jan. 2005
Dancing with My Shell/Around the World in Eighty Pieces
Wakeman won't let Jenny ask a boy to the Sadie Hawkins dance so she asks the Silver Shell (Sheldon's secret robotic alter ego). / A mad mechanical wizard invents a Disassembler to split Jenny into her individual parts and disperses them across the globe.
25 Mar. 2005
Jenny is nearly destroyed by Armagedroid, the most technically advanced creature on the planet. / Killgore, a tiny, harmless, wind-up robot, is so determined to capture Jenny and join the Cluster that he nearly drives her insane.
23 Jun. 2005
A Pain in My Sidekick/Crash Pad Crash
Jenny, desperate for privacy, converts the backyard tool shed into an opulent crash pad. / Tuck is thrilled to be in a Robot Wars competition, pitting his robot against others in gladiatorial combat.
23 Aug. 2005
Escape from Cluster Prime
Jenny saves the world for a day, but she must crash Trenton (Jenny's city) and everyone was mad at her including her mother, so she left Trenton and everyone was yelling and screaming because the villains are taking over the city!
6 Sep. 2005
Victim of Fashion
When the Krust cousins ridicule Jenny for not keeping up with fashion trends (she wears the same outfit almost everyday), Jenny enlists the help of her friends to show the Krust girls she knows a thing or two about fashion. Pretty soon, the high school is turned into a fashion battleground as the girls square off, trying to outdo the other. However, when the new fashion look is 'thin,' Jenny may have gone too far to be popular.
7 Sep. 2005
Designing Women/Robot Riot
When Tuck discovers the Silver Shell outfit in Sheldon's garage, Sheldon buys his silence by making Tuck his superhero sidekick./ Sheldon nabs Jenny's blueprints to find a way into Jenny's heart, only to have Vexus steal them away from Sheldon.
9 Sep. 2005
Toying with Jenny/Teenage Mutant Ninja Troubles
A mysterious toymaker offers to design an action figure in Jenny's image after she gets her picture in the paper for her heroics. / Jenny springs into action when something hurtles toward Tremorton High from outer space.

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