The Gathering Storm (TV Movie 2002) Poster

(2002 TV Movie)

Albert Finney: Winston Churchill



  • Winston Churchill : Thank you.

    Clemmie Churchill : For what?

    Winston Churchill : For being rash enough to marry me, foolish enough to stay with me, and... for loving me in a way... I though I'd never be loved.

  • [the sound of Sarah tap-dancing can be heard through the ceiling] 

    Clemmie Churchill : I think she wants to do it professionally.

    Winston Churchill : Annoy people?

  • Winston Churchill : I like pigs. Dogs look up to you; cats look down on you; pigs treat you as equals.

  • Winston Churchill : I'm the new First lord.

    Military Guard : We know, sir.

    Winston Churchill : How do you know?

    Military Guard : A signal was sent to the fleet this afternoon, sir.

    Winston Churchill : What signal?

    Military Guard : Winston is back.

    Winston Churchill : [chuckles]  He bloody well is!

  • Winston Churchill : I've lived too long, I'm in the ruck, I've drunk too deeply of the cup, I cannot spend, I cannot fuck, I'm down and out! I'm buggered up!

  • Winston Churchill : Now that I'm in charge of the Navy, Mr. Hitler and his Nazi thugs had better look out. We're going to teach them a lesson that they'll never forget.

  • Winston Churchill : There may be a war. I grant you that. Nevertheless we shall win.

    Ralph Wigram : How can you say that? It's just mindless optimism.

    Winston Churchill : [nods no]  When I was at school, I had a friend called Merlind Evans. And one day we were talking about what we would do when we were grown up. And I don't know why I said this, or, why I thought it, but I said, "One day in the future, Britain will be in great danger, and it will fall to *me* to save London and the Empire."

    Ralph Wigram : Schoolboy fantasy. I wanted to play for England or climb Everest.

    Winston Churchill : [half nod no]  My destiny. And I truly believe it.

    Ralph Wigram : You're an extraordinary man, Winston.

    Winston Churchill : I am, I know it.

    Ralph Wigram : Nobody but you could say that sort of thing and expect people to believe it.

    Winston Churchill : Destiny is what I believe in. Destiny commands. We must obey.

  • Winston Churchill : You're very rude to me, Inches.

    David Inches : *You're* very rude to *me*, sir.

    Winston Churchill : Yes but I am a great man!

    [Churchill leaves] 

    David Inches : No, you're not. You're a stupid ole bugger.

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