The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003) Poster

Richard Roxburgh: M



  • M : They've discovered these attacks are all the work of one man who calls himself the Phantom

    Allan Quatermain : Very operatic. And what's in it for him?

    M : Profit.

  • M : You could stay, you know. Share my dream.

    Dorian Gray : I've lived long enough to see the future become history, Professor. Empires crumble. There are no exceptions.

    M : You think you're better than me. You forget: I've seen your painting.

  • M : To that end, I set my wolf among you sheep.

    Dorian Gray : Growl.

  • M : I hope I've got your fire when I'm your age.

    Allan Quatermain : You will not live beyond today. That I promise you.

  • [Dante throws the Fantom a rocket launcher] 

    Draper : [in German]  Are you crazy? This place is full of hydrogen gas!

    The Fantom : Really? That's so frightening.


  • M : [to Quatermain]  Are you tired of being wrong? The League? Me? Skinner?

  • M : How many times do I have to kill these cretins?

  • M : You can't kill the future.

  • M : James Moriarty? The so-called Napoleon of crime? That man died at Reichenbach Falls. He died, and I was reborn.

  • Allan Quatermain : I don't like theatrics.

    M : After Africa's veldts, London's climate isn't affecting your mood, I see...

    Allan Quatermain : Identify yourself.

    M : I am known by many names, Mr. Quatermain. My underlings call me Sir. My superiors call me M.

    Allan Quatermain : M?

    M : Just M.

  • M : To the death. But you'll need Hyde to make it mine.

    Allan Quatermain : He'll be making his own fight.

  • Mina Harker : Am I late?

    M : A woman's prerogative, Mrs Harker.

    Allan Quartermain : Please tell me this is Harker's wife with a sick note.

    Mina Harker : Sick would be a mild understatement. My husband's been dead for years.

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