Halo: Combat Evolved (Video Game 2001) Poster

(2001 Video Game)

Mike Madeoy: Pvt. Bisenti


  • Captain Keyes : [FPV from Pvt. Jenkins' helmet cam]  Right, let's get this door open.

    Pvt. Mendoza : I'll try, sir. But it looks like these Covenant tried pretty hard to lock it down.

    Captain Keyes : Just do it, son.

    Pvt. Mendoza : Yes, sir.

    [Mendoza uses a codebreaker and opens the door; he motions to enter the room. Jenkins, Mendoza and Bisenti go in and fan out] 

    Pvt. Bisenti : I got a bad feeling about this...

    Sgt. Johnson : Boy, you always got a bad feeling about something.

    Marine : [over radio]  Captain? Sarge? Can you hear me?

    Captain Keyes : What's going on, soldier?

    Marine : [over radio]  We got contacts, lots of 'em! But they're not Covenant! They're just tearin' through us! What the... Oh, no!

    Sgt. Johnson : Corporal? Do you copy, over? Mendoza, get your ass back up to second squad's position and find out what the hell is going on!

    Pvt. Mendoza : But...

    Sgt. Johnson : I don't have time for your lip, soldier! I gave you an order!

    Pvt. Mendoza : But Sarge, listen!

    [ominous crawling and slurping is heard] 

    Pvt. Bisenti : What is that?

    Sgt. Johnson : Where's that comin' from, Mendoza?

    Pvt. Mendoza : Everywhere! I don't... There! Mira!

    [points as infection form Flood pour out of a door] 

    Pvt. Bisenti : [an infection form latches onto his face]  Gaaah! Get it out! Get it out!

    Pvt. Mendoza : Hold still! Hold still!

    Sgt. Johnson : Let 'em have it!

    [the Marines open fire] 

    Captain Keyes : Sergeant, we're surrounded!

    Sgt. Johnson : Goddammit, Jenkins! Fire your weapon!

    Pvt. Jenkins : There are too many, Sarge!

    Sgt. Johnson : Don't even think about it, Marine.

    Pvt. Mendoza : Aw, this is loco!

    [runs away] 

    Captain Keyes : Get back here, Marine! That's an order!

    [Johnson calls out to Jenkins whose cam is blocked by the Flood; video feed ends] 

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