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Terrific Portrait of a Terrific Actor and Human Being
laadolf24 June 2002
This documentary has been included in a recent release of Replacement Killers as a special edition DVD, and makes the special edition a must-have for any Chow Yun Fat fan, even if they own other editions of the film. The documentary was made during the filming of Replacement Killers and therefore features primarily footage and commentary from the cast and crew of Replacement Killers. Included too are comments from Terrence Chang, John Woo's producer/collaborator. The documentary is an endearing insight into Asia's most versatile and popular actor. Interspersed amongst anecdotes and accolades from cast, crew and production staff (as well as the aforementioned Mr. Chang) is footage of Chow Yun Fat interacting with cast and crew, filming various scenes and contributing his own self effacing often humorous comments. We see an actor who would rather be on the set interacting with the crew --he learns the names of everyone on the set during the first day of filming and personally greets each person by name-- than sit in his trailer alone during breaks in filming (he finds the trailer a "cold" place to be he states). We see no stereotypical "Hollywood Star" behavior here, if left to his own devices, Chow will carry luggage and move scenery--if only the unions in the West would allow! And this is not merely playing to the documentary camera--as any fan of his knows, stories of his humbleness and willing to serve any film he appears in in any way he can abound. This is a man who when anyone on the set fell ill, ministered herbal remedies and personal attention; who often paid for meals for the entire crew out of his own pocket; who moved through the set trading hugs, kisses and genuine warmth will all around him. All in all, a delightful, refreshing documentary which highlights a talent who is not only gifted in his chosen profession, but truly a decent, admirable human being. If only some of our Hollywood stars would follow his example. A MUST see for all Chow Yun Fat fans, and for anyone who would like to know more about this intriguing talent.
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Go out of your way to see this documentary
AUTOMAT00113 October 2002
Go out of your way to see this documentary. It is one of the most thoughtful and touching of all the ones done by DVD producer/director, JEFFREY SCHWARZ. You can feel the love that CHOW YUN-FAT distributes amongst his loyal fans and co workers. The documentary is great at showing how its a team effort on the set. It's a pity Mr. Schwarz isn't getting in on more of the bigger, high brow projects in HOLLYWOOD. His talent sometimes seem wasted on lesser movies. He should be directing feature length documentaries. Maybe we'll get lucky and a studio will finance one for him.
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