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Jack definitely takes over Sandler, Anger Management is good for a few laughs
Smells_Like_Cheese23 November 2003
I saw this movie in the theater with my father and I have to say even though Sandler can annoy me most of the time, this is one of his better comedies. I think he owes that to Jack Nicholson's performance, since Jack can carry a film so well he also makes the jokes into perfect cues and great laughs. Adam does a good job as well, both actors worked very well together and actually have great chemistry. I think everyone would agree that their version of "I feel pretty" was just so awesome and beyond hilarious. It was also nice to see that this wasn't a typical Sandler film filled with predictable cameo's of his friends, so it showed that he could carry the film without doing the common predictability.

Dave is a man who designs cat suits for fat cats, he has a beautiful girlfriend, Linda, and seems to have it together, only he's actually pretty taken advantage of by his boss and Linda's ex boyfriend. He lets a lot of things go. One day when he is on a plane, he is accused of "assulting" a flight attendant and racist marks, despite the situation actually being the opposite. But he is sent to anger management anyways and is being mentored by Dr. Buddy Rydell, a bit of a psychotic, but this proves Dave's "internal" anger and turns out to prove that Dave does need help and who might be crazier in life.

Anger Management is sometimes a bit silly, but I love this comedy, it's always good for so many laughs. Buddy was just so awesome in that scene where he has to pull his car out of the parking spot, but there is another car blocking him and he just handles it "his way", you'll have to see. Adam and Jack were great together and I would recommend this film for anyone. Like I said, it's not a typical Sandler film and really works well.

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Funny comedy
dprincesspotter21 January 2005
This is a funny movie. When my husband and I went to see it in the theater we were actually laughing out loud. And it was not just us, it was everybody in the theater. Someone looking for a deep and meaningful plot will not find what they are looking for, however it is one of the best plots of all the Adam Sandler movies. It would also not be for anyone who would easily get offended by off-color jokes. Jack Nicholson is hilarious as the Anger Management therapist. He has some of the funniest parts in the whole movie. Adam Sandler is not to shabby himself as the not angry guy learning to be angry through a series of seemingly unfortunate and random events.

If you are an Adam Sandler fan or a fan of the screw ball comedy, you will love this movie.
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Sandler at his most restrained
winner553 September 2007
This is a pretty good romantic comedy with silly bits tossed in (like the squeaky toy bear). This is the first Sandler performance I've really liked a lot, and while Nicholson is really just tossing it off, let's face it, his throwaways are frequently better than the best from most other actors. Here the match - Sandler at his most restrained, Nicholson getting sloppy - works very well, as each becomes a complement to the other, which is wholly in keeping with the characters and their situation. The supporting cast is also doing very well. And the film is well-made: possibly even too much so, as for instance with the cinematography, which is of a high quality that would suit a heavy dramatic film.

There are definitely some laugh-out-loud high moments along the way, and very few low moments. Not a great movie, but definitely a movie you can spend an evening with and think it money well-spent.
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Hilarious, in bizarre way
jofitz273 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Let me just say one thing, before I comment on this film: Jack Nicholson is a star. I've heard bad things about his personality, lifestyle, bla bla bla, but, the fact of the matter is (no matter what kind of selfish bean he may be) he is a remarkably good actor. The way he can put so much life into his character, how he can make you believe this was an actual event, is amazing. He made the terrible "About Schmidt" a watchable (barely) film. And in his earlier effort, "Anger Managemenet", he plays the most annoying man ever to be put on screen (including that utterly stupid Gilligan) but, this time (thankfully!) to a brain-bustingly hilarious effect.

Dave Buznick is played by Adam Sandler, a calm, relaxed, cool man (despite his "troublesome" childhood) who is, after a roll-on-aisles hilarious scene, given "Anger Managemnt" therapy for 20 hours, with none other than "the" Buddy Rydell. It turns out this two had a past meeting...

One great thing about this film, which is rare (sort-of) in comedies, is the acting. John Tutorro plays the hilarious "Chuck" anger pal to Dave; Allen Covert (star in basically all of Adam Sandler's movies) plays mr."big-weener" Andrew; Jack Nicholson is the unbelievably annoying Buddy, and John Mackenroe even gets off the Tennis courts to make an appearance as a hilarious client to the "therapy". Some of the most standout funny scenes include a bizarre male-prostitute car-scene, the gut-burstingly funny scene in the plane, and when Buddy and Dave go on a terrible, morally unethical (yet damn funny) scene in which they kick the crap out of a bunch of Monks. All in all, "Anger Management" is a hilarious, annoying, feel good film that deserves to be watched by all.

Overall: **** out of ***** (4 out of 5)
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Thank god for Nicholson
tomimt20 September 2005
What is the funniest thing about this comedy? Adam Sandler? Hardly. The best thing about this movie is Jack Nicholson. he's the sole reason this movie is funny.

So, Dave (Sandler) is this geeky guy, who has never lost his temper in his life, who by fault of an mistake in an airplane is ordered by a judge to see a anger consultant Buddy Rydel (Nicholosn), whose unorthodox anger management methods soon drive this mosey man crazy. And then there's Dave's personal problems with his girlfriend Linda (Marisa Tomei).

As for comedy Anger Managment flows pretty nicely and the jokes are mostly in their correct places and it has very few awkward moments, which seldom plague comedies of this particular genre.

Can't actually think of anything extremely negative to say about it, I'm very pleasantly surprised by the flick, it gave me good laughs and it will probably last multiple viewings, thanks to Nicholson, who really keeps this movie above the gray mass of comedy sea.
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Good Fun, even if it's a little muddled
mjw230511 February 2006
Adam Sandler (Dave Buznik) is a mild mannered and submissive business man with an apparent knack for getting himself into unfortunate and disastrous situations. After a very small misunderstanding aboard an aeroplane escalates out of control, Dave is sentenced to Anger Management at the hands of Jack Nicholson (Buddy Rydell)

Dr. Rydell is a therapist with a tendency for the unusual. As the therapy progresses things seem to get worse and after another huge slice of misfortune, Dr. Rydell is forced to move in with Dave and conduct 30 days of intensive Anger Management.

With good comic performances from Sandler and especially Nicholson and some hilarious interaction from the support cast 'Anger Management' is certainly not short of laughs; but it does seem to get a little muddled along the way. That said the movie finishes well (although totally unbelievable) and ends up as a comedy film you'd be silly to miss out on.

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I feel pretty....
Robbie1431 January 2004
Anger Management was one of the funniest movies I've seen in a while. Sandler and Nicholson make a great team in this flick. Sure, it's not a real 90's Sandler movie, but it's funny in it's own way.

The story: An easy going man, Dave Buznik, is falsely accused of abuse to a flight attendant. So he has to go through anger management classes, taught by Dr. Buddy Rydell. Little does Dave know of the chaos that goes on in his group, but it's his doctor he has to worry about more. Don't know why? Well, let's just say Buddy needs a little anger management himself.

The acting in this movie is very good, with stars like Adam Sandler, Jack Nicholson, Marissa Tomei, John Turturro, Jonathan Loughran, and many more.

Score: ****/*****
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Nicholson, Sandler, what a pair!
comwhiz200217 April 2003
This movie is purely wonderful slapstick. Jack Nicholson as the quirky anger management therapist Dr. Buddy Rydell and Adam Sandler as patient Dave Buznik. It's amazing to see how insane yet practical Rydell's (Nicholson) methods are. A great movie to see if you're a Nicholson and/or Sandler fan.
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didn´t expect much
asbury2615 June 2003
no, i really didn´t expect much, because of what i had read, and because i am not much of an adam sandler fan. however, i´m faithful to jack and see whatever he's done on film. and god, did i enjoy myself. i went to the cinema with my boyfriend and a friend of ours and all three were laughing on end. so did the couple next to us and the guys behind us. ok, i´m not saying that this was the best film ever, but given the circumstances, saturday night out after a week of work (including all saturday), this was just the film that made us happy. and we´ve been talking about some scenes for 2 days now. in fact, we´ve decided to buy the video once it´s out,because this will be just one of the feel-good movies one likes to see every once in a while. jack is great in what he does, and every bit of what makes jack nicholson is in this picture, sandler is good as well, as is marissa tomey (sp?). fans of one of these actors will be deligthed, others maybe not, but hey, it's comedy!
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Finally an Adam Sandler movie for the rest of us.
Taur21 March 2004
This is the best Adam Sandler movie I have ever seen.

I am no longer a teenager so I generally avoid Sandler's movies like the plague. Beside a couple of Penis-envy jokes this movie is actually a joy to watch in mixed company.

Well worth your time.

If this is some of Jack Nicholson rubbing of on Sandler I look forward to Sandler's next movie.

Nicholson is completely over the top with his role.

Rating 8/10 for a comedy. 10/10 for a Sandler comedy.
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Another Adam Sandler movie, but this one has Jack Nicholson in it
Greatwhitewhale229 April 2004
Yes, it's a typical Sandler movie. Adam plays a character with either a disability or anger problem. He gets a girl. There are insane characters around him. But I guess this one's different because of Mr. Jack Nicholson.

Adam has worked with Oscar winners before (Kathy Bates) but Jack is quite a big movie star and I was surprised to see Jack do this. Jack does look like he's having fun doing it though.

There are some good laughes in this and some very good cameos (like a certain man who's well known for his anger problems). It is an entertaining movie and a great chemistry between Sandler and Nicholson and wondering on whether Nicholson's character is a psycho or not.

The ending's pretty weird and a lot of people complained about it but like many ofter Sandler movies, it's a feel good one.

So like Sandler films, watch this but Jack Nicholson doing an Adam Sandler film is the real reason to watch.
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Nicholson's worst movie
mikeewilly23 January 2004
Don't know how he could have associated himself with this piece of trash. The stadium scene alone should have relegated this to his round file of scripts. A statistical outlier in his body of work. We expect this tripe out of Adam Sandler. The statistical outliers in his body of work would be to the good. I'm still waiting for an example.

Update: OK. So I now have 2 examples of good work out of Adam Sandler. They are "50 First Dates" and "Spanglish". I hereby withdraw my previous criticism of him. (However, my criticism of "Anger Management" is unchanged. The movie is terrible.) I hope Adam Sandler continues this string and does not revert to his earlier trash.
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Like an endless string of Miller light commercials..
moribana23 April 2003
Which you may or may not like. I hated it. I found it embarrasingly unfunny, trying to make up for its lack of wit with strained sexual outrageousness. If you can't charm em, brutalize em. An extremely nasty film, its target audience I suppose is adults who never matured beyond 14. Anyway, if your life is in your loins, you'll probably enjoy this piece of ignoble garbage.
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Really, incredibly bad.
peachyfoo19 April 2003
Anger Management is probably the best example of 'good actors, bad movie' syndrome. Some of the best in the biz were in this movie, and yet, somehow, it turned out to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen. One wonders how this movie ever made it out of the editing room. How, throughout production, nobody looked up and said "god, what a crap movie we're making." Or why anyone signed on to make it in the first place.

Adjectives describing the movie: Contrived. Pointless. Stupid. Not funny. Poorly written. Manipulative. Predictable. Nonsensical. Unbelievable. Juvenile. Dull. Not plausible. Just really, really bad.

Please, don't waste your precious brain cells on this movie.
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Murdered by a ridiculous ending.SPOILER!
SmileysWorld25 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Initially,the idea of Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson appearing together in a film called Anger Management looks good on paper.Unfortunately,what makes this a bad film is that the idea wasn't carried out very well.The story goes along smoothly enough,but what ultimately kills it is a it's totally ridiculous and disappointing ending.The whole idea that all of Dave's situations were staged as part of his therapy brought a very promising idea crashing to the ground with a thud.Perhaps Adam and Jack will make another film together one day,the story idea will be a good one,and this time the idea will be carried out a little better.Sandler has hits and he has misses.For me,this one goes down as a miss.
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Nicholson has done worse but this is a close second
policy13412 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
What could have been a nice little comedy turns out to be a complete bore. Jack Nicholson could not be anymore subdued in his performance here and Sandler, who should have been replaced with an actor like Jim Carrey, does his usual repressed angry man routine that simply falls flat on it's face. Nicholson is supposed to be a weirdo and a man of respectability at the same time but we don't really feel that he is all that credible as an authority and his weirdness is just annoying instead of being funny. He tries to provoke Sandler in some kind of pseudo mental health treatment but how is it that Sandler follows his advice even though he knows pretty early on that he is dealing with a nutball.

There are a few decent moments like the opening scene in the airplane with the snotty flight attendants who insist that Sandler is raising his voice, but nearly every comedy uses those jokes so that only generates laughs of recognition than great comedy.

Another amusing scene is with the Buddhist monk who used to be Sandler's bully. Even though, the scene is highly unbelievable it is far better to have the bully be exactly the same as he used to be than having him totally transformed into a good guy. The casting of John C. Reilly was also right because he looks menacing enough and is still kind of soft spoken.

Unfortunately, most scenes are just run of the mill psychiatrist jokes and the end could not be anymore contrived. Sandler has not made a movie yet that I could sit through saying "That was brilliant!" but his earlier like "Billy Madison" had ten times more laughs than this. Nicholson should do a Tim Burton or James L. Brooks film next because he has done way better with them than anybody else.
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Disappointing and Sophomoric
jjfleck17 April 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Although I was not expecting this to be a classic bit of comedy, I clearly had no idea that the script would be so weak that it could not be saved even with the best efforts of Nicholson and Sandler. Within the first thirty minutes, I observed twelve people walk out of the theater; I managed to hold out for almost an hour.

As expected, the movie contained all of the obligatory direct and indirect references to every conceivable bodily function, both scatological and sexual. Perhaps I am being overly harsh (and maybe even stodgy), but I'm definitely past the point in my life where I crack up at overly-repetitive "pee-pee" and "pooh-pooh" humor. Lest it be thought that I can't enjoy ANY movie in this genre, I should state that I did like "Something About Mary." I guess it's a matter of degree.

As the movie progressed, I kept imagining the scene where actors were reviewing this lame script for the first time and could not help but wonder, "What were they thinking?" Could anyone seeing this dialog on paper possibly think it was funny? There were precious few scenes that worked - and most of them were in the trailer.

My advice: Watch the trailer. Skip the movie.
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A bit ridiculous...but it has its moments
MartinHafer19 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
"Anger Management" is a highly uneven film that seems ridiculously improbable. However, despite this, it's enjoyable and worth seeing--mostly due to the strange yet engaging work by Jack Nicholson.

The film begins with Adam Sandler playing a complete wuss. He lets his co-workers walk all over him and he will never stand up for himself. Oddly, however, after a very minor incident in an airplane (during which time he did NOTHING wrong), he's arrested and labeled as an angry man! And, as a result, he's sentenced to an anger control program led by Nicholson. However, it soon becomes apparent that Nicholson is a crazy sociopath. Instead of helping Sandler, through the course of the film he makes his life hellish. And, whenever you think Nicholson can't push his poor patient any further, he does--stealing his girlfriend and getting him repeatedly arrested for MORE supposed outbursts. What gives?! The plot is, when you think about it, totally improbable and stupid--more so than even films like Sandler's "The Water Boy"! The ending makes no sense at all (it does NOT explain so much you've seen through the course of the film) and Sandler isn't particularly distinguished in the movie. He's just too wimpy and unappealing most of the time and seems a bit lost. But, in a supporting role, Nicholson steals the film and makes it all worth your time. My only advice is that if you watch it, turn off your brain and especially try not to think during the last 10 minutes!!

By the way, while funny, many of the supporting characters made no sense at all and were NOT explained by the funny 'twist' ending. However the odd cameo with Woody Harrelson was pretty good. The John C. Reilly scene started out well, but soon became repellent--with jokes about a mentally ill sister that are about as funny as cancer.
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mad about you
lee_eisenberg20 May 2006
Mostly silly, with Adam Sandler doing his usual goofy stuff, but Jack Nicholson - looking like Orson Welles - gives the movie exactly what it needs. There are some scenes that we expect in an Adam Sandler movie (e.g., someone eventually exposes something embarrassing about himself), but other parts really hit you. The whole "I Feel Pretty" sequence was a real surprise. And of course, there's some great lines, especially the "phobe" scene. Also starring Marisa Tomei, Luis Guzman, John Turturro, Woody Harrelson and Rudy Giuliani (yes, THAT Rudy Giuliani).

So, in conclusion, I don't feel angry at all after watching this. In fact, I feel pretty. A real hoot.
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Suffers from confusion of purpose
kylopod28 November 2005
The best I can say about Adam Sandler's films is that I don't hate them. Unlike many of his detractors, I find his humor dull rather than obnoxious. But I do have one pet peeve regarding his habit of stealing jokes from recent films then executing them poorly. A case in point: I found the 2000 Farrelly Brothers comedy "Me, Myself, and Irene" forgettable overall, but it did feature an amusingly irreverent scene in which an African-American dwarf limo driver (Tony Cox, who has made a career out of playing characters like this) goes berserk after a white character played by Jim Carrey offhandedly uses the phrase "you people" (in reference to limo drivers, not blacks). Nobody handles material of that sort better than the Farrelly Brothers, and what makes the scene even funnier is that the entire plot hinges on those words carelessly escaping Carrey's lips. This event causes a chain reaction leading to an affair, a divorce, and finally a mental breakdown.

The opening scene of "Anger Management" features the same joke. Sandler's character utters the phrase "you people" in front of a black air marshal, who becomes enraged and zaps Sandler with a taser. The joke here is not in any way pivotal to the plot. It's just thrown redundantly into a sequence in which Sandler is accosted by the airplane crew, who misinterpret his behavior as disruptive.

Nevertheless, "Anger Management" represents a transition in Sandler's career. He attempts to tone down his persona of the immature man prone to violent outbursts. His character in this film, Dave Buznik, is much more normal and likable than the typical Sandler character. But that's what makes the premise so ironic: "Anger Management" is probably the first film in which Sandler plays a guy who doesn't need anger management. So what is Buznik doing being put in such a program? The way he's treated at the beginning on the airplane is inexplicable. It's like a comedy version of Kafka's "The Trial," where a guy is arrested and sentenced for no apparent reason. He acts perfectly sensible most of the time, and it's the world that's turned against him.

Sandler does ultimately resort to some of his traditional antics later in the film, like his run-in with an old bully in a sequence that manages to take potshots at both religion and fat people, reminding me once again how much better the Farrelly Brothers are at handling political incorrectness. But Buznik acts this way only because Jack Nicholson's character provokes, manipulates, and blackmails him. In fact, we begin to realize that Nicholson's purpose isn't to help Buznik control his anger, but quite the opposite--to make him stop holding in his emotions and start being more assertive. The program to which Buznik has been sentenced isn't so much anger management as nebbish management.

Although Sandler's jokes are as lame as usual, I did enjoy seeing Nicholson here, probably because he appears to be enjoying himself so much. Of all the celebrated American actors, Nicholson may be the one who looks the most comfortable in a comedy. After all, he has long infused his serious parts with a comic touch. I can't imagine any other actor successfully pulling off a character like Dr. Rydell, a hairy, snorty man, the kind of guy who laughs loudly at his own jokes and will talk for hours when everyone is dying to tell him to shut up but is too intimidated to say anything. Amazingly, Nicholson exudes these traits without losing his usual demented charm. He has a fingernails-on-the-blackboard effect only on Buznik, not on the audience.

If Nicholson's role doesn't work as well as Robert De Niro's overbearing CIA agent in "Meet the Parents," that can be blamed on the script, which lacks the focus to tell a real story. It seems to structure itself less like a comedy than like a thriller, with continual shifts in the plot as we are asked to ponder Dr. Rydell's true motives. But it's a bluff: the plot twists are just a cheap way of distracting us from the story's lack of content. The final revelation seems too labored for such lightweight material, and only calls attention to the shapeless quality of the earlier scenes.
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ununchanged27 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The few parts where this movie is somehow mildly funny are totally outdominated by the fact that it is criminally unrealistic. If you get the idea that what happens in this plot is therapy, or might actually work as a therapy, you're out of your mind... if anything this would be the best way to drive somebody completely insane. The only reason this illogic, unfunny, pointless, storyless crap sometimes gets good criticism is the fact that there are some good actors in it... It's just a really cheap idea, not even a new one, splattered across way too much time and resulting in a ridiculous, totally made-up ending that is impossible to believe if you got some sort of a brain...
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SnoopyStyle4 May 2014
Dave Buznik (Adam Sandler) is a doormat that everybody steps on. Ever since a childhood trauma, he loathes PDA even now with his girlfriend Linda (Marisa Tomei). On a flight, he is arrested for an outburst that only appears to the characters in the movie. Nobody in their right mind in the real world would see it. He is sentenced to anger management with Dr. Buddy Rydell (Jack Nicholson) who was actually the jerk sitting next to him on the plane. The anger group is full of crazies like super angry Chuck (John Turturro), Lou (Luis Guzmán), and lesbian porn stars Stacy (Krista Allen) and Gina (January Jones). After a bar fight started by Chuck gone wrong, Dave who was actually trying to stop the fight gets into more trouble. He is sentenced to 30 days of intensive therapy with Dr Rydell or else one year in the state pen. The treatment gets more and more ridiculous angering him more and more. Dr Rydell even starts dating Linda. Is he in an alternate universe? Is he in a Truman show? Is Dr Rydell the devil?

Those are the questions among others that I kept asking. A good movie allows the audience to walk in the protagonist's shoes. And that's what I did with Dave. Every time people act like they're clueless to reality, it infuriated me. Every time Dr Rydell pushes Dave, it infuriated me. The point of the movie is to make Dave angry. Mission Accomplished. It made me angry. The movie annoyed the heck out of me. I would have made Jack Nicholson the devil, and this would be more fitting as a trial like Job's. The ending try to explain the story. By then, I didn't really care. The only way I can see the jokes working is if I can enjoy hurting Dave.
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Without any surprise
spearsofdestiny20 July 2009
I wanted to stop watching the movie after less than ten minutes but when I saw the 6.1/10 on IMDb i gave it a chance.

This is really not a good movie at all.

Vulgar, not surprising, stupid, nothing in this film presents the slightest interest. I guess the target audience is the teenagers at the maximum.

I think I never saw a movie with Adam Sandler that I liked. I'm very disappointed for Jack Nicholson, maybe did he need to pay his bill ?

The story starts with a stupid injustice that lets you guess the story will follow the mile, good expectation, 'til the end !
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Far fetched
Tom_Ripley2 July 2003
This is a "situation comedy". A situation comedy creates its plot based on:

  • making you believe a not so likely situation might actually occur(creating a perhaps bizarre but still credible set up for hilarious events)

  • creating hilarious events that make you laugh a lot Anger Management is a bad situation comedy: the set up is elaborate, but completely unlikely and unbelievable (I would think ghost busters is more likely to actually happen). This is part script, part over the top (Nicholson) and underwhelming (Sandler) acting.

Having had to digest this run-up, we are then presented with a plot line that is funny to the point of smiling about twice, and to the point of laughing just once.

Should have stuck to my decision last time I saw a Nicholson movie: don't see another one.
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A complete waste of time! Terrible movie!!!
jbpierpont19 April 2003
I feel cheated. Big names - no bang. Nicholson and Sandler really sold out their fans with this one. I walked out of this movie and I have not walked out on a movie since 1976, when I was 6 years old. We laughed more during the previews than we did during the movie. POOR, POOR, POOR Movie. Strongly recommend skipping this one, even on DVD or video. Shame on the studio for putting this one into production. Someone should be fired for letting this one out.
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