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Slight and nothing new, but enjoyable nonetheless
bob the moo20 September 2003
When a top secret camouflaged plane is stolen and hidden, secret agency BNS needs to get an agent into Hungary to uncover and prevent the sale of the weapon. Agent Alex Scott is selected to go undercover with civilian boxer Kelly Robinson and use his upcoming fight to gain access. However Kelly is less co-operative than first hoped and the mission risks being compromised. Can they stay out of trouble long enough to stop the sale?

Take a little bit of Shanghai Noon, a little bit of Rush Hour, remove the oriental spice from the stew et viola! – you've got I Spy! By mixing the essence of Jackie Chan's sidekicks from both these films and putting the resultant stew into a comedy spy movie you have this enjoyable if unspectacular film. Wilson does his usual stuff but is still effortlessly funny, Murphy does his best Chris Tucker impression and does a good job playing a little dumb and is funny as well.

The plot sees them doing, well, it doesn't really matter what they're doing, just that Wilson is Wilson and Murphy is playing up to good effect! The plot just about provides enough material to keep the film going, but the odd moment where the comedy banter quietens down, the weaknesses of the plot are immediately laid bare. This is not to say it isn't good enough for this type of film, but just that at times it is all very slight and a bit thin. The comedy is more based on banter than anything else, so if you like the two aforementioned Chan movies then this should be enjoyable as the humour is of the same vein.

The support cast are all pretty average. Janssen does an OK job looking pretty but Malcolm McDowell just shows his face to no great effect. The funniest cameo is Gary Cole who plays an Irish spy playing a Cuban – he is just so unexpected in his actions that I had to be amused (of course he is helped by Wilson'' reactions to his character).

Overall this was kinda overlooked at the UK box office and I think it was because it was very slight and flimsy. However for gentle laughs based on good banter rather than set up jokes, this is a surprisingly fun comedy despite not sticking in your mind for longer than 15 minutes after you watch it.
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Hilarious sometimes, annoying at others
NoArrow18 July 2003
"I Spy" is an action comedy starring Owen Wilson as the opposite of your usual James Bond, and Eddie Murphy as the cocky boxer assigned to help him. Wilson and Murphy are pretty funny together, but sometimes their constant arguing gets overdone and rather old.

Still, the two have good chemistry and you will always be sure to laugh when you put on "I Spy". About the action, well, it's okay. It sure isn't as good as "Bad Boys" or "Bad Company", but that's not really what this film is geared for anyway. Plus, Murphy and Wilson are STILL ARGUING during the action (this is when it gets old!).

Entertaining, but a little annoying, I give "I Spy" a 6.5/10.
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A Decent Laugh
tributarystu10 January 2003
I always liked Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy, so I thought, in case the movie is worth nothing, I'd still get to see some friendly faces. For better or worse, I can say it was about what I expected.

I put this movie in two categories, and I think I placed it right: it's a decent comedy, with parts attempting to live up to an action movie. At its heart though it tries to be comedic and funny, so that's upon what it should be judged. Thankfully, you will get the chance to laugh out loud, but unfortunately not as much as you'd like to laugh out loud at a comedy. I won't even mention rolling on the floor.

The story isn't something really new, but it has quite a few humorous plot twists. The so-called funny character is Kelly, who really inflicts a fair amount of pain on his adversaries, but he is just such a nicely drawn, egocentric guy, that it actually works on a comedic level. It's always just about him, and him and then some more.

The actors have their charm but I won't really dwell on this as they are as high profile as it gets, Hollywood style, so you know what you get. Perhaps Wilson could have spiced up his game with a bit of the unexpected, but all in all he does what he does best.

I did feel a bit let down by the special effects, with some flimsy looking explosions placed here and there. However, the host city of Budapest looked really gorgeous throughout, making it well worth it's money shots.

To draw the line, the film isn't great, but it's fine enough. No brilliant ideas, or anything like that, just the usual comic stuff.
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I Spy no chance of a sequel
trouserpress9 February 2004
Another Hollywood offering based on the time honoured principle of remaking classic TV shows to guarantee financial returns. However, unlike some that still managed to flop, I Spy for the most part delivers.

The story is typical Bond-style spy action: Someone has stolen a top secret invisible plane from the American government and is selling it on the black market, and it's up to our heroes to get it back. The story is secondary to the comedy in this movie, mostly between its two stars - Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson. Murphy reprises his wise-cracking sidekick role, last seen in Shrek. Instead of a talking donkey though, this time he is a world-champion boxer. If you can with-hold your disbelief of this concept for ninety minutes his performance is fairly enjoyable. At times there is a glimpse of great chemistry between his egotistical celebrity and Wilson's downtrodden spy in love.

Unfortunately this is a movie that suffers from an identity crisis: Is this a spy thriller with jokes, or is it an all out spoof of the genre? Because of this the movie falls somewhat uncomfortably between the two, with long periods with no jokes at all followed by hilarious set-pieces.

Having said all this, I Spy is still fairly entertaining, and if you're just looking for a film to fill a friday evening you could do a lot worse than to choose this one.
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SPOILER ALERT!!! Hold onto your hats, plug your ears, and prepare to sing, "I can't hear you. La, la, la, la ,la, la!.
asashanx18 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Eddie Murphy making a turkey is understandable. I've seen him do it a number of times to know that he isn't Box Office Gold--at least not like he was back in the late '80s and early '90s, but come on, man! What were you thinking messing up one of the COZ's classic shows? Now I know from "RAW" that you could give a rat's pa-toot what Bill Cosby says or thinks about what you do, but dude! How could you defile his disrespect his legacy by starring in a feature-length remake of this piece of trash, and with Owen Wilson of all people? Owen Wilson? That makes that stoner Dell Dude look like Johnny Depp.

And what was with the over-played double-crosses? Could we have at least one spy movie without a seductive harridan faking her death only to emerge from the shadows and gratuitously tie up her ex-partner and kick himin the groin? How about letting the bad guy get away once in awhile?

The plot was hard enough to believe as it was. I mean, come on, like the chick who played Jean Grey would have anything to do with Owen Wilson--even on a femme fatale level. Give me a break.

Speaking of Famke, Famke, Famke, what the hell were you thinking? This is the cheesiest project you could have ever undertaken. You in "Taxi," another certified gobble-fest by the way, I can see, but this? Ugh! I hope you took 50 showers, and brushed your teeth 75 times after shooting wrapped.
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This teaming could've been funnier
tastyhotdogs21 October 2005
Every ten years or so, a comedy comes along that redefines Movie Comedy. Police Academy, Coming To America, Wayne's World & Austin Powers are some recent examples. This isn't another one.

It's fair to say I hadn't been as excited about the pairing of Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson since Pacino and DeNiro in "Heat". The movie seemed to have all the ingredients, but an ordinary script and the "max factor" of Kelly Robinson made sure this movie never reached it's potential. Don't get me wrong, there's a few gems, most notably when Eddie's character helps Owen pick up a woman and when the two have a brilliant heart-to-heart in a sewer. Unfortunately there's not enough of these moments and we're left wanting more. Still worth seeing though.
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Entertaining, But Murphy's Act Getting Old
ccthemovieman-111 October 2006
This is a re-make of sorts, not from a movie but from a television series that made history when Bill Cosby became the first black actor to star (or co-star) in a regular TV show. He and Robert Culp played in the show of the same name.

Here, Eddie Murphy plays Cosby's role and Owen Wilson takes over Culp's character. As funny as Murphy has been over his film career, I, for one, have gotten tired of his loud and abrasive characters. It's getting tiresome. Even in the animated hit, "Shrek," Murphy was loud, too talkative and obnoxious. He can't seem to get away from that kind of character. Wilson was more likable in this film and Famke Janssen was interesting.

There are a few wild action scenes in here and this film is played strictly for two things: comedy and action. Another thing: it should have been rated "R," not PG-13. Overall, the story is lame but it is entertaining so, for that, it's worth a rental.
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Better than I'd heard--- Wilson, Murphy, and Jannsen get to shine and dazzle us in the movie's second half
bopdog16 November 2002
A lot better than I expected! I'd read dreadful reviews, and while I clearly see the bases of the critics' points (I try to only read good critics, critics with useful insights), I must confess I wound up liking the movie.

The first 45 minutes or so was pretty lame--- slow, awkward, annoying. But the it picked up steam, and allowed Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson (my two favorite actors, for real) to be their charming and weird selves. And that Famke Jannsen--- Wow! Those Dutch folks grow some hot babes! At least, I think she was Dutch, once??? Whatever--- she's VERY sexy, charming, intelligent, and graceful. All 3 of these folks were largely very watchable.
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Actually quite okay....
robo812 January 2007
I was expecting something really lame when I slipped this DVD in. However it turned out to be quite okay. Eddie Murphy is in really good shape and Owen Wilson delivers.

It is well made from a comedy point of view, but surprisingly also fairly well made in the action aspect (for a comedy that is). It has good pace and doesn't leave you bored for long. I actually found some really big laughs in this, especially from Wilson.

I'm not a big fan of director Betty Thomas, I thought "28 Days" was really flat. I thought she was a weird pick for this one - however, she surprises me with both comedy and action skills that I've never seen before (but in truth I haven't seen much of her rather extensive work for TV). I tip my hat of to the lady who brings this plane in for a sufficiently smooth landing.

If you like action comedies and don't expect anything more then to pass an hour and a half, you should be quite fine with this one.
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Why call it "I Spy"?
rrandcoyote9 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Obviously the creators of this film did not care for the original show. If they had, they wouldn't have gone so far out of their way to alter it beyond recognition.

Kelly and Scotty were suave, urbane, competent. Neither one of them was James Bond. They never stopped into the spy center to pick up their gadgets.

Kelly did NOT have a posse, a bevy of bi-atches or a private airplane with his name splattered on the side, and he did not refer to himself in the third person. AND, he was a WHITE tennis player, not a black exhibition boxer. (I guess white men can't jump, so they made the black guy the athlete.) Robert Culp was incredibly sexy but did not refer to himself as "Agent Double Oh Nine and a Half". I mean, ewe! But, these are all elements of this film, which for some reason bares the name of the series and heists the character names.

I don't think I would have hated this movie so much if it weren't pretending to have anything to do with the classic series. If it were a stand alone flick about a couple of spy guys, then, so what. But, as it is, it's basically an affront to the original "I Spy". Was their only research a poster or something? Because, the original show is available on DVD, so it's not as if it's gone from the planet.

It brings to mind the horrific "update" of the "Wild, Wild West", a Razzie Award fav.

I don't have any problem with black people updating these characters and stepping into the roles. But, do they have to do it so badly? Kelly and Scotty were never goofy, or grossly incompetent. (Ok, so they walked into a couple of fists along the way. It was subtle comedy, not this over-blown mess.) This Kelly and "Alex" are hopelessly off the mark.

Updates can work, (Scooby-Doo, Addams Family, Bradey Bunch) but there has to be SOME respect for the source material, even if it's parody. How can you parody something you've never bothered to see.

And gawd, this movie makes me love Culp and Cosby even more than I already do!
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Nothing that new really, but it's still great fun for sure, due to the wonderful chemistry between Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy!
callanvass18 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is nothing that new really, but it's still great fun for sure, due to the wonderful chemistry between Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy!. All the characters are cool, and the story is good as well, plus Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy are simply amazing in this!. Malcolm McDowell is kind of wasted as the main villain, however Famke Janssen makes up for it with her sexy performance, plus it has a cool twist in the finale as well. I have never seen the TV series, however I found the movie to be very entertaining, and will indeed check it out if I catch it on TV! plus it had some cool boxing scenes as well. Gary Cole's accent was terrible in my opinion, and I couldn't believe he did that role, plus I think this should be at least near the 6.0 range. Also as far as "Buddy" "Buddy" movies go this one is really good, and it had some really cool action scenes as well, plus the scene where Eddie is telling Owen cheesy stuff to say to Famke to make love to her was just hilarious. This is nothing that new really, but it's still great fun for sure, due to the wonderful chemistry between Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy, I highly recommend this one!. The Direction is very good!. Betty Thomas does a very good! job here with great camera work, cool angles and keeping the film at a very fast pace. The Acting is a lot of fun!. Eddie Murphy is amazing as always and is amazing here, he is extremely hilarious, wonderfully cocky, had wonderful chemistry with Owen Wilson, did his usual great routine, seemed to be enjoying himself, had a very cool character, and as always I loved his wisecracking! (Murphy Rules!!!!). Owen Wilson is also amazing, he is extremely hilarious, played it straight, like Murphy did his usual great routine, and proved why he is one of the funniest guys in Hollywood today! (Owen Rules!!!!). Famke Janssen is sexy as hell, and did just awesome with what she had to do, and had an unpredictable character, I loved her. Malcolm McDowell is OK as the main villain, but looked bored and was rather wasted, and is totally restrained which was very disappointing. Gary Cole is so so here, his accent didn't convince me at all and he didn't have many scenes. Rest of the cast do fine. Overall I highly recommend this one!. ***1/2 out of 5
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An average buddy movie with action , thrills and amusement
ma-cortes15 June 2004
It's a typical action , modern film . Owen Wilson plays a good and serious CIA agent , Eddie Murphy plays a humorous and foul mouthed boxer . They are called to action on a risked top secret espionage mission and both of whom join forces to vanquish the evil and nasty person , Arnold Gundars : Malcolm Mc Dowell , who has stolen a supersonic and invisible airplane and to foil his treacherous schemes for the aircraft . Famke Janssen and Gary Cole play other agents , we don't know if they are good or bad guys until the end . Attitude meets espionage .Espionage with attitude . Get another field of view .

The movie blends action , fun , humor , giggles , emotion , comedy, tongue-in-cheek and results to be quite funny and entertaining . Two protagonists carry out a dangerous assignment , their mission , to catch one of the world's most successful illegal arms dealers : using equal parts skill , action and humor . The characters from the TV series are reversed in this film version . As some roles have diffferent attitude , experience and personalities to the the original TV series. Eddie Murphy , as always , playing the same role , a foul-mouthed as well as sympathetic person , Owen Wilson and Famke Janssen are rightly portrayed . Support cast is pretty well , such as : Gary Cole , Malcolm McDowell, Phil Lewis, Leacock and Lynda Boyd . Good and atmospheric cinematography by Oliver Wood . Thrilling and moving musical score by Richard Gibbs . Direction by Betty Thomas(28 days , Troop Beverly Hills , Dr Dolittle , Alvin and the chipmunks the squeaksequel ), is ordinary , fitting to action film . Rating 6/10 . Average but amusing.
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Budapest deserves more
gevike2 February 2003
This definitely was one of the worst films that I have ever seen. The story is stupid, the actors are unconvincing, the stunts are nothing special, the whole thing is a waste of money and time. Budapest deserves more than that, not to mention the audience.
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Yikes !
red99-12 November 2018
Looks good on paper, not so much on film. Thank god I saw it on cable. Had I paid $10 at theater, I would've asked for a refund. 2 much of a good thing. One comic is enough, 2 comics cancel each other out. Sorta reminds me of Owen Wilson and Paul Rudd movie. Great alone, together... not so much.
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COMEDY, people, not action
Pangborne26 August 2004
It mystifies me how somebody can go see something like this, with

invisible planes and boxers as spies and Famke Jannsen as a sex-bomb

Amazon spy-lady, and expect it to be a serious action movie. EVERY

SINGLE MOMENT of this movie is comedy writing. The action is pure comedy

action, more like NAKED GUN than 48 HOURS. If somebody criticizes this

movie for having HOLES in the PLOT, then you know they are WAY OFF BASE,

and are trying to watch a completely different type of movie. These

people have nobody to blame but themselves, because it's pure spoof from

the very beginning, with Owen Wilson's Uzbeck misadventure and the way

he looks over the other spy's equipment. The ending is obviously a spoof

of spy movie endings, and even the heroes admit onscreen to being

confused. THIS IS A JOKE. It did strike me as strange that so silly a

movie had a $70,000,000 budget. Maybe the studio wanted to wish it into

being a real action movie, and, hoping to earn action movie box-office,

misleadingly sold it that way. As an action movie, it sucks. As a spoof,

it's a hoot
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An extremely premature movie
juldobos6 August 2006
Though now I live in the US, I was born in Hungary, saw the changes the country went through and know at least the very basics that most everyone knows about this old and beautiful country - except the idiot "director" of the movie I Spy. I understand that she's way too old to make movies to begin with and especially old to get at least a little tiny bit close to what you'd call true representation. She must still live in the 60s when Hungary used to be quite different than in the last 20 years.

I mean, come on.... it's not only unfair to use 30-35 years old (!) police cars in the movie that takes place in 2002 but showing the population of the country as if 95% of it was even older the the "director" (over 90 years old) and as if all Hungarians were smelly jerks who don't shave their armpits is simple premature, moronic, and above anything: extraordinarily amateurish. Not that the rest of the movie is great - it's not. The acting isn't bad but the dumb, dumb script and the entire production quality (incl. action sequences footage, visual fxs, not-original music and especially the location sound) are awful, match the up-to-dateness of the 35 y.o. police car. Really, really low-key. Just like our pathetic "director".

ps please, if Betty Thomas or her representation reads this email, email me at hazikristof@yahoo.com I work in the film industry on a pretty high level, and would be very interested in talking to you about this movie. I mean, there must be something that I don't get..
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Murphy's out and Owen never has been in
slijk_der_aarde5 June 2003
I've got this tape to watch several day ago as a viewing tape. It took me 38 minutes. This is awesome, I already had some negative feelings on Murphy and Wilson, but this is a big 0!!! I've seen some bad movies, but this beats everything.

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No wonder I Spy died at the box office
MLDinTN22 November 2003
This movie was terrible and filled with many plot holes. I still don't understand why a boxing champ would be picked to work with spies. It made no sense. And Eddie Murphy is his usual annoying self. Plus, they had some ridiculous spy gadgets: an invisible jet; a eye contact that is a camera. It was silly. And the whole double agent plot at the end was just more confusing. I guess it was supposed to be funny, but nothing was funny about this movie.

FINAL VERDICT: Don't watch this yet another bad Eddie Murphy movie.
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Don't Spy On This.
anaconda-4065825 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I Spy (2002): Dir: Betty Thomas / Cast: Eddie Murphy, Owen Wilson, Famke Janssen, Malcolm McDowell, Gary Cole: Eddie Murphy's third flop of 2002, the others being The Adventures of Pluto Nash and Showtime. It wasn't that long ago when this guy was extremely funny. Now the only thing funny is how he gets talked into appearing in sh*t like this. Title regards Eddie Murphy referring to himself in the third person. He plays boxing champion Kelly Robinson sent on a mission with reluctant agent Owen Wilson. Plot is replaced with idiotic situations with spy movie clichés and an ending that goes into overkill. Director Betty Thomas employs an idiotic scene where the agents end up upon a truck hauling new cars. They cut them loose at the pursuing villains but never does the driver stop to investigate his suddenly descending cargo. Thomas made a great comedy in Private Parts but this is hardly in the same range as that film. Murphy and Wilson are fine comedic performers but this junk does neither one of them any justice. Famke Janssen was a great villainess in the 007 film Goldeneye but she demonstrates none of that talent here. Malcolm McDowell will always be remembered for his great performance in A Clockwork Orange but this is a film he will likely not wish to reflect upon. The result is a pointless comedy with pathetic production values that render it totally unwatchable. Score: 0 / 10
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A positive surprise. *spoilers*
ichabod8114 July 2003
Warning: Spoilers
People have been bad-mouthing this movie even before it hit the screens in the states. Why? Maybe it's because some people take one thing for granted: Eddie Murphy doesn't make good movies anymore. Okey, in some cases recently it has been correct, but come on, now it has gone on to a point where they are just kicking the man while he's down. Some of his movies might have been pretty bad, but there has been nothing wrong with Murphy himself, if you ask me. I Spy doesn't fall into that category, because it's actually quite a funny movie and the chemistry between Murphy and (the always brilliant) Owen works nicely. Okey, I saw the Famke Janssen thing coming around the corner, but so what? They turned the predictability of the whole thing into a punchline in the bridge climax.. "people are flip-flopping so much I lost track". So in the end, if you haven't seen I Spy yet, give it a chance. You might be positively surprised. I was.

**** / *****
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I Spy
jboothmillard18 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I saw the small television trailer for this film during the time of release, and obviously years later I knew it was going to be rated terribly, but I was going to watch anyway, from director Betty Thomas (Private Parts, Doctor Dolittle, John Tucker Must Die, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel). Basically a high tech prototype stealth fighter aircraft called the Switchblade, with the capability to become invisible, has been stolen U.S. government. They believe that Gundars (Malcolm McDowell) is responsible and will want to sell the plane, so the government have sent top spy Alex Scott (Owen Wilson) to investigate the theft, and to help his assignment he is given a partner. He is teamed up with cocky, loud-mouthed and egotistical boxing champion Kelly Robinson (Eddie Murphy), who Gunnars is a fan of, and he will be attending the big match in the place the plan has supposedly been taken. Naturally Alex is not happy with this pairing because he has seen how arrogant and irritating Kelly is, but slowly as the situations they are in together become more dangerous they find common ground and similarities. Obviously after near death situations, and Kelly trying to help Alex express his feelings for fellow agent Rachel Wright (Famke Janssen), there is the point when they break apart, but they turn up at the same place. In the end, after succeeding in the big match Gunnars does indeed show his villainous side, but Alex and Kelly succeed in defeating him, and finding the stolen plane. Also starring Gary Cole as Carlos, Phill Lewis as Jerry, Viv Leacock as T.J., Keith Dallas as Lunchbox and Sugar Ray Leonard as Vegas Commentator. Laid back Wilson and motormouth Murphy do alright individually and together in the scenes, and there might be the odd giggle and explosive action and chase sequence, but it is another television series based film that will not please everyone, a not great comedy action. Adequate!
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If you've seen the trailer, you've seen it all
cubbyblu6622 November 2002
Virtually every funny scene in this lame movie was seen in the trailer. I did think the trailer was very funny. I hate that, and I simply hated this lame waste of my time. There could have been much more here. The concept was tried and true, but the talent, (writing) was sorely lacking.
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philyben6 November 2002
My dad told me how cool the TV series was. Bill C was young, thin and good looking. Culp was a 60's version of a Yuppie spy. It was fun and funny. This movie is the same old tired buddy cop movie stuff. The actors want to be funny but it seems forced. Hardly worth the price of admission.
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manitobaman8130 August 2014
Actually, the movie itself is nothing that special, but it has some good stuff. From an artistic standpoint, there were some plot elements and character developments I didn't think were totally needed. They do however drive the story, which seemed to be their purpose, so I can accept them. The leads' combined talents and charisma have a lot to do with this movie's success. I found the acting to be sensational, the dialogue incredible and the director's abilities to be up to par and then some. It reminds me of some of those sombre Canadian films that were popular back in the 1990s. My final rating comes in at seven out of 10.
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5 Suggestions Would Make This Movie Look Better !
elshikh424 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
1 - Reverse it: (Eddie Murphy) is the shy spy, and (Owen Wilson) is the vain star. Because when you watch (Wilson) as the main hero, and (Murphy) as the clumsy sidekick then this is so inequitable. (Murphy) is such a charismatic star, and (Wilson) is just the dude from (Jackie Chan)'s couple movies of (Shanghai). And to tell you the truth, he in here didn't prove at all that he was more !

2 - The lead actress: Yes, (Famke Janssen) can be vague and powerful which serves when we know about her dark side at the end. However, (Janssen) looked older and taller than both of the lead actors. So please replace her !

3 - Where are the genuine lead actors of the original show ?!!: For God's sake, (Bill Cospy) and (Robert Culp) were very much alive when this came out, they're both still in shape and having the ability to act well (better and funnier than others too !), and when the makers of the movie would cast them as guest stars, it might be a nice gratitude, attraction's factor, and stamp of originality for the movie itself. But they DIDN'T ! By the way, there is one clever episode of "Cospy" where the original 2 heroes of "I Spy" meet again, and in spite of being just a 30 minutes of sitcom, it was more enjoyable than some long expensive - supposed to be good - Hollywood movies !

4 - A climax which's better than THAT fake brief one: Disregarding the very facile solutions of everything suddenly; like the bomb which didn't explode because of the water or something ! Actually when they put 10 minutes sequence of masterly brilliant chase at the middle of the movie, then a pale scene - surely shorter, weaker and taking place at just one place - as the big climax of the same movie.. well, that's what I call a rhythmic disorder. It easily makes the viewer go out of a movie with a condition of being not satisfied. It's the same problem of a lot of resent action movies like for example (Enemy Of The State - 1998) where it could render the whole enjoyment as deficient !

5 - The Script: It had a lot of hastiness with the same clichés, stereotypes, events that we've seen hundreds of times before, yet with smarter wittiness and stronger spirit. Not another project that must end as technically well-made only. I'm not talking about depths. I'm talking about the jokes' dexterity and the imagination's freshness. Because with THAT script in THAT direction, I felt like I was watching 2 goofs hanging in the backyard of some big studio, imitating other action comedies.. poorly !

But sorry. All of those suggestions aren't unnecessary, because what's done is done. It's not a good movie anyway, and that's the fact of it already. However, as we live the age of Hollywood's poverty of new original ideas, those humble suggestions of mine could be useful indeed, but for the remake of this, the sequel, the prequel, or maybe.. the spin off !
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