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  • A professional athlete has to help a U.S. government agent recover a missing jet.

  • When the Switchblade, the most sophisticated prototype stealth fighter created yet, is stolen from the U.S. government, one of the United States' top spies, Alex Scott, is called to action. What he doesn't expect is to get teamed up with a cocky civilian, World Class Boxing Champion Kelly Robinson, on a dangerous top secret espionage mission. Their assignment: using equal parts skill and humor, catch Arnold Gundars, one of the world's most successful illegal arms dealers, and foil his treacherous plans for the plane.

  • When a high tech fighter plane's stolen, the U.S. government believe that an arms dealer named Gundars has it and plans to sell it. So they send Alexander Scott to retrieve it. Now Scott though well-trained, is a little inexperienced and spends most of his time pining after another (female) agent. Now his superiors tell him that the best way for them to get close to Gundars is; Kelly Robinson, an egotistical and cocky boxer, who has a fight that's scheduled to take place in the city that Gundars has the plane, and Gundars is a fan of his. While the operation seems to go well, Kelly's cockiness gets them in trouble.


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  • After a botched rescue operation, special agent Alex Scott (Owen Wilson) returns to National Security headquarters, and, after a brief conversation with Carlos, the revered super spy in the bureau, he is assigned a new mission by his boss, which is to recover as stolen invisible jet with agent Rachel Wright (Famke Janssen), and a civilian partner. He is then introduced to his civilian partner who will help get him into the party where the current owner of the stolen craft, arms dealer Arnold Gundars (Malcolm McDowell), will be, and that civilian is famous boxer Kelly Robinson (Eddie Murphy). Robinson is attending the party to tease the press about his upcoming match with boxer Cedric Mills (Darren Shahlavi). After meeting Robinson and his entourage, Alex flies to Budapest with them, and he and Robinson have a disagreeable plane flight, and the two obviously don't like each other.

    Once in Budapest, Alex and Robinson are outside their hotel when Robinson is accosted by a beautiful woman who is supposedly a fan of his. Robinson leaves with her, to Alex's dismay. Once away from Alex, a van pulls up and masked men jump out and kidnap Robinson, throwing them into the van, and the woman gets in and they drive away. They take him to an unknown location and tie him up, demanding information on Alex and the operation. Just then, Alex bursts in, guns blazing, and saves him. The woman and Alex struggle with each other, but they stop, and Robinson is confused when they both start laughing. The "dead bad guys" stand up, and Alex tells him that this was all a test to see if he was ready, and the woman is actually Rachel. The walls of the room are pulled down to reveal the inside of the makeshift headquarters of the operation, with agents milling about. Alex and Robinson then gear up and leave for the party.

    The two quickly infiltrate the party, with Robinson distracting Gundars and Alex breaking into Gundars' office. Robinson gives Gundars an autograph, but the villain leaves to take a bid on the stolen jet from another man, and Robinson creates another distraction by luring Cedric Mills into a ring and sparring with him for the reporters. Meanwhile, in the office, Alex waits until Gundars and the potential buyer leave, and he repels down from the ceiling so as not to trip the silent alarm. Robinson comes in, looking for him, and accidentally trips the alarm. Alex grabs him and starts to pull them up to the ceiling with the cable, but Gundars comes in and sees them, and orders his men to meet them on the roof. The two make it to the roof, but quickly avoid gunfire from incoming henchmen, and out of options, jump off of the roof and land on a food tent below. After untangling themselves, they disguise as waiters and begin to walk away, but more bad guys see them, and the chase continues. They eventually hide in a trolley and knock one pursuer out, but are discovered by others. Alex uses a gadget which inflates a large, concealed balloon, and the two grab hold of it and it floats upward and carries them over the freeway, where they let go and land on a truck transporting several cars. After crushing a blowing up several cars, they commandeer one of them and drive off, but then trade their car for a scooter. The men chase them into a street, but a train goes by and obscures them from the men's view, allowing them to hide in the sewer for the night

    The next morning, they return to their headquarters, and Rachel is relieved to learn that Alex is alright. Alex, who is obviously taken by Rachel, had admitted to Robinson the previous night that he likes her, and Robinson encourages him to take a chance and hook up with her. Rachel goes in the next room to take a nap, and Alex follows her. Robinson gives Alex advice on what to through an earpiece, and after a long, awkward conversation, Rachel admits that she's had a crush on Alex, despite her romantic escapades with Carlos. The two are about to have sex when other agents inform them that a tracker that Robinson slipped onto Gundars at the party is moving. Alex and Robinson head to the location, a bathhouse, and Robinson senses something going on. Suddenly, all of the men inside pull guns on them, and a large shootout ensues. Alex ends it by shooting them all, and shooting an exposed pipe which results in a large explosion. They race outside in time to see Gundars' car speed away with Rachel's car in pursuit, however, Rachel's car suddenly explodes, and Alex, distraught, flees the scene with Robinson. The two walk back to headquarters, and Alex, furious over Rachel's death, blames it on Robinson. The two get into a fist fight in the street, and several cops arrive, and break it up. Alex tells them that Robinson tried to mug him, and they arrest Robinson and take him away.

    Alex makes his way back to headquarters, and finds it completely dismantled and deserted, and he is able to convince his boss to continue the mission during a phone call, despite having nothing to show so far, and he uses the tracker and continues after Gundars. Meanwhile, Robinson is able to make it to his match with Cedric, and he enters the ring and begins the fight. Meanwhile, Alex tracks Gundars to the top of a bridge, where he's selling the concealed jet to a buyer. Alex takes all of the men by surprise, putting a gun to Gundars' head, and he has them all lay down their arms, when suddenly, he's disarmed by Rachel, who is alive, and working for Gundars. She then ties up Alex and beats him up, and stabs him in the leg, in an attempt to get him to reveal the activation codes for the jet. Alex is able to activate an eye camera device he had given to Robinson earlier that allows them to see what the other other is seeing, and Robinson, seeing Alex in trouble, quickly defeats Cedric and leaves to save Alex. Alex gives them the codes, but Robinson arrives, and a massive shootout begins. Together, Alex and Robinson manage to take out most of the men, when an aircraft suddenly flies overhead and Carlos parachutes in, shooting the last few bad guys. He holds all of their enemies at gun point while Alex disarms the jet's weapons, but Robinson thinks that Carlos is dirty, and punches him. Alex, after disarming the jet, gets into an intense fight with Carlos, and after he and Robinson beat him, they realize that Rachel is gone. They attempt to fly the jet back to National Security headquarters, but it crashes into a body of water on the way back, and Alex and Robinson survive, and they recover a deadly bomb that was on board.

    Later, in Monte Carlo, Alex and Robinson catch up to Rachel and arrest her, and Alex convinces Robinson to accompany him back to headquarters.

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