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MPAA Rated PG-13 for action violence, some sexual content and language

Sex & Nudity

  • A man talks about a camera being sexy.
  • There are girls wearing bras and shorts coming out of a limo with a champion wrestler.
  • There are some nude statues.
  • A man calls a woman sexy.
  • A man and woman are about to have sex but are interrupted.
  • A man tells another man to bite a woman in a sexual manner,
  • A woman lifts up covers and shows a man that she's wearing underwear.
  • A man talks through a mic in another man's ear to help him have sex with a woman.

Violence & Gore

  • A man falls off a cliff on a piece of ice.
  • An avalanche crushes a man and breaks his leg. Another man shakes his broken leg to see if he is alive. The man then pushes on his broken leg so he will talk about a stolen plane he sold.
  • There's a large shootout in a bath house, and one man shoots a pipe, causing a large explosion that kills two men.
  • A man slaps another man in the face, and the man who was slapped tries several times to punch his attacker, who blocks the punches.
  • A tank and several soldiers shoot at a man carrying a wounded man on his shoulders. The man dies, but the other man and the corpse are saved by a helicopter with their allies flying it.
  • There is a boxing matching, someone is punched and spit flies out of his mouth in slow-motion. He is knocked out.
  • A woman says that a group should cut off a man's penis.
  • Two men are chased by bad guys who shoot at them. The men get into a small train car and manage to knock one man out, and they then manage to get onto a truck transporting cars. They get into one of the cars and knock other cars off the truck, which crash into one of the bad guys' cars. One of the men then uses a spy gadget and blows another car off the truck, and it explodes in the air, resulting in a large explosion. They then drive one off the cars off of the truck and drive away.
  • There's a second boxing match near the end, in which Kelly fights another boxer in the ring. It's pretty lengthy, and there are several shots of both being punched with sweat and spit flying.
  • Two men get in a fist fight and punch and kick each other.
  • A man tied to a chair is kicked in the face several times and stabbed in the leg by a woman. Blood can be seen coming from his nose and mouth, as well as a small bloody cut on his leg.


  • 2 uses of retard
  • 41 uses of 'shit', 38 uses of 'ass', 10 uses of 'hell', 7 uses of 'bitch', 4 uses of 'damn' (paired with "God"), and 1 use of 'bastard'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two spies go to a party where people are drinking Champagne.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Most of the action/violence in the film is still comedic, as is most of the film, but some of it can be intense, especially in the last half of the film.
  • There are a few intense car chases.
  • The final shootout/fight scene may be intense.
  • The boxing scenes may be intense, particularly the second one.
  • The opening rescue scene may be intense.
  • Rachel's apparent death may be intense/emotional.
  • The fight scene, though funny, maybe intense for younger viewers.
  • The bathhouse shootout may be intense.
  • The scene in which Alex is beaten and stabbed is surprisingly bloody, though not too gory or graphic, but it's definitely intense.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman and a group of men hold a man hostage and threaten him, but another man comes in and saves him, shooting at the group, but it's revealed that this was all staged.
  • There's a large shootout/fight scene on top of a bridge, in which many bad guys are either hit or shot. A third man comes in and shoots several of the bad guys, but he then betrays the two main characters, and one of them punches him. The shootout continues, and ends in a final fight between the traitor and one of the main characters.

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