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18 Jan. 2011
Doce horas desesperadas
Fernando's son is going to participate in a holdup with dramatical consequences in the hospital, especially for her father. Waldo is in the hospital after have tried to committed suicide.
25 Jan. 2011
Sobrevivir, a pesar de todo
After Fernando and Waldo's deaths, the hospital tries to recuperate the normality as soon as possible. Teresa is the one who is more affected and Guillermo tries to make her feel happier with a news: he has a girlfriend. Claudia has put on weight and suspects that she is pregnant. A new nurse called Irene arrives in the SAMUR as Boni's replacement and a new doctor joins the hospital. Gabriela, Esther's editor, asks her not to go to the presentation with Maca. Alicia and Héctor continue having problems with their relationship. Maca has differences with Vilches, while ...
2 Feb. 2011
No quiero un sueño sin ti
Esther has an offer to work in Argentina, and opportunity that she doesn't want to reject, but Maca has many doubts and must make a decision in only 24 hours. If Maca leaves the hospital, Javier needs a new boss so asks Vilches for a candidate and he thinks that Valeria is a good option. Gimeno is looking forward to being a father and practices with a doll, however Claudia is more worried about finding a flat for their new family. Javier doesn't know what is happening with Laura in Perú and can't concentrate on anything else - Raquel notices. Enrique joins the ...
9 Feb. 2011
Va a ser raro dejar todo esto atrás
It's Esther's last day in the hospital and Maca plans to join her in Argentina in two weeks but, at the last moment, the pediatrician decides not to go. Gimeno makes Claudia believe that he hasn't got his medical magazines anymore, but she discovers his lie. Some students arrive at the hospital and Vilches and Gimeno are their "teachers". Javier tries to find out what is happening with Laura in Peru while his relationship with Raquel is cooling off.
16 Feb. 2011
Salvar vidas
Maca misses Esther and works all hours in order to be busy, but the patient she's currently attending reminds the nurse even more. Laura's children arrive in Spain, but she doesn't come with them, so Javier decides travel to Peru in order to find her. Gimeno's dog, Greta, bites one of the students and must be put down. Claudia feels guilty because she didn't want Greta living with them. Valeria tries to fancy Vilches, but she also flirts with Raúl, who has improve his relationship with Irene with Diego's help. Alicia and Héctor continue having problems with their ...
23 Feb. 2011
Miedo y osadía
While Raquel is taking care of Laura's children, Javier arrives in Perú, where he meets Natalia, Laura's close friend. Vilches has a meeting with Valeria, but tells her that he's not prepared to have a relationship with a woman after Sandra's death. After that, Valeria decides to try again with Raúl. Gimeno is desolated after loosing Greta and he is also angry with Claudia. Maca and Héctor try to help Alma and Sol, whose story makes Maca realize that she wants to be with Esther.
2 Mar. 2011
Valeria, who has begun a relationship with Raúl, is the new director of Urgency instead of Maca. Javier is in Peru with Natalia and Raquel has no news about him while she takes care of Laura's children. Irene is going to marry her boyfriend but she seems to have some doubts about her future marriage.
9 Mar. 2011
El espectáculo debe continuar
Javier is in Spain after Laura's death and has new problems: Laura's mother doesn't want to take care of André because she considers that, although her daughter adopted him, the boy isn't her grandson. However, Laura asked Javier not to separate André and Paolo, her biological son. Irene confesses to Raúl that she saw Valeria having sex with another man. Natalia arrives at the hospital with a child who needs an operation. Vilches next patient is a child who has been seen by many doctors but anyone has yet to come up with a diagnosis, so his grandmother asks for a ...
16 Mar. 2011
Vilches continues searching for Jorge's diagnose, but it seems to result impossible. Valeria confesses Raúl that can't control her sexual impulses although she loves her. Laura's mother wants to separate Laura's children and Javier tries to avoid it. Héctor is jealous and has reasons: Alicia has sex with his brother. A woman with a 6 years old son is in the hospital; she was Enrique's lover and he left her 6 years ago.
23 Mar. 2011
El olor de la muerte
Héctor, who knows that Alicia has been with another man, suffers a heart attack after taking Viagra. Irene decides to cancel her wedding and, when returns to her home by taxi hears on the radio that there was an explosion in the office and goes there in order to help Raúl and Diego. Gimeno receives a phone call from Claudia, who is on the verge of giving birth to their child. Javier declares his love for Natalia, but she decides to go back back to Peru. Valeria is fired after the discovery of an internet sex-video with her on it.
30 Mar. 2011
Raquel is back and has decided to split up with Javier. Alicia and Héctor continue to have problems, he knows that Alicia had sex with another man and is ignoring her. However, he hits his wife accidentally after an argument. Vilches notices that Candela has health problems. Although Valeria has been fired she goes to work and shows everybody the sex tape of her on the internet. Raúl is very sad after Irene's death but decides to marry Valeria. Javier doesn't like his current life and his work as director so decides to give up his job.
6 Apr. 2011
Futuro incierto
Gimeno thinks that Candela is in a relationship with Vilches, but then discovers that her secret: she is terminally ill and will die within a year. Raúl doesn't want to continue working at SAMUR after Irene's death and decides to leave the hospital. Teresa, who has split up with her husband Manolo, has made the same decision. Javier has left the hospital and nobody knows where he is, so Raquel is especially worried. Guille finds the mother of one of his ex girlfriends who has escaped from the police. Alicia is very depressed because of her problems with Héctor.
13 Apr. 2011
Gimeno accompanies Candela to the station because she is going to spend her last months with her family. At the last moment she decides to tear up the ticket and goes to a nightclub, where she get's drunk and taking drugs. Alicia survives the accident but is in coma and Vilches thinks that he and Raquel may have done something wrong. Nobody knows where Javier is after handing in his resignation at the hospital. Guillermo discovers that Déborah lives with their daughter in very inadequate conditions. Vilches meets with his sister - it's been ten years since they last ...
27 Apr. 2011
Días de tormenta
Candela arrives in the hospital and Gimeno notices that her death is imminent. Déborah abandons her daughter and Guille must take care of the girl, but his flatmates don't want a baby in their house. Javier is back at hospital in order to talk with Raquel, but on the same day the manager announces that the hospital is going to close. Valeria is re-admitted and rehabilitated for her sex-addicition; her relationship with Raúl is going well. Alicia is recovering but Héctor can't watch her and misses his wife a lot.
4 May 2011
¿Una oportunidad para el Central?
Raquel's father has an accident while drink-driving and his daughter discovers that he is addicted to alcohol. A nurse of the hospital declares that she saw the argument between Alicia and Héctor, but she lies saying that the doctor was very violent. Valeria is raped and Raúl tries to find out more with the police's help. Vilches discovers the real reason for the hospital closure and tries to avoid it while Gimeno is very affected after Candela's death and seems to be apathetic about Claudia and the children.
11 May 2011
Morir de pie
It's the Central's last day before the closure and the collapse of the other hospitals due to an accident with many victims provokes the arrival of many patients, But there is not personal enough and some ancient workers -Esther, Maca, Aimé, Rusti, Cruz and Teresa- come back to help. Raúl and Valeria are exultant with their future paternity while Guillermo tries to find a new job and Alicia and Héctor wait for the sentence.

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